The Cottage Tour- First Floor {Before}

Okedoke, here’s a little tour of my cottage before I tear into it and make all of the changes.  It’s a bit difficult to photograph, as all the rooms are teeny-tiny.  The whole home is only 1400 square feet.   But I’m looking forward to making the most of the quaintness.  

Less is more, right? 


So here we go..  Welcome to my cottage!

The living room is super wee- like 11 feet! The half walls divide the living area from the dining area.  I plan to take them down to open up the space.

I’m pretty limited on my sofa placement.  It will go under the window.  Remember I was sharing inspiration in this post?

The front door opens right into the living room!  So much for a gracious entry.  A large coffee table is also out of the question.

I’m extremely excited about my working fireplace!

On the flip side, I’m really bummed the only place for my television is over the fireplace.  Like seriously, I almost didn’t buy the house for that reason.  I MAYhave another option.  We’ll have to see once we dig into construction.

The plan is to remove all of the icky carpets and do wood floors on the entire first floor.

The dining room is a nice size.  I definitely plan to steal some of the space for my living area.

I love this little alcove in the dining room!  Definitely plan to do something special here.

The biggest change will be to remove the wall between the dining room and kitchen.  It will be one large (small, actually) open space.

The kitchen is really tragic.  Drop ceiling, 80’s crap cabinets, questionable backsplash, the tile floor… all were major deterrents.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to do a new kitchen.  But don’t you worry, my dears, I plan to re-work what I’ve got into something smashing.

Waste of space over here.  I plan to fix that!

Another view of the wall we plan to remove.  There are a few ducts in this wall, so relocating them will be tricky.  Luckily my dad is a magician carpenter!

Well this post took a ridiculously long time to put together, so I’ll leave you with my lovely kitchen backsplash.  Yes, that is slate mosaics mixed with fruit accent tiles.  Why, lord, why?

I’ll share the 2nd and 3rdfloors next week.  I hope you liked my tour.  Do you see as much potential as I do?  Good things come in small packages 🙂

PS- In case you missed it.  I bought this house earlier in the week.  First post is Here.

  1. I’m excited to watch you fix this baby up. I also bought a home as a single gal back in 2010. It is a townhouse with only about 1100 square feet and I’d say the kitchen is a couple notches more tragic than yours. All I had the budget for upon moving in was replacing all the disgusting carpet and painting. So bigger updates have been VERY slow going. I’m anxious to see what you do and maybe get some inspiration!

  2. Erin

    How did I miss this?!

    I CANNOT WAIT, like I’m literally on the edge of my seat, to see what you do with that kitchen on a limited budget. Mostly I plan to steal all your ideas and apply them to my own crappy kitchen 🙂

  3. Whoa I’ve been so out of the loop. Congratulations! What a cute ass place you’ve got there. I totally feel you on the tv above the fireplace situation. It’s our only option too. Forunately, I got used to it.

  4. It’s so cute, Nay. Very quaint and charming and it’ll have loads more personality once it gets Design Manifested.

  5. This is just what the Doctor ordered. You need this project, it will be so good for you! 1400 square feet is perfect. Looking forward to your transformation, it’s going to be fab!

  6. oh it’s gonna be so fab! can’t wait to see your ideas. wonderful. mm

  7. So excited for you, I love the railing and post that were peeking through in a pic you posted. Great bones and can’t wait to see you put your spin on it! xx

  8. MFAMB

    it’s going to be awesome.

  9. Hello Naomi!
    I cant’t wait to see the transformation !

  10. I see the potential! Absolutely! Congrats What a great place to call home!!

  11. congrats on the new place! It looks like it has lots of potential. I miss the character of homes on the East Coast, here in CA everything looks so cookie-cutter.

  12. How married are you to the idea of a dining room? I’d leave the half walls, have a smashing entry, large living room, and reconfigure the kitchen to have a bar instead of a table. But we’re not big dining room people and usually eat at our bar anyway.

  13. can’t wait to see the finished product! it will be smashing i just know it!!! congrats!!

  14. can’t wait to see the finished product! it will be smashing i just know it!!! congrats!!

  15. i was in new york celebrating rosh hashanah so i am late on congratulating you on the big news… YAY! your house looks adorable and i already cant wait to see how you snazz it up!

    shanah tovah! may this year be a great one – i have a feeling it will be!

