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Mornin’… Monday already?  This was my first weekend living in the house.  I expected a quiet weekend spent at home unpacking, nesting and relaxing.  Unfortunately the social side of me won out again and I ended up out both nights and much of the days.  How is a girl supposed to decorate and have a life?

Last night I pulled up all of the drop cloths to reveal my new wood floors.  It was a exciting moment to see them in all their glory as they were covered up as soon as they were installed.  Budget was a big factor here and I did quite a bit of shopping around to find a a suitable brown stain in my price range.  I went with Mullican’s St Andrew’s series in Oak Dark Chocolate.  The wood is prefinished and I did 3″ wide planks.  We painted to the baseboard black for a little drama.  I love the contrast of dark floors, dark base and white walls (BM Swiss Coffee.)  I can’t wait to fill them with art!

first floor empty

That’s my new kitchen island you see in the back.  More on that soon.

Things are really moving along, though and I have so much to share.  It’s just a matter of photographing and deciding the best way to reveal spaces.  This is where you guys come in.  Do you like the weekly progression- similar to how I am sharing the One Room Challenge for the bedroom makeover?  Do you want me to stick to one room at a time?  What room do you want to see next?  Or do you like random updates about everything?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I also just wanted to take a moment to address the state of this blog.  In the past, I have done product round-ups and shown a lot of room inspiration on top of my own work.  Recently, with business being so busy (thank goodness!) and the cottage renovation in full swing, the blog has pretty much been dedicated to Cottage updates along with an occasional project reveal.  I simply cannot make the time to come up with other content.  I hope you guys will forgive my singular focus.  Actually, I hope you really enjoy it.  Certainly when the Cottage is complete, I will return to a more well-rounded blog, but until then, this is what I can offer you.

Thanks, as always, for following along.  Toodles…

living room before

The First Floor, Before.

See more of the original space here.


  1. Jenny

    Hi I am looking into having these same hardwood floors installed. I was wondering what color did you use on your stairs ?

    • Naomi

      Oh man, I have no idea! Sorry, Jenny. I haven’t been the best record keeper with my own place.

  2. I like the piecemeal reveals versus keeping us in suspense (but then again, I’m the girl who read the last chapter of the book first, more often than not)… do what works for you! And no rule that says you can’t reveal little by little and then do a huge before and after series at the end, just for more wow factor! 🙂

  3. Laura D

    Like someone else said – do whatever works best for you! I enjoy both your work and the images you curate…either way it is a dose of beauty and inspiration! The cottage looks awesome and those black baseboards are amazing…I never would have thought to do that.

  4. Alissa

    I love the random jumping around updates… Keeps it real. Long posts, short posts… Your work is lovely, and getting to see the creative process unroll is what keeps me coming back again and again.

  5. I just can’t get enough of your cottage reno. I get super excited everytime you post updates on your blog. The main level is gorgeous. That wood, and the creamy swiss white walls. CANNOT wait to see your art and other decor all displayed effortlessly. awesome naomi!!

    • Naomi

      Awe thanks so much, Emily!! That is so sweet.

  6. I will take Naomi’s cottage 100% of the time, thanks very much.

    I love your design work, too. And pretty much any insider construction knowledge you pass on.

    Floors and layout are looking gooooood!

  7. ROK

    I’m one of those annoying silent readers…and I read your blog at my non-creative work place. I just thought you might want to know that your new blog format (layout?) is almost unreadable on Microsoft Internet Explorer. Don’t worry, I look you up on google reader at home. Totally not complaining…just thought you might want to know for traffic, etc. incase it is an easy fix. And yes, no one should be reading this on IE b/c the rest of the world has firefox and chrome and readers and email subscriptions. But I might not be the only corporate lawyer with a voyeurism habit 🙂

    • Naomi

      Thanks for the feedback ROK! What makes it unreadable? Is the font too small? I’d love to fix it. I’m sure some people still do use Explorer.

  8. Raiana

    It look fantastic!! Personally, I love seeing before and afters, and love the real life real time updates! Your work is far more interesting than anything else you could round up.
    Makes me jealous we can’t do our reno’s and decorating all in one shot like this! Love the progress. I hope your loving your new home and getting settled as best as you can


  9. Lynn

    Your cottage is my very favorite thing to read about and I read a lot of blogs! I really want to see the whole thing and then room by room breakdowns. Love your style!!!

