How many times can you change up your bedroom before you are deemed certifiably crazy?

At least a dozen, right?  After all, you have to crack a few eggs to…

design manifest black block print bed ikat suzani gold pillow

{I originally bought these ikat pillows for a client but then couldn’t give them away}

{Gold pillow was moved from living room}


The NEXT post I do will be on this Darn DIY bed, promise.

That means it may be awhile… hehe.

  1. Tracey

    Love love love …… ship one over to me!!!!

  2. The gold pillow is awesome. I also went through some more beautiful arrangements like this and seriously 12 is not enough for me…Ha Ha. I use to hit 20.

  3. You can’t have too much ikat or paisley. Why don’t you throw in some chevron to finish it off? Right out of the blogger design book.

  4. Hopefully the answer is about 800 times, because I am a serial redecorator and no one can stop me.

    Love the pillows!

  5. You are like my friend next door, her house has had at least 3 major transformations in the last 10 years, and each time I said ” But it looked great the last time!” hahaha.
    Honestly, Naomi:It looked great the last time !!!

  6. Anna

    i love pillows and am always changing them too. i work for a fabric company so i am always getting some new pieces to make into pillows….might i suggest you add in a black/white think horizontal stripe in 14 x 22 pillow? that would create some height difference!

  7. um. LOVE!!!
    Did you paint on the paisleys? Can’t wait to hear more. And LOVE the Ikat pillows. Definitely not the usual Pott. barn. GREAT find!

  8. Elisa

    I think accessorizing things like your bed or your sofa is an ongoing project. I never seem to be finished and that’s ok with me 😉

  9. I buy stuff for clients and then keep it for myself ALL THE TIME. It’s kind of a problem. And by kind of mean I have issues. I just feel like they don’t appreciate my vintage treasures and then I can’t let them go. Okay…I should really speak to a therapist about this…..sorry….

    • Naomi

      LOL. I try not to do it too often, but it definitely happens!

  10. Ummm, 15 is nothing. Crazy doesn’t even start until you hit 50! Love it looks great…

  11. After about a dozen iterations, I swore my guest room was DONE. But before I could even get out the staple gun to apply the new fabric to the headboard, I found an amazing vintage suzani for $28. With tha ton the headboard, it’s a whole new ballgame…again!

    Love the pillows. Have been wanting that gold one foreva!

  12. Alexa

    Definitely part of the crazy club. You are not alone! Haha!

  13. Sara

    Yep. I’m part of the crazy crowd for sure 😉 love those pillows, I don’t blame you for not being able to part with them.

  14. I’m dying for that DIY – 🙂

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