The Furniture Look in the Bathroom

I’m working on a master bathroom project right now and I find that I’m drawn to designs that feature rooms that are more than just standard cabinetry. In particular, I love it when furniture can be incorporated into a bathroom.  This can manifest itself in a few ways- a sink can be put into a piece of furniture  or a chest of drawers can be placed in between two freestanding sinks to stand in for storage.  Which look do you prefer?


Finding the perfectly size sideboard may be hard to track down on a budget, but it would be worth the search.  I happen to love two metal sink consoles with a chest in the middle. You save money on cabinetry and countertops while having a more “room-like” original look. Two bonuses!

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PS- you should check out the whole space in bathroom number 5.  It’s by Joan of For Love of a House and it’s pretty amazing.

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  3. Decent, I welcome this brand new change, ‘the furniture look’ in bathroom. The way you have arranged things in pretty awesome.

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  5. I love the look. We’re planning a master bath addition and I’ve been searching and searching for the perfect dresser or sideboard to turn into a double vanity. Fingers crossed I find one soon!


  6. i love this idea – not sure which i prefer! i like the chest in the bathroom. in my old (huge) bathroom, i used my grandfather’s old desk as a vanity and looooved how it looked.

  7. Kat

    Joan’s entire house is amazing! Love the chest look in a bathroom. Can’t wait to see yours all done! It’s gonna be amazing:)

  8. Kristen

    Love the look of a chest between to metal pedestal sinks! Such a dream.

  9. Erin

    That first picture has been a favorite for ages, although I think in real life I would prefer a chest and two sinks. Super pretty.

  10. I love them all! Especially love that gorgeous plum chest in the second to last picture.

  11. my grandma has a piece very similar to that last shot, and i’ve already claimed it for our hall bath when demo time comes around! love love love this look.

  12. Love them both. I have a pinterest board called “real furniture in the bathroom!” includes side tables, arm chairs, etc. Love making the bathroom a room-room.


  13. Heidi

    Obsessing over the two sinks with the chest inbetween. That bathroom is perfection!

    Live Inspired,
    Heidi Chamoun

  14. Tara

    I love storage chests in a bathroom! There is so much character in those pieces, and can really warm up and add fantastic character to an otherwise slick space! Someone above said it gives it a collected look, and I 100% agree– it makes it look like even the sleek bathroom has been there since the beginning instead of added in recently.

  15. e.horn

    This is exactly what we are getting ready to do in our bathroom. I hope it’s not too hard to find our “vanity” piece!

  16. I love the idea. Furniture would soften the look of any bathroom especially if you have the space.

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