the oversized ottoman

While shopping for a client, I spied this pretty oversized ottoman.  At 5′ x 3′ and covered in a kilim rug, it would really make a statement in a room.  It reminded me of the ottoman used in the living room of House of Windsor.  LOVE this space- just enough mix of neutrals, pattern and color.

These type of ottomans are great for a family room.  The pattern is stain-forgiving, they are comfy, and they give a big surface area for drinks, books and pretties.  I enjoy a coffee table that is styled to the nines, but isn’t it great if it’s functional too?  As Deborah Needleman says, we should “make places for books drinks and feet.”  (Thanks Ashley!)
Needleman‘s Coffee table

If a big bold pattern is too much risk for you, don’t fret, an ottoman can be equally stylish in a solid.  Choosing an interesting shape is key with solids, as Windsor Smith so keenly demonstrates below.

Or play up the texture of your ottoman.  I’ve long obsessed over this beautiful jute cube by Ken Fulk.

When it comes to ottomans, sometimes bigger is better.  (And I rarely say that about furniture- especially about sofas.)  Play with the scale and let it be the focal point in the room.  Just make sure there is enough room to maneuver around it.

Ottomans are a great custom element in a room (and not too expensive.)  I’m using one in a family room design and I love the flexibility it gives us.  We pick the size and the fabric and my furniture-maker will whip one up.  So excited to see the finished product!
  1. Great points. I think my living room needs a big square ottoman… I just can’t decide between velvet tufted or something like the kilim.

  2. I’m jealous of anyone who gets to own one of those humongous beauties…like a ginormous tufted one in a fabulous bold color for example…not that I’ve thought about it…like, a ton…(c:

  3. I love that jute cube and the black/charcoal wall as a focal point.

    I do love that you can rest feet atop the ottoman. I think my only concern is where can one place a drink? I think you’d need a big tray in that case.

  4. Ashley

    You have your own furniture maker…I love it. And, I love the mint-colored velvet ottoman. Gorgeous. Bet your client will love hers when it’s complete!

  5. The bigger and flatter the ottoman is the less tippy anything will be. The ones I show are more like soft tables. A smaller curvier one might be dangerous around toddlers, though 😉

  6. Wow, love that you can totally customize one! The House of Windsor one is doing it for me. How sturdy are they? i.e. if we have a tray of stuff on it, and my daughter comes over and leans on one side, will the tray tip?

  7. nkp

    Love ’em all. Needleman’s is killer.

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