Project Downsized: Painting Complete

Yesterday I painted the trim in my tenement bedroom (BM Soft white in semi gloss) and moved my bed back into place.  It feels so good to have the drop cloths gone and things starting to come together!  I’m hoping some crafty curtain finessing will mask the fact that the bed is not centered under the window.

I’m using my Docksta dining table as an end table on the right and plan to use another already-owned table on the left.  I’m planning to tablescape-up the Docksta and it’s going to be pretty.  For the other end table I’m thinking about this little lady…  

I enjoy her delicate lines, plus she fits in between the bed and the wall and is the same height as the tulip table.  (When two end tables are totally different shapes, I like them to at least be similar heights.) I think the black is too harsh in the space, so I’m contemplating painting her the trim color so that she recedes into the wall elevation.

I’m also about the pull the trigger on a new quilt, thus killing my paint-only budget.  I can’t help myself, it’s inexpensive and puurrrfect.  Well I think it’s going to be perfect.  Need to try it out for realz and then report back.

So that’s all for the bedroom, which I have named Project Downsized.  Really hoping to hang those curtains today (in between real work) and then start on the art hanging.  Funsies!  

PS- It seems The Bitter Decorator was a hit!  Thanks for all the great feedback.  I’ll have to find another topic that makes me bitter.  Shouldn’t be too hard.

  1. Erin

    How did I miss this? Loving the wall color, can tell it’s going to be awesome. Very cute end table, too.

  2. So pretty, loving the colour and especially the cushions!
    Hoping the door is not situated directly opposite the bed though, to promote good feng shui!

  3. The color is so feminine! I love that you’re using the dining table as a nightstand and call me crazy but I love the other table in black. It’s so dramatic!

  4. It’s starting to look so pretty! I love that moment of rounding the corner to see the decor finish-line 🙂

  5. Ashley

    Ooh, the pink IS so pretty. You’re very good at selecting colors. Looking forward to seeing how you creatively solve that curtain issue!

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