Rug talk continues: Stenciled Idea for Showroom

Kim Myles recently debuted a new stencil line and I am in love with her “Indian Inlay” pattern.  It’s designed to create the look of intricate mother of pearl inlay furniture.  Of course I want to further complicate this DIY by stenciling it on a rug.  I’m guessing it would be time consuming, but the end result would be gorgeous!

This is the area of the showroom that needs the runner.  I like black and white for the runner because I really want to ground the area and keep attention off those stupid tiles.  The light rug that is there now is close to my color scheme, but is too small and doesn’t have impact.

(Sorry for the messy counters.  Just keepin it real.)

For your viewing pleasure, I got all photoshoppy and plopped the stencil rug in place. 

It could be fun, but if I do this rug here, I’ll have to really simple window treatments. (I’ve been contemplating both a clean geometric, and a really big scale floral.  Big scale floral would not work with this.)  So now I need to decide if I want my intricate pattern on the floor or walls.

A stenciled rug is definitely a DIY I’d like to try at one point.  I’d also like to take an IKEA lack coffee table and try this stencil on it as well.  So many projects, so little time!

To see Kim’s whole line of stencils, click here!
  1. Tina/@teenbug

    What do you use to stencil in? Special paint? What kind of brushes? I’d LOVE a tutorial on this!!!

    Do you sand the IKEA Lack table down?

    • Naomi

      I’m by no means a stenciling expert. I good primer would be more important than sanding, since the LACK isn’t wood. I’d google around, as I’m sure there are some good stencil posts out there.

  2. I have been looking for a bamboo chair for *that awkward space* in my living room for months. Now if I could just find a chair like #4 in yellow, I would be one happy girl!

  3. Love this idea. Any way you can make it the bigger rug for the other side of the kitchen? Would that be too much work? It’s so pretty to be kinda hidden in this area.

  4. A stencil? What the eff! It looks like you’re heading in the right direction!

  5. SD

    I love the look of these rugs. I think they add the perfect accent when you Design Your Room. When I was designing my own place, I found that Simply Decorate really helped me picture the finished result, as well as get ideas and inspiration. While I do work for them, they have honestly been a huge help and are really worth checking out.

  6. Ooh ooh ooh love this idea!
    I’ve seen that tile painted shiny black before — really sharp! At The Viceroy in Palm Springs I think Kelly Wearstler painted all the tile floors white.

  7. Dang girl. I envy your photoshop skills. Makes me want to go take a class. I agree that the stencil version definitely adds more impact. Would your dad let you stencil the tile? 😉

  8. The Now

    OH I love this… I love the pattern on the floor!!! xo Elizabeth

  9. I love this pattern of rug! I am in the market for a runner, and I love that you featured Kim and her company so that I can check them out. I think this rug would look awesome in your showroom.



  10. That rug looks awesome there! Now for the stenciling, huh? I’ve been debating painting a rug for my dining room, but feel overwhelmed by the process!

  11. nkp

    I vote for the floor. I think the graphic impact is wonderfully BIG and really makes the tiles recede, as well as bringing a really modern element to the more traditional space. What about a wonderfully shaped cornice for the window similar to what you used in your amazing bathroom design. Stick to to a simple pattern on the window…perhaps a waxed, shimmery linen with some black piping?

  12. Love this stencil/rug!
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  13. Love the rug idea! (Next on my list – a 4 part folding screen…I totally ‘get’ the impulse to go big! 😉

  14. Erin

    LOVE the stenciled rug idea, but oh man I am also loving the giant floral window treatments…

    Tough decision. I am actually dealing with the same crappy tiles in my dinette, and I think I’d rather put my pizzazz on the windows to draw the attention up there.

    Just my two cents and you know I will probably change my mind about 800 times.

  15. Ashley

    Luuuuuuuhve this idea!

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