Scenes from Mexico

Mexico was amazing.  Pure Heaven.  The first two days, in typical Me fashion were purgatory.  I was totally sick and the weather was cold and rainy and let’s just say my spirits weren’t high.  (Literally, I couldn’t drink while my whole fam took advantage of free unlimited cocktails.)  But then the sun came out and I got a strong Mexican decongestant and had a perfect 5 days.   I flew on a trapeze, climbed a sacred pyramid,  swam in pristine waters, kissed fat baby cheeks, ate dessert every day and just tried to soak in the beauty as much as possible.  I love my family so much and it was such a treasure to spend time with them in this relaxing magical setting.  I got back last night and am ready to dive back into LOTS of work, but I hope I’m able to hold that peaceful Mexican spirit in my heart just a little longer.

scenes from mexico

I tried to embed a dorky video of me on the trapeze, but I still don’t quite understand this wordpress site.

You can see it HERE if you want 47 seconds of acrobatics.

Going on a trapeze has been one of those random Lifelong dreams for me.

Since I’m a former competitive gymnast, I thought I would kick ass, but I was surprised at how terrified I was to do it!

Sadly, I won’t be running off to join the circus, but at least I stuck the landing.

  1. I love Mexico!!! You can always have a great time when you visit!

    • Naomi

      Meg you are my dress twin! Hope you’ve gotten to wear it somewhere equally fabulous

  2. What a fun trip Naomi! Now back to reality right? Darn. I wanted to tell you that I was trying update my reader to follow your new blog via your RSS feed button and it doesn’t work 🙁 It takes you to a page with HTML code.

    • Naomi

      Thanks Stephanie, I will work on that and get it fixed!

  3. Looks like a great trip! Hope you made up for lost time with some strong cocktails 😉 Where in Mexico were you?

    • Naomi

      Thanks Maggie- we were in Cancun.

  4. Melissa

    I’m watching a blizzard outside my window right now so I am extremely jealous of your tropical getaway! It looks like you had so much fun (after the meds kicked in, that is)! And you look like a rockstar on the trapeze. I would be terrified! I hope it was a refreshing vacation!

  5. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had an amazing time! And I’m totally impressed by your trapezing skillz.

  6. You are faaaar braver than I am… must be the “Mexican decongestant” (HA).

    Looks like an amazing trip! I love Mexico and super love my family and now I’m totally jealous.

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