the red accent… plus a chair

I really love red as an accent color.  My favorite is it used on a single piece of furniture- like a console or a chair.  It can be such a powerful stand-alone element .  (When its repeated, it can quickly turn themey, though.)  We applied this theory to MrBoy’s Bath with his bamboo mirror.  Now I’m working on MrBoy bedroom and know we need another singular pop of color.  These images below make such a compelling case for red.
(Does anyone know this source?  I searched for a while and couldn’t find it.)

Jenna Lyons’ Office

Mona Ross Berman  (bet you didn’t know this room was by her, huh?)

 I love red and blue!  This will be happening in MBB.

Elle Decor

That last one in particular serves as inspiration in the bedroom.  

A couple days ago I stumbled upon this chair in a second hand store.  Guess what kind of paint coat it’s going to get?  Red, Baby!  Project MrBoy Bedroom is underway.
  1. All of these images show red done the right way!!! It is like a little red lipstick….and don’t get me started on navy….my new fav.

  2. I’m looking for a dash of red for my living room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Ali

    I just saw your space on design sponge (my friend posted a link to it recently). Can I just tell you how amazing it is? I love all the detail and thought you put into it, and I also like that it’s unique and doesn’t look trendy. Nice work!

  4. I agree. I just simply never tire of a good red accent. Can’t wait to see how the chair turns out!

  5. So funny, I just found some red leather barrel chairs with nailhead and casters at a thrift store (I believe they were Century Furniture), and kept racking my brain for where I could use them. I love red especially on a bamboo or rattan chair. Good call! I think I might have that first image pinned too. I’ll see if I can figure out a source.

  6. Inés

    I love red accents, I use them in my home, the tricky thing is that they must be just that, accents…
    Great sellection, as always.
    Big hugs!

  7. Love red, but haven’t used it in my home in a while. It used to be my go-to color, then it was pink, now it seems to be gold or gray. Gee, that’s kinda boring. I need more red in my life!

    And oooh…love the chair – what fabric will you use??

  8. How funny. I was talking to my design mentor and I was telling him how a hint of black in a room goes a long way. He was like, I agree. And red too. I was like, red, really? You think so? I swear, now I’m going to keep seeing it. Good call.

    That chair is super cute! Maybe even just red piping?

  9. I’ve always been afraid of red. You’re bringing me out of my shell!

  10. You have such great projects going on right now. Good for you! Good point about using just one pop of red. I always have trouble with that color.

  11. Every room can benefit from a dab of red! I THINK I remember the first pic from Elle Decor but I’m not sure.

  12. Erin

    Mr Boy is one lucky little dude!

  13. Yup, red can get ugly real quick, but all of these images are awesome. Very fresh and preppy.

  14. You know I kind of wrote off red awhile back, but you make a compelling case for it. Red bamboo? Sign me up for some awesome.

  15. Love the red chairs! Can’t wait to see how it comes out! Hmm…what can I paint red today?!

  16. Ashley

    You know I’m all about red!

  17. I usually don’t gravitate towards red as an accent color but I love all of the images you picked!

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