Pug Love

I’m absolutely smitten with this little pug statue in Lauren Santo Domingo’s home.  I love the grouping of tables and Mr Pug fits nicely into the mix.  Reminds me a little of the table I posted way back here.  These pics come from a Coveteur spread on her home.  Have you seen it?  It’s gooood.

(ps is this a pug? I’m pretending it is for the purposes of this post.)
And  while we are on the topic of cute pooches, I just HAD to show this outtake from my photoshoot with Courtney Apple.  This image is rough and hasn’t been re-touched (not a reflection of her skills) but I just found Bailey’s little face adorable.  

Am I holding his chin up?  You bet your bottom dollar.  Boyfriend doesn’t know how to properly pose for a picture.  

Happy Friday, All!

  1. anita

    You and Bailey are gorgeous! 😉

  2. Love that little table and LOVE your picture with the mister. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. Brandi

    He’s so cute! My dogs are very photogenic either. Can’t wait to see all the pics from your shoot!

  4. I’m sure my husband would kill me if I brought another dog home (statue or no statue)! The pic of you and Bailey is fabuloso!

  5. Lily

    Love the table grouping !! And what a cute picture :)


  6. Erin

    I meant to tell you what an adorable pic this is… so so so cute.

  7. I love your blouse. Baily’s paws look so cute. Bams does that too and I always say he’s getting a manicure.

    When are you sharing more photos?!?

  8. Ashley

    I prefer you and Bailey to LSD and her pug table. You both look gorge (er, Bailey looks handsome)!

  9. First picture I thought “omg I want that statue of the pug” saw the 2nd photo and said “wait, is that a pug?” then read you comment wondering if it’s a pug too lol…looks weird huh!?!? Would have to see the back side for the curly tail. Love the pic of you and Bailey…adorable!! Pugs are the BEST!!

  10. Love the photo of you and Bailey. And there’s a chance that statue might be a bulldog, but who cares. Pug, bulldog – they’re both adorable!

  11. Ok seriously. How cute are you both? I am too excited to see all the pics!

  12. Even though you say it is “rough” I love this photo.. you both look fantastic and Bailey is adorable!!

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