Stylish Budget Vanities for the Petite Bathroom

As cliché as it is, I really am DM’s worst client. I rushed my bathroom design, placed my fixture order even though I had nagging doubts, and now I’m having total buyer’s remorse over my sink vanity.  I’ve been laying in bed late at night stressing over the stupid thing and doing a little more online shopping.  Now I need to decide if I want to make another purchase or keep truckin’ ahead.

Here are 8 more bathroom sinks that are trés cute and priced just right… 

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I bought the Kelston because it was open and had two drawers.  This felt like the best of both worlds to me.  But the style just doesn’t feel right now with the other selections I’ve made.  Particularly, it’s the rippled front drawers that piss me off.  They always pissed me off, but I told myself with a coat of teal paint they would be better.

My big debate is- Do I really need the drawers?  I have a medicine cabinet above the sink and a linen closet is reaching distance away.  I plan to have my hair appliances in a basket under the sink.  Will I hate my life if I drop the drawers and get the metal console of my dreams?  I REALLY want it to feel open and classic.

So confused!  What is your favorite?  

Should I just work with what I’ve already bought?

PS- this is my bathroom concept again.  And the layout can be seen HERE.

  1. Anonymous

    Get the one you really want! It is gorgeous!

  2. I really like the Savoy, the lines the storage space (which I always need)!

    2012 Artists Series

  3. Amy

    I am so happy I am not the only designer who cannot make decisions for themselves! It can take me a year to decide on a fabric and the entire time I think to myself “I should hire a designer”, and I am a designer!!!!
    Anyways, I have one drawer in my bathroom and the only thing in it is my makeup, so if you can find a spot for that somewhere else them I say get the metal base sink, it’s gorgeous!

  4. I think you should get the one you want and save the other one for the powder room or a client! I did the same thing in my kitchen with my sink but just placed it with a client!!! now i am getting the sink i really wanted the entire time. that is one thing i know about myself and my design friends, when we get our gut telling us something we need to listen or you will never be happy!will you please post a video of the happy dance you do when you finally pull the string on this!!! it was be magical!

  5. Stephanie

    I love the Pottery Barn-ish marble topped vanity! I built a 30″ knock-off version for about $200, not including the $450 marble top, which I may pass on for now. Either way, it beats the PB price. I love following your cottage updates!

  6. Throw the old one on craig’s list, you’ll sell it right away. I’ve loved reading about your cottage project! It seems to be moving really fast, tho maybe not to you.

  7. Mary

    Can you return the one you ordered?
    If not, maybe a carpenter can make new drawer fronts. You said you wanted to paint it anyways.
    For our tiny guest bath, we bought an antique table. Then replaced the top with a marble remnant & installed an undermount sink.
    The table was then painted navy blue. The table only cost me $35.
    I love it!

  8. Go with the one you really want! It will force you to stay more organized since you won’t have drawers to stuff things into and you’ll be happy in the end because you bought the one you really wanted. That was my favorite pick of all the others 😉

  9. Kristen

    I really want the one you really want as well! So chic. Just do it.

  10. Ashley

    Blergh. Nothing worse than buyer’s remorse. I think you know what to do–buy what you love. That way, you won’t regret the sink that vanity when you see it every day!

  11. In our rental, we have a wall mounted sink with no drawers – just medicine cabinet and a decent sized linen closet. I wouldn’t have chosen to have no drawers in building it from scratch, but we’ve adapted well. Hair things are in a little basket in the medicine cabinet, along with meds, my makeup, and toothbrushes (in a jar). Bigger items are grouped in baskets in the linen closet (spare razors, curling iron, wash clothes, etc.) Go with what you love – you’ll figure out the organization.

  12. Jamie

    And I vote for 4, 5 or 7 for your bathroom

  13. Jamie

    I totally know what you mean about being your own worst client! I feel like I keep all the mistakes for my house 😉 I love your small vanity choices and can’t wait to see the end result! You have gorgeous taste so don’t stress too much I have a feeling even your mistakes are perfection!

  14. I really like the Kelston, so I’m happy it would have a home in your powder room! That being said, I agree it doesn’t go as well with your scheme as the metal legged one. I think you’ve got enough other storage options to keep tooth brush and toiletries out of sight!

  15. I love those open metal sinks the very most! (After actual antiques, I guess…) But the one you got is cute, too, and I think it will look nice.

    I would make the decision on…hmmm…three bases. (1) Do you need the storage? (2) Can you recoup your cost on the one you already bought? (3) Do you need to have something in the bathroom painted that color to bring your scheme together? (‘Cause I don’t see anything on the metal sink that you can paint.)

  16. Dana- such good advice. I’m having a really hard time separating Designer Naomi from Client Naomi.

    Erin- I’d probably just use the Kelston in my new powder room.

    Jessica- I’m happy to hear your drawers aren’t that useful. Not happy for you, per se. But it makes me think maybe I don’t need them…

  17. Get the one with the metal legs. I agree it goes better with the other suggestions and if you’ve had this nagging feeling for that long it probably won’t go away and you may always regret it!

    That being said, I think the original is just as cute and if you decide to keep it I won’t be disappointed!


  18. Erin

    Get the one you want… gotta splurge a little on permanent fixtures.

    Can you return the other? Sell it on craigslist? Install it in another client’s home?

  19. What would you advise a client to do in this situation? Answer that then go with your own advice! It’s going to be gorgeous any way you look at it…your work always is.

  20. Jessica

    Go with the open metal sink. It’s classic and gorgeous! And it will keep the bathroom open and airy! We have drawers and the stay cluttered with products I don’t use.

  21. Tara

    Open metal lavatory!!! It’s my favorite favorite and will be classic and go with every change you make over the years without the pain of repainting something installed. The rippled fronts were driving me a little nuts, too. Maybe with the teal it would be different, but it looks inexpensive to me and the other looks luxurious!

  22. The metal one was my favorite at first glance so I’m in full support of your plan to get that one!

  23. I like the one you purchased. All it needs is a little jewelry in the form of cute hardware and fixtures and then it will be perfect!

  24. I love the one you got. I would go with that. Its adorable and I think with all your other choices it will be perfect, beautiful in fact!

  25. Anonymous

    Get the one you want! I put 2 of those chrome leg sinks in my kids bathroom instead of a double vanity. They just take out their little bucket of hair suplies, makeup and stuff when they need it and store it back in the linen closet. Keeps it very clean and open in their tiny bathroom.

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