Society Hill Neon: Foyer Before & After

Today we’re sharing part two of our Society Hill Neon project’s Before & After: the foyer.  I’ve shared this stunning foyer on facebook & Instagram before, so a few of these images may be familiar to you. Honestly, I’m so enamored with this space that I had to share it early and often! That said, I think it’s fun to dive a little deeper into the details of a project’s Before & After, and share the behind the scenes thoughts with you.

As you’ll remember from last week’s Society Hill Neon: Dining and Living Room Before & After post, this client is down for taking some pretty fabulous design risks.  That certainly held true in the foyer as well.



Unfortunately this particular Before & After shot are opposite views, but you at least get a sense of the prior state of affairs.  Like the rest of the home, the foyer had beautiful bones. And once again, we began our work with some pretty strong architectural elements – in particular, the marble checkerboard floor.

We started by selecting a runner to go up the stairs from the foyer.  We wanted something classic yet graphic to play off the marble floor.  We were also very mindful that this runner goes up five floors, so we wanted it to be compelling but not too busy, given that it runs all the way up through each level of the home.  This Missoni plaid felt like a perfect fit – great scale, a color that our client wouldn’t tire of, and it was a choice that would be forgiving of life with small children. We also loved that this more conservative selection allowed us to do something bolder on the foyer walls. And boy did we.



This foyer is a narrow space, broken up by two arches.  Because it is somewhat contained, the foyer allowed us an opportunity to go bold without overwhelming the house.  We found this fantastic, fanciful wallpaper by Christian LaCroix called Bagatelle, available as part of the Incroyables et Merveilleuses collection. Incredible and marvelous indeed!  We loved that it feels organic and loose against the graphic floor elements.  It really is an extraordinary, artistic moment to enter the home though.  I like to think that my client’s children linger there and have imagined fairy tales set among the many vignettes.



The colors in this wallpaper were also perfect compliments to the color schemes in the dining and living rooms, both of which are located off of the foyer.  As you can see in the living room photo below, a peek of the foyer wallpaper is visible from the living room, and plays very happily between the two spaces. Likewise, the graphic wallpaper that lines the back of the living room bookshelves nods to the black & white marble checker board floor in the foyer.


NOT PICTURED: A gorgeous little built-in closet we carved out of a corner to add storage into the entry.  Good design has to function on top of looks 😉

This project was especially invigorating and gratifying for me to work on, in part because the client totally got my vision and was willing to trust my suggestions.  Not every project can handle a leap of faith of this magnitude, but this home and this client offered an extraordinary opportunity to tell an audacious, juicy design story. Interestingly, this client will be moving into a new residence this summer, and happily, we’re already scheming on the next big story.  Stay tuned!

Photography by Kira Luxon

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    Hey there!
    The transformation that you’ve made to the interiors are commendable. A complete makeover and that too with all new beautiful accessories.

  2. Katie

    Okay, THIS is brilliant.

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      Thanks so much, Katie!

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