Project Craftsman Kitchen Reveal

I’m so excited to finally share finished shots of Project Craftsman.  This was such a great project to work on because the clients are just the nicest people ever and they were down to try something a little different.  I’ve long wanted to try a “two-tone” kitchen with wood base cabinets and white wall cabinets and I think the results turned out so great.  It’s a great mix of practicality (stained wood base cabinets are more forgiving) and aesthetics (white uppers really help brighten up the space.)  We designed a custom 3 panel door for the wall cabinets.  I love that it dresses up a simple shaker door but is still clean and classic.  The DM team did a great job executing all of the finishing details and turning this once ugly duckling kitchen into the happiest spot into the home.

design manifest kitchen stained wood base white wall cabinets

For those of you who missed the BEFORE posts, the original kitchen was a sad state.  One of my biggest pet peeves in a kitchen design is when the sink and cooktop are too close together with no prep space in between.  This was the case in the original layout, with the sink too close to the corner.

craftsman before kitchen

My clients and I played around with a lot of ideas with both the layout and looks of the space.  We debated placing the cooktop in the island vs against the wall.  We also discussed doing all of perimeter cabinets (base and wall) white or just the wall cabinets white.  Here is a rendering I shared with them with white base cabinets on the perimeter and the cooktop against the wall.  We didn’t end up going in this direction…

white wood crown 2

This was the final layout.  Instead of fighting with the sink being under the window and too close to the corner, we simply moved it to the corner.  Now it feels much bigger and spacious in this corner and there is still a view to the outside.

craftman kitchen floorplan

My client really liked the idea of being able to cook in a social setting white chatting with family and guests so we placed the cooktop on the island.  We used an induction cooktop.  They are pretty cool!  No need to worry about little fingers getting burned- only pots get hot, the surface does not.

kitchen countertop cooktop detail

kitchen back of barstools

The island also houses the microwave, spice drawer, utensil divider and roll-out shelf storage for pots and pans.

kitchen island

Since the hood is such a big focal point over the island, we did not do decorative lighting in this area.  Instead, we did pendants over the window.

kitchen shelves and lights

A few details I love- subway tile all the way to the ceiling, open shelves over the sink, stained shelves contrasting against the white tile and wall cabinets.

kitchen shelf detail subway tile

By moving the oven to the long wall, we were able to maximize storage around the cooktop.  This space here is such a great prep zone.  I love how the new design has a few different zones for prep.  No more crowding around the sink and cooktop!

kitchen wood base white walls view of basement door

A few more details I love- the wall door detail, the cabinet hardware, the Delicatus White granite.

kitchen wood base white walls door detail- small

I’m just so thrilled with this After.  The space feels so much larger, brighter, happier and its now a great entertaining zone.  It’s neutral and clean but not the least bit boring or sterile.  I’m officially obsessed with mixing stained wood and white in the kitchen!

kitchen frig and shelves


  1. Naomi

    Thank you! And sorry, I don’t have that information any more. I would equate it to Ben Moore Simply White.

  2. Mark

    Hi Naomi-
    Thanks for sharing your ideas- my wife loves the end result. We are actually using a lot of your ideas on our modern craftsman we are building right now and she has sent this link to several of our subs in order to try to mimic some of the ideas. It was great when she found this so she was able to put the ideas in her head along with a picture. Thanks!
    Do you by chance have the info on the hood?

  3. Rita

    Can you please tell me if these were custom or prefab cabinets. If prefab…can you tell me who makes this design and what color of stain this is ? Thank you !

    • Naomi

      They are custom.

  4. Suzanne

    Beautiful! What is the cabinet stain color and grout color please?

  5. Cheryl Ince

    The stain color is absolute perfect. Will you share what the stain brand and color is? Please???

  6. Sherry

    Thank you for sharing these. I’ve been indecisive about stain vs. painted cabinets for our new construction modern craftsman. I love how you mixed both and modernized it, while still maintaining original craftsman character. Well done. And now… I finally have a kitchen design that I’m excited about.

