Project Reveal: Mr Boy Bedroom

Hey guys!  Thanks SO much for all your sweet comments on Girly Glam dressing room and bath.  Some of you are seriously going to give me a big head.  I heart you and your design preferences.

Today were talking about the Boy.  His project was much different- it sort of started as a few things and turned into a whole room.  After all with a sharp new bathroom (see below), he really needed a bedroom that was at least put-together.  I was the putter-togetherer.

We worked on a much tighter budget for this project and I enjoyed that.  There are so many great bargains out there!  I relied on a few key sources, plus etsy and thrifting to get him done.  We worked off the blue, white and red color scheme of the bath, added some camel tones in and just translated it a bit differently.  Here is Mr Boy…

The first thing we did was paint the walls Benjamin Moore “Van Deusen Blue.”  My client found this Lands End bedding for her son’s bed.  At first we considered the red and blue version, but I felt it would be too themey.  The camel plaid is much more subdued and allowed us to go for it with a leopard rug on the floor.  Real men rock leopard…RAWR.

I LURVE this driftwood mirror above his new headboard.  I found it on Etsy here.  I sorta see it as a twist on the typical starburst mirror over the bed look.  I like that this ikat brought in some more red and I think it plays nice with leopard and plaid.  The blue piping of the pillow ties it all together for me.

I’m a big believer in keeping pieces with good bones.  We gave their existing armchair new life with Greek key and red piping.  Chairloom did a great job reupholstering this chair.  

Mr Boy uses his desk more for video games than homework.  Since storage wasn’t a big priority and space was tight, we opted for this sawhorse desk to keep it feeling open.  It’s from World Market and its a steal.

We found this vintage rattan chair and had Chairloom paint it BM Ladybug Red and upholster the seat in our ikat.  It’s such a fun chair and it reminds me of his bathroom mirror.

Just a little detail of the new upholstered bed, nighstand and lamp.  I really dig the geometric shape of this West Elm lamp.

I’m really happy with how his bathroom turned out.  I think bookshelves are so great in a bathroom- you are able to stow away lots of items in the closed base storage and display towels and small things in baskets on the open shelves above.  I still love those fabric-backed shelves!

The blue penny tile with white border floor was another fave for me.  See how we carried the design into the shower?

I’m so pleased that a little red got added into the bathroom.  This same space without the red bamboo mirror just wouldn’t be as vibrant! 


And there you have it- 2 days, 2 kids tweens, 2 baths, 2 bedrooms, 2 totally different styles.  I had a fun time on this project going more masculine but maintaining a colorful and eclectic edge.  If you loved either of these projects and are considering a renovation for your kid OR adult space, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me- [email protected]

Want more of this bathroom?  See the whole construction progress HERE


  1. Kristen L.

    I’m late to the party, but just had to say how much I love these spaces! Would you mind sharing the source on the leopard rug?

  2. Camille

    Holy smokes, this is awesome. I LOVE that blue penny tile in the bath. Great way too to gain more space. The blue color on the walls in the bedroom is perfect. And the camel just plays so nicely with it. Super impressed.

  3. The bathroom is as rock star as it gets! That blue tile on the floor and then sprinkled a bit in the shower? I think that kid will be a very clean kid ’cause he won’t ever wanna leave that space. Great job!

  4. I’m late to the party and just now seeing your fabulous work! (although its already all over the interwebs!) Such an amazing job Naomi. You are a true designer with amazing talent!

  5. I want to take a shower there now….and bring my yellow ducky soap on a rope!

  6. Insane, you have such a talent to mix it up and make it look so effortless but at the same time so so chic and stylish! Do you do e-consulting?

  7. I don’t know what to say that everyone else already didn’t. And you already know these rooms kick ass. Masculine chic can be hard to do, so congrats on nailing it!

  8. Great work! You’re awesome. Seriously. I love everything about these rooms. My favourite things would be the navy walls, driftwood mirror, white lamp, desk, side tables, and fabric-backed shelves. Bravo!

  9. the bathroom was the fave! that red mirror and the tile floor are perfect and the bookshelves. Love it all! How fun (the post that is), I also loved the breakdown of each shot and you telling what you did….love, love, love.

  10. So glad the little mister got a makeover too. As the mom of a girl and a boy, I can attest to the fact that they both dig new spaces. LOVE this! And my little guy has the same desk from World Market in his room but in a darker stain. Total bargain. You are a wonder!! Keep up the fabulous work, girlie!

  11. You just keep gettin’ better and better, woman!
    The little inlaid side table by the wingback – where’d you find it?

    The penny tile and red mirror are so, SO fun, and yes, real men DO go leopard! Grrrrr!

    Hope you don’t run out of things to show us, I’m quickly getting addicted!

  12. Of course you rock and you blew both of these room straight out of the water and right into orbit!! Boom.

  13. anita

    perfect perfect!

  14. love this so much… guess this is more my taste than the girly things….fabulous !!

  15. What a gent! Real men do sport leopard. Dude, I wish your photographer lived closer to me. She captures shots perfectly!!! That first shot is straight out of a magazine. You’re on a roll!

  16. You have done and AMAZING job with both spaces. You should be very pleased which in design speak = seriously sweating your own work…
    Yeah, bask in it.

  17. So glad I’m now following because your style is amazing. Love the pops of red and how you were able to pull of red, white, and blue, without looking like an American flag.

  18. Naomi, you are incredibly talented!! I LOVED the girls bathroom and bedroom, and now the boys- incredible. I’m way inspired. 🙂

  19. Naomi for the win! I love that so many of these things are afordable too. I’m off to look at lamps on West Elm’s site haha

  20. You are totally you, which I love. Your style rocks and is always done with such attention to detail. The blue penny tile is so lovely! Great work

  21. Erin

    Two of the luckiest kids EVER.

    Great job!

  22. hi again. i usually don’t comment much on the design blogs — but this is 2 days in a row! it’s bc your style is so refreshing, and has a unique perspective. I love seeing your “reveals” and thought it was really interesting to see all the back history of how the bathroom was gutted– my goodness that’s alot of work. sometimes you just see the pretty “after” pictures and you make it look so easy, that I would have never realized how much work goes into it all. anyways, i’m rambling, but love seeing all your work. you are very inspiring. 🙂

  23. Ummmm I love it. So much. You are amazing. The camel bedding is perfect, definitely a great decision!

  24. Ummmm I love it. So much. You are amazing. The camel bedding is perfect, definitely a great decision!

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