the countdown and the cape

Guys, I apologize about the sporadic and sub-par postings.  I’ve been busting my butt to get design work done, finish up my place for my photo shoot next week and maintain some kind of healthy work-life balance.  While a beautiful interior fills me with much joy and glee, I absolutely must have ME time too, to feel complete.  Taking that time out to do yoga, or cook a healthy meal, or watch Pretty Little Liars Halloween special (tehe), is essential for me to maintain my happiness.  And happy Naomi = Better Designer Naomi.
Bailey is rip roaring excited for the shoot next week.  Can’t you tell?  Oh and his little cape?  Still need to sew that into a pillow.  SO many little things left to do.  Why is it that the little things can be the hardest to finish?
  1. One must always take the time to ikat the dog.

  2. i so know what you mean, having time problems myself.

    hope the work goes great, and in hte mean time, capt’n bailey to the rescue!

  3. I’m feeling the same craziness, that time of year mixed with developing my business. Good thing you have Bailey around to keep you smiling!

  4. Lindsey

    Good luck with everything! Can’t wait to see pics from your photo shoot.

  5. Aw, precious. I want a cape now too.

    Can’t wait to see pics of your place!

  6. Ashley

    What a regal little pug he is. Very excited to see the photos…! Happy weekend, my dear.

  7. Oh I know, I’ve been totally swamped, and sick, and swamped, and I don’t see a break any time soon. It’s a good thing I know but sometimes we have to step back and take a breather!

    Love everything you put up anyway. It never seems sub par to me!

  8. Honestly, I saw the pic of Bailey pop up on my sidebar and I was like, oh, everything else can wait, I *NEED* to check this out! Love it! He is the most stylish super pup *ever*! And his super mom is one busy lady…take it easy and have fun watching PLL (c:

  9. Erin

    Oh Bailey, what a rakishly handsome guy!

    Hope you find some balance (and finish up your list of projects) pronto.

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