The large gilded mirror

Dear Antiquing Gods,

I know I’ve been lucky in the past, but I’m really going to need your help in this next venture.  I’m seeking a large rectangular French mirror.  Gold and substantial would be best, but please not too ornate, except for a little embellishment on top.  Something like below, would be perfect.

Faithfully yours,


Atlanta Homes/ Amy D Morris

Lonny Mag/ Lauren Gold

I want to place this type of mirror over my clients’ fireplace mantel.  But don’t these mirrors look equally good behind a tub or perched between two windows?  

Must find one!

  1. Ashley

    If you keep searching, one will find its way to you. I was bummed to hear that you didn’t win your auction bids…boo. Oh, and that gilded table I wanted turned out to be $2,200. Yeah, I passed…

  2. Erin

    Can you find one for me too while you’re at it?

    LOVE those giant mirrors!

  3. @Ashley- Yowza, $2,200? That sucks. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you!

  4. It’s like the holy grail. I will send my good antiquing vibes and prayers your way. I also love Louis Phillippe mirrors but they’re more streamlined without any ornate stuff at the top. Sometimes they’re easier to find. Good luck!!!

  5. Love love absolutely love. Especially when it’s the fanciest thing in the room! Makes everything else even more special. I see them all. the. time. Perhaps a trip to Palm Beach should be in your future? I’ll take you trolling through Antique Row.

  6. Fatou

    I love that first one in the bathroom. I love the combination of white and gold. Good luck! :-)

  7. Dear antique gods,

    I know you’re on the lookout for a pretty gold mirror for Naomi, but do you think you could look for its identical twin for me too? Please and thank you.


  8. I will take a picture of one I know about in FL. In my mind it’s not too ornate, but what happens in the mind doesn’t mean anything when you’re my age. I know I saw it and I wanted it but I don’t have a mantle. I do remember it came out of some cool place in NYC.



  9. Friedman Brothers makes beautiful mirrors, also try Decorative Crafts and Safavieh Home, they have some great mirrors too!

  10. Ive been seeing so many great photos of rooms with large gilded mirrors! Love the look. There’s no way my guy would go for it, so I encourage everyone else to. My friend found one at Pottery Barn of all places but it’s a smaller version of the top image.

    • Sally

      If The Pottery Barn mirror works for you, give Anthropology a try, in the “home” section,

  11. Stacey

    i’ve always admired these, however i know they can be expensive. unless your mr. goodwill hunting and can fins remarkable deals and steals, well then good luck:-). if you find one that’s reasonably priced, please share the source:-)

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