  7. Lizeth

    I am currently working on my kitchen, I am doing a similar look with white uppers and maple lowers. I am also using subway tiles, but what grout color did you chose? I am not sure what to choose.

  8. Dana

    I love every single detail about this kitchen. What an inspiration! I heard you say the wood is cherry, What is the stain? It’s perfect!

  9. Shannon

    Beautiful job and just the look we are going for! Please share where the cabinet hardware is from ….it is perfect! Thanks

  10. michelle

    I love the barstools, do you have a website to where you purchased them?

    • Naomi

      They are from West Elm. Not sure if they are available any more.

  11. Candace

    This is an amazing kitchen. The two tone is my favorite. Curious where you found the hardware,

  12. Laura

    Beautiful! Where did you get the custom cabinets?

  13. Beth


  14. Beth

    Hey Naomi! I love your kitchen and am going for the same look in my kitchen. I was wondering if you knew the name of the granite counter tops you used? I really love the colors you used! Looks great!

    • Naomi

      I believe it was Delicatus White.

  15. Molly

    Love the kitchen! Where did you get the barstools?! I feel like I must have them…

    • Naomi

      Thanks Molly. If memory serves, I’m pretty sure they are West Elm.

  16. I’m so glad I saw your Kitchen on Pinterest. I have a 1915 craftsman with a small Kitchen and I have been trying to figure out if two tone would look good or not. I wanted to brighten up the space since most of the house is dark oak. It looks fantastic!!

  17. Naomi Laura

    You are amazing! This is one of my favorite kitchens. I bet it blends really nicely with the the rest of the house since it is both craftsman and updated. Keep up the amazing work.
    From one Naomi to another,

  18. Monique

    This is one of my favorite kitchens. Love the combination wood and painted cabinets.

  19. Jenny

    I’m a long time reader but rarely comment. I thought I would tell you how fabulous and unique the kitchen turned out. I’m sure you have some very happy clients!

  20. Girl….you are so damn talented….that is a beautiful kitchen. I love how it came together with everything you chose. I’m in the beginning stages of starting a kitchen for a client….hope it turns out as well….:)

  21. Suzette

    I’m. In. Love.
    I’ve been dying to do white uppers and stained lowers in my kitchen. What color stain was used on the lower cabinets? I can’t seem to pick a stain that isn’t too orange, but the color of those is gorgeous!

    Just stunning!

  22. Jessica

    Naomi this kitchen is friggin’ awesome. i’m not normally drawn to craftsmen style but i would have this kitchen in my house for sure!

    you take fantastic photos, assuming you aren’t a professional? my only comment is your ISO is really really high and it makes the photo look very grainy and it takes the detail away from the photo because the eye focuses on the colour pixels. try using a tripod, a lower ISO setting and leaving the shutter open a bit longer. it’ll take a while to get the right amount of light but it’ll totally transform your photos.

    overall an amazing kitchen!! great job! looking forward to seeing more of your cottage too!

    JM 🙂

    • Naomi

      Thanks for the tips, Jessica!! I know, I’m not a very good photographer and this job was particularly hard with the combination of natural light and dark lower cabs. I wish I could just hire a pro to shoot every job, but we don’t have that kind of marketing budget right now. I actually do use a tripod, but I will try the lower ISO. I don’t even remember which part the shutter is, but I can do some googling.

      • Jessica

        you are a great photographer!!! your work is so beautiful and fun, i would hate for the photo to take away from it. keep up the fantastic work!

  23. I cannot even say how stunning this is. The upper cabinets even look a little bit like mine (except mine are REALLY old – and therefore a bit more beaten up!). The stain on those lower cabinets is just the perfect color – I absolutely love it. Are they made of oak? I’m squinting at them and having trouble telling!

