Project Reveal: Girly Glam Dressing Room


It is with great pride and excitement that I share this project with you today!  Several months ago my father and I were hired by this lovely young family to design and remodel their son and daughter’s respective bathrooms.  Those renovations were such delight that we decided to tackle more projects.  I was tasked with pulling together the son’s bedroom and bringing new life to the daughter’s dressing room.  

Dressing room is such a fancy word (I love it!) In actuality its a small room between the daughter’s bedroom and bathroom.  It had become a bit of a passageway and we decided to give it a new purpose.  We designated a homework / vanity / desk zone by the window.  We brought in comfy seating for friend hangouts.  And we added some old world glamour with shoes on display on a vintage gold etagere.  Every dressing room needs shoes on display, right?

I have to tell you, this job was a blast!  Both mom and daughter were so great to work with.  Girly Glam, as I’ve dubbed her, was an ideal client- opinionated, open minded and excellent taste.  She asked for her space to be elegant and glamorous, but still fun and spunky.  (I may have added that spunky part on my own.)  Tiffany blue was a fave, dogs were a love, and wallpaper was willing to be considered.  I went to town, and this is what we’ve ended up with…

We chose the most lovely wallpaper on this planet (Nina Campbell’s Swan Lake) and paired it will the prettiest pale pink diamond rug.  I love how the Tiffany blue tufted settee pops against the paper.  The sofa is Ballard Designs and we used our own fabric, as I needed to find the perfect shade of blue.

The coffee table is vintage.  I found it on Ebay and had it shipped across the country.  Totally worth it- it is AHMAZING and the marble top ties into her bathroom.  The lotus flower candle holders are vintage finds I scooped up from Minty.

The spotted fabric is from Furbish.  Jamie sells these pillows ready made, but I just needed to have pink piping, so I bought the fabric and did a custom set.  I love the unexpected colors in the middle pillow.  Oh, and the dog portrait hanging above the sofa?  We had a photo shoot with the family labridoodle, Billy, on the front yard.  I blew up the photo and stuck it in a vintage frame I found.  See, there is always room in the budget for art!

Hot Dawg, I love the desk area.  Guys, this used to be the most random space.  There was an exposed radiator with an oversized purple chair in the corner.  We built in a desk with a coordinating radiator cover that has a nice counter now.  I designed the cabinetry to be like campaign furniture.  I love those inset brass pulls so much.  The modern ghost chair is a nice contrast to the vintage mirror and lamp.

I heart the roman shade we had made with blue greek key detailing.  That simple moment is one of my favorite touches for the room.  For accessories I picked up a set of Staffordshire dogs from Furbish, an owl mug/orchid holder from West Elm and a pink tray from Design Darling.

The big score for this project was the vintage bamboo étagère.  How darling is it as a shoe shelf?  I imagine one day she will fill it with stilettos and platforms, but lets not rush things, ok?

Oh and I found this little vintage beaded gem to illuminate her ceiling.  It’s so stinking glamorous and cute at the same time.

You remember her coordinating bathroom, right?  I reviewed the whole construction progress HERE.  I’m still proud how we packed so much storage in a small space without sacrificing style. 

Here is a shot (finally!) of her gorgeous shower curtain done up in Caitlin Wilson Textiles.  I just adore the curved valance at the top.  PS- two curtains are cooler than one.

This beaded sconces were totes-magotes worth the few hours it spent to put them together!  (Just don’t ask our carpenter Angelo about it.)

Venetian mirror plus framed mirror cabinetry doors.  No such thing as too much mirror in my book.  As long as it’s done tastefully, that is.

* * * *

And that, my friends, brings us to the end of project Girly Glam.  Our goal was to design a traditional, vibrant, timeless space that could grow with our young client as she leaves childhood behind and moves into her teens and young adulthood.  At 31 years old, I’d like to move in, so I’m hoping that means I was successful and this design appeals to all ages.  I sure hope you liked it too.  My father and I are available for hire if you have a renovation you’d like to tackle!  Contact ME for more details.  


Thanks for making my projects sparkle, Courtney!

PS- Tomorrow I’m showing off Mr Boy’s new room and final bathroom pics!

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  4. SO much to love in this project! I literally have been dreaming about a bamboo étagère like that one… I’m green with shelf envy.

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  7. @Adriana, the radiator covers were custom made along with the cabinetry.

  8. Adriana (Australia)

    Wow! Looks amazing!! Can I ask where you got the beautiful cover for the radiator??

  9. No wonder this has been all over blog land. Fabulous job. I am jealous of small children who live more chic-ly than moi.

  10. WOW, stunning! It takes a really good designer to find that sweet spot between effortless and designed, and you’ve found it. I adore the Nina Campbell wallpaper!

  11. OK – I know I’m a little late to the party (was on vacation!) – this is brilliant!! Every decision you made was perfect – love it all! Decorated but not overly so!

  12. I’ve been meaning to come over and tell you how crazy good this all is for days. Dude, you are all over blogland right now. Killing it!! xo

  13. INSANE! how the hell do you put so many different things together that look so incredibly good together?!

  14. shut the front door!! I love the bamboo etagere against that wallpaper, and the shower curtain is fabulous. Gorgeous job.

