skirted dining chairs

I’m having a moment with skirted dining chairs.  I just think they are the perfect companion with a chunky wood table.  I adore that they are both casual and tailored.  Since they have a softer, feminine edge to them, I really like them mixed in with more masculine elements.  Wood, metal, and modern chairs are great companions.

House Beautiful

Slipcovered versions can be removed and washed.  Doesn’t get much more practical than that!

I really like this look: Skirted arm chairs on the end of the table, and different chairs used in the middle.  The skirt is a great application here, because you don’t have two different leg types competing.  (Three if you count the table legs!)

We are using this Lee dining chair on a current dining room project.  It’s going to be mixed with a modern chair.  Should be smashing.
PS:  I’m also having a moment with skirted sofas.  But that’s another topic all together…
  1. I’ve been wanting to redo our dining room & your images in this post gave me renewed inspiration!
    Julia @ Baker Hill Homes

  2. Thanks for the mention Naomi..LOVE your blog…Obviously I love slipcovered chairs too…

  3. Love these chairs – I have them in my dining room!
    xo xo

  4. Thanks, Nuha! The settee is from Wisteria and the side tables are by Made Goods.

  5. I love that settee in your mood board! And the side tables are gorgeous too! Where are they from? xoxo

  6. Those chairs look darn comfy!

    P.S. I love your French fantasy room.

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