  16. Love it, TONS of potential! Congrats again!!

  17. Naomi, congrats on the new house! Looks completely cozy,can’t wait to see what you do with it. Looks like a new rendering for your new digs is in order for your house warming! Enjoy designing this new chapter in your life.. (BTW not sure if my other comment went through so you may get two of these!)

  18. Can’t wait to see the finished (or in process) product! I know you will work wonders and it’s a great place to work with! Well done you!

  19. Deb

    The outside doesn’t do the interior much justice. Can’t wait to see the finished look. Congrats again.

  20. Oh my goodness! It will be adorable when you’re finished (but yes, WHAT were they thinking with that kitchen?????). Congratulations, lady, and I can’t wait to see your special touch at home here!

  21. sherry

    It’s sweet and charming. A perfect future home. I’m sure whatever you do will be lovely and look forward to seeing it.
    As for the tv issue, if it were me, I would do built-ins on both sides of the fireplace (small but awkward) and fill them with books and stick a small tv in there. I don’t need a big tv though so don’t know if that would work for you?

  22. It has excellent bones and I know it will be the most smashing cottage around when you’re done with it!

  23. Julie

    First of all I just want to say congratulations on your new home! It has great potential and already has charm. I look forward to following your transformation! Thank you for letting us peek inside.

    Julie @gosimplysavvy

  24. Can’t wait to see what you do with the place! Definitely tons of potential there.

  25. oh, snap, i was right – we will get to do kitchens together. it looks LOVELY! how does bailey like it?! i can imagine a roaring fire on a cold night – so perfect!

  26. Sooooo exciting! I seriously want you to put together a mini mag or book on the whole process. It will sell like hotcakes!

  27. This house is dripping in potential – I can already imagine the afters. Nothing is more fun to me than pictures of an empty house. Its just a blank canvas waiting to be filled. So exciting!!

  28. you best be gettin rid of that carpet before i come over…. 🙂

    it’s going to be smashing, sista! ox

  29. it is perfect! I can see your wheels turning….I get a sense for the space’s potential!!

  30. I see tons of potential, congrats on the purchase and can’t wait to see what you transform this into!

  31. The possibilities are endless lady! Can’t wait to follow you through the transformation. And yes, why Lord, why on that backsplash! They tried. They really did.

  32. Loving it so far! Especially that alcove with the big window. I share your vision entirely! While I think the little half walls are darling, they have to go. Open concept all the way baby!

  33. Yay! I can’t WAIT to see how you transform this place! Very exciting 🙂

  34. @Michelle Seddon I’m pretty sure the previous tenants had the setup with the living room in the back, but I really want to enjoy the fireplace from my sofa. Plus the front room is so small that if a table was in there you would literally walk right into it from the front door!

  35. I totally see the potential here! You can definitely work with this kitchen too. Its going to be fabulous. The choices some people make putting together tile and wood is sometimes atrocious right?!

  36. Holly

    There is so much great potential in your home. I think my husband thought I was crazy when I wanted to buy our home, but you can really turn it into something great. I love that alcove in the dining area. good luck w/ the renovations.

  37. Kim

    Wow- that backsplash is something else! I love it (the cottage, not the backsplash) and think it has all kinds of potential. And I wouldn’t worry about the size. I live in a 640 square foot condo and was surprised once I started moving stuff how much space I actually had.

  38. Hey, my parents still have those cabinets. This is going to be fun to watch.

  39. Congrats on your new digs!!! I’m not sure why, but there really is something just so charming and borderline magical for me with smaller spaces…I know, I’m a fruit loop! Maybe that’s because that’s all I’ve ever had??? (c: It’s going to be absolutely amazing in your oh-so-talented and capable hands! And oh heavens…that backsplash. Tragic really. (c;

  40. So lovely! Honestly 1400 sq feet is plenty – I know it seems nuts by my family of six lived in 1800sq ft my entire childhood. It may have been cramped at times but hey, we’re super close! 😉

    I’m really interested to see how you’re planning on configuring the kitchen once you’ve opened the wall without starting from scratch. I’m trying to work it out in my head but am so curious to hear what you’re thinking . . . hope you’ll post a little sketch to give us an idea!

  41. Lovely – so cute!
    One question though, and it may seem a little off the wall, but what about flipping the dining room to the front of the house especially if it’s the smaller room?

  42. Kristen

    You are leaving me in suspense! I want to see it finished already! Great bones, I’m sure whatever you do will be fabulous.

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