Real Life

I just had the most wonderful weekend.  I hosted my high school best friends and we had our own intimate reunion.   Spring has finally kicked in here in Philadelphia so we got to have lots of outdoor time both in my own back yard and exploring the farmers market, shops and watering holes in my adorable town.  Highlights included an after-hours dance party in my kitchen and some really really terrible karaoke.  I’m totally tone deaf and apparently all my high school girls are too.  The best part though, was just connecting with old true friends and sharing my home with them.  The Cottage was built with entertaining in mind and I’m just so grateful that I have dynamic, intelligent, hilarious, authentic people to come over.

naomi and friends in kitchen

reunion fireplace shot

naomi and friends on sofa

I’ve so enjoyed the break from the blog to catch up on client projects and just enjoy a little real life.  I’ll be back to blogging soon with a mix of Cottage updates and client project reveals.  Posts may be short and sweet for a bit, but somehow I doubt you guys will mind.  In the meanwhile, you can probably spy a few real life house details above.  Not finished, not perfect, but dayum I love it!

  1. Karena

    Naomi there is nothing like girlfriend time! So rejuvenating! I can tell you had a great time!

    Love and Hugs
    Art by Karena

  2. Sounds like the perfect kind of weekend to me! Can’t wait for the updates!

  3. Updates!

    Lucky you to have such close and long lasting friendships. Oh, and the house ain’t shabby, neither!

  4. Nancy

    sounds wonderful. I love a house full of laughter and dear friends and family! What a great start to the week.
    xo Nancy

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