Robert Redford, You Sly Fox

(Left to Right: Brickmakers Table, “1934 Chair” its the Marais/Tolix obsession of mine, Firefly pendant, Spice Market Kilim Rug,  Sphero Chandelier, Modern Factory Stool, Tugboat Console, Richardson Reeves Bed.)

(Left to Right: Monopolie Iron Bed, Scrivener Stool, Gramercy Pendant, Turville Table and Gridwork Chairs, Antique Sari,  Willowcreek Slipcovered Bench, Amba Batik Pillow, Gearworks Table.)

I don’t typically think of Sundance catalog when I want to do home-furnishing lusting, but today Mr. Redford’s side project got me excited.  So many delicious goodies!

I’d gladly take every item above, but I am particular excited about these factory stools.  It’s height adjustable so it could be a table, a chair, a sculpture.  I’m diggin’ the red, but the white and black are cool too.

Oh and check out their outlet center!  This Bolinas Trestle Table is marked down from $1,595 to $995.
I’m outta here like Vladimir.  Happy Weekend Peeps!
  1. Greg

    You’ve got quite a nice collection of industrial furniture on your site. I like your taste! I’d love for you to take a look at the industrial furniture that I make and let me know what you think. –>

  2. nkp

    I’ve been coveting so many of these items as well. The home goods in the catalog have been ringing my bell for some time now. The industrial, vintage, salvaged feel pieces are so fantastic and would work in so many different spaces. I’ve ordered a few things from Sundance and have always been happy with the products. So, what are you getting???

  3. Why do I never order from them??? Loving these finds. Headed over to their website next.
    XO Katie

  4. Goodie, you and BF can agree on something! I’d like to have the rug and the wooden bed. Yums.

  5. Raina- seriously almost just spat out my coffee- perhaps rapping is in your future?

    Zhush- I agree, Sphero is the bomb!

    Best of all? MY boyfriend likes EVERYONE of these items!?! You guys have no idea how rare that is.

  6. jordan

    YES! i am so proud of you for making it to the class! coordination comes with time…no worries! my zumba class just ended, and i think i am in mourning over it.

    ps. LOVE the bolinas table!

  7. Obsessed with that sphere light fixture! OBSESSED!

  8. Seriously.

    Do they have a new home buyer? ‘Cause this stuff is on fi-yah!

    (Did I just rap?)

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