Thank You!! {Post One Room Challenge}

Hey guys.  Thank you SO much to everyone who took the time to check out our One Room Challenge Reveal.  Your comments and support really meant so much to me.  We worked so stupid hard on this place and I’m just so happy to be done and have a space I really love.  I’m hoping some of you might get to use it and enjoy it as well.

As I mentioned last week, the apartment is available on a select basis on AirBnb!

See our listing HERE.

Psst- We offer 10% off for 3 day stays and more.  (Just email me through airbnb site for special offer.)  20% off if you stay over 7 days.  It would be so cool to get to meet some blog readers and give them the tour.  I also have quite a few good Philadelphia restaurant recommendations as well.  The place is nearly booked up for December, but we still have a few weekends in November open 😉

As for the condo design, I’m planning several detail posts for each room.  We covered so much ground that I really couldn’t get into the nitty gritty last week.  Lot’s of DIY’s and tips and insight I’d like to share.  Just not yet…. really need to get caught up on client projects first.  So please give me a pass on the blog post this week.  I promise to jump back to it next Wednesday.

Here’s one little behind the scenes- The art wall in the guest room.  I never did buy the narrow console table, but I started to hang art across from the bed.  It’s not really done yet, but I think it’s a good work in progress.

Guest Room Art wall Design Manifestjpg

Feathers / Love / Nude / Lips / Painting (original)


I know many of you had questions about sources.  I’ve slowly been filling in sources on the original post.  If you want to know more, just leave a comment!



  1. Archana

    Naomi, Can you wallpaper bathroom? Wont the moisture affect the wallpaper? Any tips?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Naomi

      Two tips
      – Use a vent fan to minimize moisture
      – Use a liner behind the paper for added durability

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