the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Due to my design A.D.D., I’ve been tackling 4 home projects at the same time.  (bedroom, guest bedroom, dining room and bathroom.)  While none are near finished, I thought it would be fun to show snippets of some new acquisitions and changes.


Lucite Desk Chair

I picked up this little lady at my favorite used furniture warehouse, Z Brothers.  Just over the Walt Whit bridge into South Jersey, this place is a gold mine, chock full of mid-century beauties.  Don’t be daunted by their high asking prices, either.  They wanted $300 for the chair, and I got it for $150.  Non-Locals, they are also on Ebay!
There is alot going on in my home office- black walls, bright pink desk, daybed full of pillows- it is to be my little bohemian hideaway.  I was looking for a chair that would be interesting, sculptural, yet not take up a lot of room, visually. 
I considered buying a ghost chair for about 30 seconds, and then I decided I wanted something more unique and vintage.  I grabbed this one and I couldn’t be happier.  She’s upholstered!  She’s clear! She’s comfortable!  She’s on Wheels.  We are besties.
check out that back side…
Sigh, if only all purchases could be this rewarding.  This brings me to…
Upholstered headboard
I thought I scored the deal of the century when I scored the Victoria Queen Upholstered headboard on Overstock for $300.  Double nailheads?  Yes please.  Neutral, natrual fabric?  Great.
It’s a piece of crap.  There are three visible seams in the fabric that protrude out awkwardly.  And maybe I’m being picky, but the nailheads look crooked to me.
I’m so upset.  This isn’t tailored; it’s sloppy.  This is not the statement I wanted to make.  But I’ve thrown away the box and it’s already installed.  And to add insult to injury, it’s on sale today for $100 less than I bought it.
So, Help! Can I make it work with the right bedding and pillows??
Please, I beg you, I need advice.  Do whatever I can to return it?  Or deal with it?
and to add to my anxiety, let me show you …

Our one and only Bathroom
The ceiling of our bathroom got ripped out this weekend, and I’ve been having to deal with the aftermath of this:
It’s a bit cleaner now, but we have NO ceiling lights, in fact we have zero ceiling.  Try putting your makeup on by the light of a dim lamp.  Grrr.  Lets just say I haven’t been looking my hottest this week.
All of this would be worth it if I was getting a sparkly new bathroom, but all I’m getting is an insulated ceiling.  Talk about underwhelming.
Any who, that’s all for now.  Next week I’m gonna show off a few things happening in the dining room!
  1. First things first…I love your blog! Now for the good…that chair…it is divine…I want it SO bad…that headboard…recover it in some really funky fabric [you can do it yourself] to tide you until you can get the bed of your dreams. The bathroom ceiling…now that is a problem. Not being able to put on your makeup is critical in my world!

  2. that’s the bad thing about internet shopping. i think that if you add a couple pillows and toss pillows, you won’t really see the seams. but if the nailhead is bothering you, i’d try to see if you can return it or at least get a price adjustment so it’s not that bad of a blow. nice score on the chair!

  3. Jean

    re the headboard: Paint it. Use stencils if your freehand is not what you want it to be. But forget “imperfect.” Think hippy, right?

  4. Love love love the chair.

    If you can’t send the headboard back, cover it with authentic hippie textile covered pillow.

  5. Sheenamarie

    If you hate it that much send it back, because you should only spend your money on things you absolutely love! At the very least you can call customer service to see about getting the difference in price refunded to your card, most companies will do that.

  6. send that shit back immeds!

    you will forever hate it. just suck it up and figure out a way.

    the chair though is delicious.

    the ceiling makes me feel murdery.

  7. I agree about calling Overstock. It’s worth a shot. Nothing ventured . . . From afar it doesn’t look that bad, but pillows would camouflage it nicely.

    Love that lucite chair and your blog!

  8. LOVE the chair, wow. That is awesome negotiating skills you’ve got there, too!

    Call overstock and see what they can do for you? Seems other people have great experiences with their customer service..?

  9. Hi Tricia! The daybed section of the room isn’t quite finished yet, but when it is I’ll be sure to share.

  10. Tricia

    Have no regrets. Consider it a challenge. Let the headboard feed off some great pillows. If you focus on the fact that it was a “mistake” it will stay that way. By the way, I would love to see more of that office with daybed. I’m planning a similar look for my office. Pink desk is a fantastic color choice.

  11. Love the lucite chair. It looks great with the pink desk. I still can’t believe you bought the desk so cheap.

  12. The good totally outweighs the bad. pink and lucite together are heaven. You chose the perfect chair, anything bigger would’ve been overwhelming.

  13. The chair with that hot pink desk and black-and-white rug is beyond fab.

    As for the bed I think this is one of those things where you see the imperfections but no one else will. I’d stack up some pillows and call it a day.

  14. Ashley

    Naomi, you are definitely a kindred spirit. I can’t manage to complete one room before I move on to the next…and your mention of Z Brothers has me very worried that my wedding budget is going to take a major ding if I check out what they have!

  15. I think you can work with the bed — pillows pillows and some more pillows. Sorry it didn’t turn out the way you wanted, though 🙁 If you really hate it, can you call Overstock and complain?

    Your new chair is awesome and HOLY ^&%$^*! You live next to Z Brothers????????????! My #1 fave Ebay seller. Shipping is such a killer, though.

    And thanks for showing me a bathroom that’s in worse shape than ours. Sorry, I know that sounds wrong!

  16. Cara- It’s a West Elm Parsons Desk that I painted pink

  17. Cara

    PS. did you paint your desk, or buy it that color?

  18. Cara

    LOVE the chair, and thanks for the link!!

  19. The good outweighs the ugly.

  20. Lindsay

    Love the chair! I think if you threw some euro pillows on the bed you wouldn’t notice the seams. Plus, there’s always craigslist if you decide you really can’t stand it!

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