    One question – did you consider painting the window frame?

    • Naomi

      The cabinets are maple. We rarely do oak anymore, unless its cerused, since the grain is so strong. Usually we do maple or cherry.

      No, we never considered painting the window. All of the windows and doors in this house are stained a nice rich color and it just felt more appropriate to leave it stained as well.

      • Naomi

        Just kidding, I just checked my files and the cabinets are cherry!

  24. um. this is amazing!!! love the details…right down to that gorgey rug! another success, DM!! ox

  25. It looks fantastic! We’re in the middle of buying a home with a similarly-cramped work area in the kitchen I hope to revamp. Loving those newer shaker-style cabinets, too.

  26. Raiana

    Its really beautiful!! One of my favourite, practical kitchens I have seen in a while!

  27. It looks gorgeous Naomi – just love the island and the wonderful countertops!!

  28. That rug is fabulous, and love the juxtaposition of the upper and lower cabinets.

  29. Mel Gellman

    You are amazing. I’m so impressed what you can do with a competive cabinet line

  30. Laura D

    The whole thing is AMAZING….the bulkheads and crown molding look fantastic….such beautiful details.

  31. You are the most talented person. The white cabinets mixed with the stained cabinets is perfection. I love the warm feeling that they create together. Lovely job as always!

  32. Good choice using stained base cabinets and white wall cabinets. Sometimes an all white Kitchen can be sterile, the wood on the bottom gives the space the warm of a classic Craftsman home. The three panel wall door style is a unique transitional take on the Craftsman look. I also like the dark pulls, it adds a nice contrast and vintage element instead of satin nickel or chrome.

    • Naomi

      Thanks Kelly! I always like to know what stands out to other people.

  33. Krysta

    Love this kitchen! We are in the very early stages (thinking about, planning, saving for) a big kitchen reno and I love the idea of bringing stained wood into the kitchen…. we’ll probably do our large windows in wood with painted cabinets, but I love the combo here!

  34. Great job… love that this kitchen has lots of unique elements and it came together beautifully. love the cooktop!

  35. I think we both know how jealous I am of this kitchen… I love those cabinets!!!

    Amazing transformation!

  36. Holly

    It’s drop dead gorgeous!!! The three panel doors and the molding to the ceiling are such nice details. And I love the pendants by the window. We’re in the process of buying our next home and this gave me some ideas for whenever we do our kitchen reno. Fantastic job!! This really shows that you can have a classic look with loads of style. What was the timeline from start to finish on this project? I’m always curious about timelines when it comes to the large renovations.

    • Naomi

      Thanks All!
      Holly- We started construction mid-September and wrapped it up by mid-November. I believe we began the design process in July. Typically the time between initial design to construction start date is longer, but they were moving into the home and had a deadline.

  37. Great job, DM! My favorite element is the tile to the ceiling and the wood shelves on the tile.

  38. Leah

    wow! beautiful job! the stained lowers seem to fit perfectly with this home.

  39. This kitchen is insane. Awesome job, Naomi.

  40. Susan

    Love the dark lowers and white uppers. I did a post recently about doing the same thing in my kitchen reno next year (link below) but I’m thinking of going with gray for the lowers.
    Fantastic lay-out too! I bet your clients are thrilled!


  41. emily

    Amazing job Naomi! I Love the cabinet doors. You are truly talented and I look forward to seeing more of your projects!

  42. Alex

    This is so gorgeous! You’re so talented.

  43. Ahhhhhhhh Naomi!! I love this. Ok the rustic look to the cabinets just gets me. I am obsessed!

  44. Ashley

    Wow, just wow. I had forgotten what the ‘before’ looked like and this is a major transformation. The island is a thing of beauty and very practical–I love that the microwave is hidden, which makes for much more prep space on the pretty counter tops.

  45. I love this! You don’t see many stained lowers/white uppers (vs. painted lowers) but it’s such a great look. Good job!

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