that’s what I’m talkin about

crushin on these floors like its nobody’s business…. Wide Planked, Random, Mismatched Perfection.

The whole room, actually is just plain gorgeous.
Looks like each piece has been meticulously selected with no frilly or unnecessary accessories.
Could you dig it here?  Or would you want to bring in more color?  More stuff?  
Interior by Haynes Roberts
  1. LOVE it!

    I hate color right now, so it’s perfecto to me.

  2. i could totally dig it here, just wouldnt stay that way for too long sadly. there’d be skate boards everywhere before you could say ‘boys not allowed!’

  3. nkp

    I’ve seen this room before, but not from so many different angles. It’s amazing! I think I could live with this. I definitely usually lean toward a more colorful, cluttered space, but I love how pared down and relaxing this home appears. It could definitely qualify for my happy place.

  4. sherri

    I would definitely want a pop or two of color but I luuuurve those floors!

  5. Oh, I can dig it but this this gal craves color!

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