three items to lust after…. benches

In honor of my new coffee table/bench/ottoman/all-in-one perfect piece of furniture, I’m showcasing a few other benches that could add flair to any interior…..

Bish Bash Bench by Thom Filicia for Vanguard
Like the curves, like the tufting….
What do we think about this setting?
Kinda ridiculous with the foliage and such,
But you know what?  I would mind waking up to flowers at my feet!
Lucite bench with white leather cushion
Because the only thing better than a comfortable lucite bench,
Is a comfortable lucite bench on wheels….
Lacquer stools with Pucci Fabric
Pucci, petite, lacquer.  ‘Nuff said.
And a little extra for you locals….
Copper-base ottomans covered in antique rugs.
Saw these at Material Culture, and fell in love
They are even better in groups!
Can’t believe its Friday… I did not get nearly enough done this week.
Think I’ll be bringing a few designs home with me…
Happy weekend to you all!
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  1. nkp

    Love Thom’s bench, just not the wood tone or fabric, but those are easy enough to change, right? The lines however need no adjustment.

  2. Loving your round up here…those Pucci fabric ones….woe!

  3. Wonderful bench on wheels! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  4. I just saw a vintage version of the Thom Filicia bench. But I thought $250 + the cost of reupholstery was a bit steep.

    Happy weekend, Girlfriend!

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