Soak this up! Colorful Freestanding Air Tub

I’ve been researching bathtubs for a client and came upon this sharp piece made by Aquatic.
This tub features 84 air jets and a very spacious bathing well (71x41x25H.) It’s also decently priced- $ 3,659 from Ira Woods. That’s pretty good as far a freestanding, jetted tubs go. And lets not forget the clean lines and bold red color.

Aquatic offers quite a few color options other than your standard white and biscuit. I’m also liking the rhapsody blue. Now I’m not suggesting you match the tub with colored sink and toilet. No No No. Just a statement tub, thank you.

Aquatic offers a variety of shapes and sizes. Soaking and Jetted Tubs.

Clawfoot Tub.

Drop-in Tub.

Undermount Tub.

That’s all.

  1. The red tub is so amazing! Don’t see that too often. Hey yours must be the 4th post I’ve seen on free standing tubs. . . I see a common thread here! Designers in the know!

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