Reasons to Celebrate

I’m feeling celebratory.  Business is fantastic, Winter is (please. God. hopefully) ending soon, Romance is alive and well in my life, and my house is FINALLY coming together.  I’ve given myself a summer deadline to complete The Cottage.  Finishing in 4-odd months feels pretty daunting when I feel like it’s so far from perfect, but I’m trying to tackle in one small element at a time.  With each new step I celebrate.  A glass of wine, a happy dance, whatever.  My home is starting to make me feel giddy again… and shouldn’t our homes be our happy place?


Here are a few small reasons I’m celebrating today:

1.  Black Bamboo Chinese Chippendale Chairs Reupholstered!

I picked up a pair of these vintage chairs years ago and let them sit with ugly upholsltery because I didn’t want to spend the money to recover them or pick a fabric.  I discussed fabric ideas HERE but ended up choosing something different.  I found this great vinyl faux ostrich fabric down on Fabric Row of Philadelphia ans snagged 1.5 yards.  I love that it’s light, textural and totally durable.  The brass nailheads are a nice touch too, I think.

Black Bamboo chair with Ostrich Upholstery

chinese chippendale chinoiserie chair with ostrich upholstery les touches pillow (1)

2.  The slipcover has made its triumphant return!

After 4 months of sitting crumpled in a bag I finally accomplished my personal goal of getting my slipcover dry cleaned.  I spent the winter with snowy boots, dirty dogs and my old gray original upholstery on my sofa.  IT IS SO NICE HAVING OPTIONS WITH THE UPHOLSTERY.  The gray was perfect for winter but now I’m welcoming the natural linen again.  It feels so fresh and clean that I can almost feel the spring air wafting through my cottage.

DM Living room- Layered cowhide over jute rug, patterened ottoman, slipcover sofa

3.  The Fireplace Mantel has been Refreshed

I loved my holiday mantel and kept it a little too long, but it was time to mix it up.  I needed a little less gold and shimmer and a little more softness.  I’m simplifying things all over the cottage and being a little more selective with what I display.  Less is more.  Just don’t call me a minimalist.

DM Fireplace Mantel simple styling

Design Manifest Fireplace Mantel Gold Mirror

So there you go- just a few small tweaks to the living room and I already feel like I’m on my way to a finished home.  Fingers crossed I can continue to pull it together.

  1. I didn’t mean shot…I meant _ _ _ _…well let’s just go with ‘stuff’.

  2. Yea to happiness and getting shot done! 🙂
    Love the ostrich fabric w/nailheads!!!!

  3. Bonnie

    Love the room, and love that black and white pillow on the faux bamboo chair. Could you please tell me where you got it or the fabric? Thanks!

  4. Nancy

    I am happy for you that all is well in your hood. Good luck with your 4 month deadline, that will get it done! Can’t wait to see your brilliance. xo Nancy

  5. Your chairs look great! Love the fabric choice.

  6. Tracey

    This is an amazing space! Well done, I would die to photograph it!!!!!

    • Naomi

      I’m so flattered, Tracey. I love your photographs!! (Just need to finish it first 😉

  7. Looking good!

  8. I’m so happy for you that you are going through an exciting time. Life is all about ebs and flows, ups and downs… deserve an “up period”!

  9. What a great feeling it must be to get through so many of the bigger renovations and finally start to feel settled in your beautiful home! Love how all the patterns work together in your living room shot above. The whole scene is just so fresh, but still cozy- perfect for this transition into Spring!

  10. Tiffany

    Everything is looking really great Naomi! I am so happy your life is going so well lately, both professional and personal. You truly deserve it!

  11. It all looks amazing, and congratulations on your recent press (I just caught up and read your last couple of posts)! And it sounds like your personal life is going wonderfully too. So happy for you, Naomi!

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