Well slap me silly and call me a girly-girl.  Something disturbing is going on in my chroma spectrum.  I am liking Pink.

I’ve never been a pink lady.  As a child I never begged for a bubble gum room.  I haven’t day dreamed of a pink wedding.  Feminine hints just don’t call my name.  But you know what is catching my eye lately?  Raspberry accents.  Hot Fuchsia pops.  Light Plum surprises.  Warm, energetic, bold and delightful.  I like bad ass pink.

I love pink when its used as a (mildy) shocking element.  A surprise in the room that infuses energy and playfulness….

These days, even the softer side of pink is pulling at my heart strings.  As a singular element it can be so soft and welcoming.  (Well maybe that’s just the day bed?)

So how can you add some into your life?

The easiest way to incorporate pink is through pillows, obviously.  You know I love the way pillows delivery maximum joy with minimum commitment.

pillow sources: Be Still, ikat & batik, Material recovery, Woody Liana, plum cushion, Be Still

If your willing to take a bigger step.  Go for an original piece of art.  Right now I’m crushing “Neon Graffiti” by Nicole Cohen.  This piece doesn’t scream pink, but the little touches really get me excited.  Only $300 for a 36×40 unstretched canvas!  I’d love it framed in gold and hung over a sofa.

Recently I went ahead and added a little pink to my own life.  I found a second-hand desk and painted it…Yup, Pink!

 Yes, friends, that’s a West Elm Parsons Desk.  Normally $300, I scored mine second hand for $40.  It had a few scratches and dents, but nothing a super shiny coat of pink couldn’t hide.

It’s not done yet, but I’m looking forward to gittin my work on, pink style!
  1. Liz Wolfe

    I want to paint a West Elm coffee table and I like the pink desk. Did you use oil base or latex primer and paint?

    • Naomi

      I used latex, but oil would have been better. I’m planning to redo the desk one of these days!

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  3. I am just lovving on your blog right now, reading through all the old entries like it is my job. And seeing this pink post, I thought, “me too!” then noticed I’ve had almost all the pink pillows you show in my etsy “favorites” at one point or another. Great minds think alike? But that’s giving me too much credit. 🙂

  4. HI Hazel,

    Yes I used a small sander to rough it up a bit. I also primed it before I applied the gloss paint.

    Good luck with your project!

  5. Hazel

    Did you sand it down first? What steps did you take before painting? I’m thinking of doing the same with my Parson’s dining table 😀

  6. Thanks so much everyone!
    Kathy, if West Elm sold this color I’d be flattered and pissed off at the same time 🙂

  7. Kathy

    O.K….as I was scrolling down this post…my eyes nearly popped out of my head at the totally recognizable West Elm Parson desk…IN PINK!!! They would sell a million of them in this color (also red and turquoise). I know that they add a temporary color every now and then….you should send them this pic!!!! Great style! K

  8. Great makeover! Pink, black, gold… A great combination! Can’t wait to see how that room turns out…

  9. I loving the room with the pink Egg chair! And I adore your parsons desk makeover. I’ve always wanted some sort of pink furniture!!

  10. Becca

    i can totally see you wearing that dress that blake is wearing. and i like the table! that guest room is ever-evolving!

  11. thanks!

    I used Glidden’s Very Berry in high gloss. I primed, and then did about three coats! I still might lacquer it.

  12. I’m having a fruit flavors moment – plum, raspberry, fig, etc.

    Love your desk.

  13. Ashley

    Bold, my friend, but I like it!

  14. nkp

    Love what you’ve done with that desk! I’m not generally a pink girl either, but I am definitely pulled toward pink in abstract art and rich shades of pink (think raspberry) in ethnic and oriental rugs.

  15. Ooooh, I love it! Looks hawt against that dark wall.

    ps: Overstock carries that exact same desk, but it still costs more than $30… score!

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