The Way Wood Floors should be

Before I get into this post I should say this- “To Each, Their Own.”  If your taste differs from mine, I’m still cool with you.  I hope you love your home, because everyone should; it is one’s sanctuary.

That being said, this is my blog, and I get to decide what is good taste and what is bad taste.  As I type this out, my floors are being laid over at the new house, so it’s seems the appropriate to discuss Wood today.

This is how I like my wood floors: Light.  Salvaged.  A little knotty.  A hint of Scandinavian.  Wide planked.  Aged (but not damaged.)
Natural and Full of character.

This is Perfection:
kristen buckingham via desire to inspire

via Canadian House and Home, Photographed by Mark Olson

(frank features via indian summer)

Betsy Brown via House Beautiful

(Nina Kejser via Desire to Inspire)

 (Emily McCall)

I think wood looks best in its natural state- No stain tarnishing the color or grain.

In my opinion, wood floors should never ever be red. 

(via apartment therapy)
Sorry, but this just hurts my eyes.
It dominates the decor and really limits you.
It doesn’t mix well with brown or blue or orange or green.  I just hate it.
Note: naturally red floors (mahogany, etc) are less terrible than maple or oak stained red.

I also think that floors should never be glossy.
(via decorpad)
Some people might think gloss = modern.
Well it don’t, people.
Furnishings, art, and fabrics are what sway a room modern or traditional.
Gloss just looks tacky to me.  And it will look like shit once its touched.
And the crowd may disagree here, but I think ebony stained floors are a bit too trendy.
 (a lovely room by ruthie somers)

I’ve seen plenty of gorgeous rooms with dark, dark wood floors, BUT…
I think they’ll look real dated in a few years.

Nope, an antique pine is all I want.  Something with hint of rustic.  This doesn’t mean your home will be country.  In fact, I love modern furnishings paired with light rustic floors.  They are the perfect neutral base to build off of.
Alas, antique pine wasn’t in our budget.  So we went with white oak in a natural stain.  I am so nervous to get home and see them!!
  1. Jen

    Girl, this is my kind of post!! I just did one on white wood floors but these are a fantastic collection of photos. These pictures make me want to rip up all the carpeting in my house and add wood!!

  2. ceo

    I am LOVING THE COW RUGS… Have a great day…..


  3. I agree. I begged my landlord when he was redoing the upper part of my place to not stain the beautiful wooden trimmings for the windows reddish and he insisted. it’s horrible to match anything with it. I am constantly struggling with the garish red when working with pinks and turqouises (my trend at present). I like old fir!

  4. nkp

    That first image is dead on perfection. Seriously, makes me tingly all over. I have to agree with your choices. Although I do like the dark version and I think in the right context they can be classic and timeless, they are a bitch to keep up with. We had our original basement stairs stained a really dark chocolate/ebony and although I am happy with the result, the dust bunnies are constantly taunting me.

    I CAN”T wait to see your finished floors. Have I told you how much I love living vicariously through your reno. I’m so excited for you!!!

  5. After getting black countertops (soapstone — and they are lovely), I would never get dark floors. I can count every single crumb on the counter.

    We have basic gunstock golden oak floors. I’d love to have lighter floors, but I gotta say that these don’t show a damn thing. Fabulous.

  6. For me, it depends on the home itself. The type of wood floor you have should go with the home.

    But the light, natural look is definitely beautiful.

  7. Love these pictures – great post. My friend who put down DARK bamboo flooring in her old house said she would never, never go with dark flooring because EVERYTHING showed up on the floor. She said she had to clean it OFTEN and it still looked dirty.

  8. I agree, aged is the best. I would stay away from painted, as well. Great post, I actually learned some stuff!

  9. sherri

    luv your love it as well! lady, you have excellent taste.

  10. I’ve always wondered if dark dark floors are a pain to keep clean. Like every little speck of anything would show up immediately. And forget about pet hair, what a nightmare!

    Love your choice!

  11. awesome choice!! I think the dark wood floors already look dated. I never thought they were tasteful, just trendy and trendy just shows a lack of taste. Can’t wait to see your fabulousness!

  12. LindsB

    I heart the floors in the top pictures. While I thought I always wanted dark stained floors, they are AWFUL at hiding dust bunnies and dirt. Natural floors like you like are so much more forgiving for sure.

  13. I like you more and more each time I come here. o heck, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say, I think I love you….

    great post

  14. I love these floors! My favorite are the handscraped, wide plank, medium tone exotic wood from BR11. The floors I have now are basic engineered wood, Bruce flooring, gunstock color which was in the house when we bought it and I really don’t care for. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I had the original solid wood floor from a house that was built in 1926 – that was one fabulous floor!!!

    Fun post – thanks!

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