Spring Break

It’s ironic that I’ve titled this post “Spring Break” as we are having a mini-winter storm here in Philadelphia.  Regardless, I’ll be shutting down the blog for a few weeks here.  Wish I could say it’s because I’m traveling down to Cabo to get wet ‘n wild with my sorority sisters, but alas I’m merely buried unto a huge pile of work.  I’m incredible lucky to have around a dozen amazing design and construction projects right now and I really have to keep my focus on my clients.  So my own house is getting a little break and I’m fully immersing myself projects that pay the bills.

Bay half smile

The blog is such a great outlet for me and it stresses me out to leave it (and you guys hanging) but the idea of unfinished client projects literally is keeping me up at night.  Worry not, I have a built-in stress buster.  His name is Bailey and his face cracks me up every single day.

So thanks so much for reading and for all the huge compliments on my bedroom.  Promise to be back soonish with some client project reveals and a little after that I’ll also share the DIY bed breakdown and more cottage goodness.

‘Til then… Spring Break, BAby!

  1. Sarah

    You will be missed!!

  2. Enjoy the break – I guess working break! Good luck! Can’t wait till you get back and we see more design goodness!

  3. Pamela

    Take a deep breath, do some yoga , and have fun with that adorable little Bailey!
    Glad you are so busy in the best way..
    xo p

  4. Tracey

    Oh this makes me tear up a little cause I lost my just shy of 11 years old dog which nothing like your sweetie but those eyes are beautiful. They are such a big part of our lives. Such a cutie pie.

  5. Gina

    Well I will miss you and your adorable cottage, I look forward to seeing your posts pop up in my Bloglovin’ list. But a girls’ gotta make a living! See you soon

  6. Spring break in MT is usually a snow storm but it’s been beautiful here…maybe we swapped weather with you!? Take some time, we’ll be here when you get back…..promise!
    PS-My two year son just walked up to the computer, pointed at Bailey’s pic and said “Mommy, what IS that?” LOL, apparently he’s never seen a pug before! 🙂

    • Naomi

      Katie, perhaps he just hasn’t seen a wall eyed black pug? 😉

  7. Hey, don’t worry about it! The Houzz feature and stuff wil keep you in the public eye anyhoo..
    What you have suffered in the last 6 weeks with the 6 weeks bedroom challnge has now landed in a different way in my lap as a lovely lady journalist wants to do a feature on the house and my business, My Aunt Agatha, at the end of May —.Eeek!!A major tidy-up of the whole kaboodle here plus some frantic decent curtain making is required..feel my pain !!
    Give Bailey a big smooch from me.
    Later ‘gator!

  8. I’m feeling the same way (only most of my winter projects are getting wrapped up and I need to spend time on some early summer prospects!). We’ll still be here when you get back 🙂 xo

  9. Keep rockin it out and we’ll be here when you get back. And don’t forget the occasional cocktail – an excellent de-stresser! 🙂

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