  10. I spy some gold-dipped legs on that kitchen island…yummy!!:))
    Just do what works best for you, cause it’s all great!!

  11. Loving the updates! Keep ’em coming! It’s great to see your progress and the beginning of a new home!

  12. The floors are gorgeous!! Real-time updates as the renovating and decorating happens are great…I for one would love it if you keep them coming 🙂

  13. Don’t worry.It’s lovely to see the progress of your cottage, I am really enjoying it.Love the floors!! XOXO Bea

  14. It’s looking SO good- your staircase is just gorgeous and I love watching the progress!!!!

  15. lisa

    I love the updates! Keep ’em coming! Your work has inspired my recent massive remodel (3500 square foot 1950 rambler). I love to see the progress shots and even the little updates. I don’t mind that you’re not doing product round-ups, although I love everything you post. This is a wonderful transformation! As always, great work!

  16. Looking good! Love those floors! I’m down for seeing whatever you have time to share!

  17. Sarah

    Wow!! Soooo gorgeous!!

  18. Mary

    No need to apologize. We get it..

  19. I’m a big fan of the mish-mashed jumping around so by all means hop around. As for the focus on the cottage renovation, I would so much rather see that than product roundups anyways. Plus you need to focus on growing your business so no need to apologize to us!

  20. Fiona

    What a difference. Looks much more open now.

  21. Hi Naomi! I love your blog, your style and all your posts. You’re doing a great job and it’s great to follow it along. I like the way you tell stories and reveal your upgrades, keep going! Can’t wait to see the rest!!


  22. I love the way you’ve been writing – little updates from whatever you’ve been working on are fun! I don’t mind seeing product round-ups and whatnot, but your work and your home are vastly more interesting to me (especially if you link over to a source and it’s a new one – don’t need more than that!).

    The first floor looks awesome. Thinking about painting out the baseboards and window frame in our bathroom black. Love the way it pops.

  23. I agree that I’d love to see the step by step updates and then culminate in a finished ‘reveal.’ I got excited about the potential just now seeing your bare space. It’s inspiring to see the blank room, and remember the bits and pieces you’ve shared… plus then I get to work up some serious anticipation for your final tour of the space. And those black baseboards are genius! As for the blog content being primarily your own? Bonus for us, I say. Whatever you’re blogging about, I’ll read it. And wish I’d thought of it. Congratulations on your first weekend home!

  24. Ahhhh looks so good! Love that everything here is original content. No need to worry.

  25. janie

    I LOVE your cottage updates…. i’ll admit, i enjoy them whenever you can get them out… not just once a week… although i know they are labor intensive.

  26. Meghan

    I vote revealing things as they happen! I love getting a better understanding of why designers choose the things they do all along the way. Everyone loves a good before and after, of course, but I think the way you’re doing it is great–just this post alone, without any furniture even really, shows some dramatic before/afters 🙂

  27. Ann T.

    I love your original content, and it is why I follow your blog. As you have asked, I’d like to see photos of the various rooms in progress, coupled with a full-on before and after summary when a room is completed. That said, please do what works best for you and your schedule because it is all good!

  28. Tiffany

    Love the updates! Don’t worry about showing us other stuff, focus on YOUR designs and YOUR original content for now…we all love it! I personally would like a combo of small random updates about everything and then to focus in more exclusively room by room. But, realistically life doesn’t work on a room by room basis, so just do what feels natural!

  29. I love the new floors and the black baseboard! Good bones, can’t wait to see the space finished!

  30. carolegee

    I didn’t know there was a system for posting updates…I just keep checking until I see a new one. The cottage updates are the main reason I follow your blog, although I am sure when the cottage is finished I will still follow…just got hooked on the cottage.

  31. Cathy

    I LOVE following along with your cottage updates and think you should show them as they come together, not room by room. This is the way most of us operate in our own homes, working simultaneously on a few different projects. A final reveal will be in order once a room is “done!” But are they ever? have fun!

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