SALE: Branch Chandelier

Hiya!  Just popping in to say Ballard’s Branch Chandelier has been reduced from $299 to $179.

So if you’ve ever been eyeing it, now’s the time to snag it.   
And then spray it white.  
Or red. Or orange.  
Or gold.  Yea spray it gold.
PS- I previously obsessed about employing it over my table.  See here.  
 (My dining room inspiration back in February.)
(I did at least get the Expedit shelves…)
And happy Monday to you all!
  1. Mary

    Are you like me and change your mind faster than you can purchase things and check them off your to-do list?! I love this chandelier, and I totally agree, gold would be the way to go. Or orange.

  2. nkp

    Happy Monday, Naomi!


    Scoring that sucker for cheap would be like winning the world cup.

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