  15. OMG I love soooooo many things about this space!! Soft colors, gold accents, white and marble bathroom…I could go on and on.

  16. This whole thing, I might cry it’s so beautiful! I love the wall paper, the louis ghost chair, and the gold etagere most of all. Luckiest client ever.

  17. anita

    perfect in every way!

  18. I totes-magotes am IN LOVE with this project! Beautiful in every way Naomi!

  19. Naomi you amaze me! I want to befriend this girl just so I can hang out in that room.

  20. nelya


    Naomi, it’s stunning. I absolutely adore that sofa and the pillows make it. Perfection.


    p.s.-thanks for the MiNTY shout out! Such a sweet surprise.

  21. YAY!! I love every little tiny moment of this room. That stinkin girl is a lucky duck. You really did an outstanding job, she must be thrilled!!! I can assure you I now need my own brass etagere for my shoes. That’s definitely happening.

  22. Holy Crap. That’s what my brain was saying about each photo. You really put your foot into that design Naomi! Kudos to you, you should be VERY proud. Definitely achieved your stated design goals. Lucky clients!

  23. I always love/stalk your posts, Naomi! Everything turned out beautifully for this project! If/when Lee and I ever decide to move into a real house, you’re our gal 🙂

  24. congratulations naomi, it is stunning! my favorite part is the sofa with those fabulous pillows. youre so talented!

  25. Your client was one stylish little lady. I’m 30 and I too can picture myself having this as my dressing room. You definitely achieved the timeless and classic angle while still incorporating your stile. The 4th shot is my favorite!

    You go Nay Nay!!!!!

  26. Chedva

    Naomi, this is so beautiful and full of charm!

  27. Hannah

    Absolutely gorgeous! Wouldn’t expect anything less though.

  28. I’m speechless. It’s completely amazing, all of it! You’ve done it again Naomi! You are so talented. It’s all perfect!

  29. Leah

    practically speechless! i love every single detail in the space. keep following your dreams cause you’re one talented lady!!

  30. Naomi. What the what. I’m dying to move in there. Your eye is right on every single flipping time. You should be written up in magazines with every project!!

  31. kibby

    Can I get those sconces for my new bathroom! Love them…..David may protest though.

  32. You, my dear, are one hell of a designer. I bow down. xo, vmac

  33. wow – that is one lucky girl! the dressing room is so gorgeous! I bet she’ll be hanging out with friends in that room for many years to come.

  34. Erin

    It looks AMAZING. Sensational. Perfect (and I don’t use that word lightly).

    I am totally jealous of that kid!

    Well done, and may you be inundated with a slew of prospective clients when this project goes viral. You deserve it!

  35. OMG, I am dying. That dressing/hanging out area is phenomenal. I love the desk and brass pulls. Maybe Girly Glam will invite me over to hang out? We can talk Bieber or whatever.

  36. That is one, lucky young lady! You KILLED it, in only the best of ways! Lots of points for the valanced, double-curtained shower, and the etagere find.
    Nice, NICE work!

  37. Jessie

    Naomi, this is stunning! I want to move in!

  38. This is perfection. Truly. Great job, Naomi. So elegant and fun and crisp and lively. I could go on and on. That wallpaper is insane, and I love how well the dressing area and bathroom flow together without being matchy-matchy. Kudos!

  39. Holy unbelievable gorgeous dressing room and bathroom!!! I love how the detailing is sophisticated and she will grow to appreciate it. Such a lovely pairing of the wallpaper and turquoise sofa. If I had a room like that, I’d be in there doing my homework every day! Well done!

  40. Absolutely amazing…I love all your attention to detail, as I kept scrolling down the post, I kept falling more in love with every single thing you used in the bedroom and bathroom. It’s perfect for her to grown into, I’m almost 30 and I want to live there. Love the mix of vintage and modern!!!

  41. love, love love it all! I love the wallpaper, the bathroom fabric, the ebay find table. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see the boys room. So excited

  42. Wow Naomi you did an INCREDIBLE job! Can’t wait to see the boys room and so many future projects from you!!


  43. Wow Naomi you did an INCREDIBLE job! Can’t wait to see the boys room and so many future projects from you!!


  44. I can’t pick a favorite part, it’s all so great. Billy is the perfect touch !

  45. I seriously just died over this- I want it to be my bedroom SO BADLY!!!!! I have been in love with that wallpaper forever and to see how you used it…it’s like you pulled my dreams right out of my head. You’ve totally inspired me to take the plunge with that paper- thank you, thank you! You are BEYOND talented my friend- this room and bathroom are just too pretty to even really put into words- just love, love….mentioned you and it on the old blogski today:) xoxo

  46. Jessie

    Was it difficult to install the campaign hardware? I want to do something similar on my bathroom vanity, but I’m worried my carpenter won’t do it correctly.

  47. So gorgeous! I would have died if I had this when I was younger! Everything here has so much character. I love the desk area and that bamboo étagère. Great job girl!

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