The Construction Schedule

The new year has a way of making us want to do everything a little better, am I right?  With a VERY busy project schedule so far this year, we are more focused than ever on having each renovation run smoothly and our clients having a great experience.  Part of this process involves clear communication and expectations.  We present a calendar to each client on the first day of construction detailing how the next several weeks will progress.  This calendar below is for a master bathroom we are starting today.

I have learned from my own cottage renovation that the more I knew about the process timeline the less stress I felt.  It is certainly my goal for my clients to feel as little stress as possible.  I’m not a therapist or life coach, so I can’t promise to alleviate all stress from your life, but I can do my part to have no delays, materials ordered and delivered on time, plus a stellar looking room at the end.

FYI – while each job is different, this is a good idea of a timetable for a full bathroom renovation.  Feel free to use it with your own contractor.  Custom shower doors must be measured on site, so they are the last piece of the puzzle to arrive, but the rest of the bathroom should be up and running in about 4 weeks.

I’m late for our 1st Day Pow-wow, so I gotta run.  More to come throughout the week.  Like…. I’m getting some wood floors installed at the cottage.  That is always a fun few days of the schedule J

  1. Jessica

    Coming off of a nightmare gut and reno, this calendar would have done so much to not only eliminate our stress as the clients, but would have served our contract well. I wish more in the industry were more considerate with homeowners’ feelings! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for this! What great info to have – both on the client side and as I try to grow my own design business. I was just talking with our contractor and friend today about our upcoming home project and trying to tell him how much I value communication and feeling in the loop. It makes a big difference. Thanks again!

  3. Happy new year lady. Great tip for sure. I share a similar calendar with all clients via Google Docs, that way they can track it online and I can alert them to any changes. I do the same with budgets. I do find the more prepared they feel, the fewer panicked phone calls I receive.

  4. Ashley

    An organized girl after my own heart. This is one reason why you have repeat clients–you spell things out for your clients so they know what to expect through a potentially disruptive process.

  5. I would have loved a schedule like this when we renovated. I will be so much more prepared for the next one (don’t tell my husband). It’s just too addicting.

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