the perfect dining table

Good news, I have found the most perfect dining table ever for my new home!

It’s the Lever & Lumber Table from Anthopologie and it is delicious.
It’s nice and long- perfect for dinner parties or crafty-type projects.

They even show it with MY chairs…

It has a wood top and metal base, just like I wanted.  The base is salvaged factory iron and the top is reclaimed elm wood.

Love that crossed iron base!
Each piece is different, and has its own character.  I sure love that wood top.  Curvy and natural, just the way I like them.  hehe.
Reminds me of another table that I fell for today…
The table is made by a local Philadelphia artisian, Robert Ogden of Peddler’s Home Design.
So that’s all the good news.
The bad news is that the table is $3,500.
So No Lever & Lumber Table for me!!  But I’m glad for the inspiration.
My boyfriend thinks we should just drive out west and pick out our own redwood slab to make a table.  Can you picture the trek from California back to Philadelphia with a big ole redwood on top of my Civic?  Hahahaha!  Maybe…. I always do like an adventure.

Happy Weekend, everyone!  Looks like its going to be a snowy one for me.
  1. That sounds like a plan! Think of the great story that would make when you’re having dinner parties around that table! 🙂

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