Recent Acquisitions & a Guest Post

I’ve been spoiling myself a lot lately.  I guess its ok.  I’m in that rare time of life where I don’t have a husband or children to consider, I make a decent living and… well I love to shop.  And since shopping isn’t fun without sharing, I thought I’d let you guys in on my scores from the past week.

A dream came true last Friday when I found two Chinese Chippendale Faux-Bamboo armchairs for a really reasonable price.  Ever since Jonathan Adler hit the design scene and made colorful, happy Chinoiserie hip again, I’ve been dying for a set.  Now the question is, do I use them in my showroom or home?  Let’s ignore the fact that I don’t actually have a home at the moment and shouldn’t be making purchases for an imaginary space.  Homeless Hoarder, much?  You know it.  Time to think about upholstery fabrics…

Something about ModCloth was calling my name yesterday.  In a matter of minutes my shopping cart filled up with three sheer blouses.  Tobe has the exact same skull blouse.  I admired it greatly at Blogfest.  Anyway, I went all Single White Female and bought myself one because she lives in Kansas City and I’m not so worried we are going to show up to a party wearing the same thing.  Thanks for the inspiration, Girl.

I also bought stuff last Friday for other people; like paying clients.  I’m obsessed with this vintage faux-horn statue.  (It’s actually ceramic.)

And this little vintage lamp is too cute and perfect for finishing off GirlyGlam Dressing room.

That’s all!  Time to retire that checkbook for awhile…

Want more still?  Good news, you can find me over on VMac & Cheese for Victoria’s delightful series “Behind the Scenes.”  I’ve long enjoyed this guest series and was a little hurt she didn’t ask me to partake sooner.  Just kidding.  Not really.  Please check it out HERE and learn a little more about Me.

  1. Buy stuff to your hearts content before you get married. For real. Your BTS was fantastic!

  2. first of all, i’m bookmarking this post for all time because it implies that i am an awesome dresser. thank you for putting that on the internets.

    second, i think those beautiful chip chairs would actually look best at my house. sorry showroom and homeless hoarder, but it’s true.

    you are welcome to bring them to KC personally so we can be blouse twins while yelling obscenities from rooftops ANY. TIME.

    and i loved seeing you on vmac. you superstar, you.

  3. So jealous of your chairs. And I love all the blouses. Might need to grab the polka dots myself.

  4. You scored on those chairs Naomi. Speaking of fashion I actually thought about your necklace that you wore at blogfest..wish I could have seen it in person.

  5. I say you can never have too many fabulous faux bamboo chippendale chairs…*especially* for an imaginary space. Maybe we could go to our hoarders anonymous meetings together (c; ha! But I’m now crushing on that skull blouse as well, it’s just such the perfect amount of edge. Dang you, Tobe!

  6. Oh my goodness, you are so funny, Naomi. Great purchases … and I say you go for it and enjoy them!!

  7. I think there is nothing wrong with Homeless Hoarders. Mainly because I am one as well…

  8. I just bought a sheer blouse from Modcloth two days ago. We’re on the same wavelength.

    I know, I was a little surprised you weren’t already a feature on BTS already too. That was my exact comment.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous acquisitions. I’m going to have to SWF both of you and get that McQueen-esque skull blouse for myself now.

  10. Erin

    Those chairs belong in the showroom. Sorry, homeless hoarder.

    And I love girly glam’s new lamp!!!

    Shop more, please.

  11. Such good finds! Something about summer has me in a shopping mood too lately. I’ve been buying mainly clothes though. I usually only buy home stuff so it was about time I splurged!

  12. E.

    can’t wait to see what colors you use on the chairs!

  13. Want the horn, need the horn! I hope your client hates it and you’re forced to sell it to me. Kidding-ish.

  14. oh my oh my oh my! What a score on finding those chairs! I would love to own a pair! Kudos to you for treating yourself!

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