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Heyoo, so some exciting news around these parts was that last week I was featured in a 6 page spread in the Israeli magazine, Go Style!  I’d like to give a huge thank you and shout out to my blog buddy, Chedva, of Rooms and Words, who sought me out and wrote the lovely article.  Truthfully, I have no idea if the article is lovely, as I can’t read Hebrew, but I have no doubt she did a great job.  (And I’m working on getting it translated… well not really, but I plan to.)

Internet press is all fun and good, but the fact that this is a real-life glossy really tickles my fancy.  I’m counting down the days until it arrives in the mail.  I can’t wait to touch it and smell it and skip around my office with the article in my hands.   I wonder if I can get a second copy so that I can sleep next to it at night and cuddle up to it.  


In other HUGE BIG NEWS, I succumbed to peer pressure and joined TWITTER.  Some A-Hole who I don’t know took the name DesignManifest, so my newest interwebs moniker is @NSteinDesign.   Kinda lame, right?  I’m still learning the whole thing, but please do me a big huge favor and FOLLOW ME!! 

And let’s chat.  I like how twitter is more chatty than the blog.  What can I say, sometimes I ‘m a chatty Kathy.  

Anywho, I’m super loaded up with work- juggling 10 projects (and no assistant)- so please bear with me while I sort everything out.  Hoping to be sharing lots of original content in upcoming weeks.

Thanks for reading as always.



  1. I still can’t get over your place!! And will follow you immediately!

  2. Ashley

    Look at you literally taking the whole WORLD by storm. How awesome!

  3. awesome! Congratulations, let’s get together soon! xoxo

  4. It looks so purdy! So excited for you. And yes twitter is very chatty as long as you actually do some chatting, directly with people (using the @). I’m really bad at twitter but strike up a convo with me anytime!

  5. I would totally make-out with any real magazine I’d be featured in. So if you wanna dance around with yours and sleep with it, no judgement from me. 🙂

    Yay! You’re on Twitter. I too had a Twitter name stealer.

  6. Roxy Te

    i thought you were going to say “some a-hole who broke the straw on the camels back made me join” hahah congrats on r&w feature!

  7. You’re right, nothing beats a lovely, glossy mag in your hands, how amazing! Congrats Naomi, well deserved 🙂

  8. I can’t read the Hebrew either, but I know I love the pictures…it’s wonderful. I haven’t started twitter yet, but good for you for biting the bullet!! So happy to follow your blog ~

  9. Well why would I bee tweeting about slipcovers when this is going on…fabulous and exciting..I want a copt too.

  10. twitter is great! happy to give you a tutorial if you need one, ive had mine for almost three years now.

    im a relatively new follower but i LOVE your blog! and i can read PARTS, but not all of the article. boo!

  11. Maybe I should bite the bullet and get on twitter too. I’m just not sure what I’d say, “i’m at work”…”i’m still at work”…Haha! What an awesome feature, this means you’ve gone international baby! Congrats!

  12. You are the best! Just so you know, everyone here is dying over your apartment, and it looks amazing in print.


  13. You’re so funny. I would sleep with a magazine featuring me as well – so I totally get you! And I saw that you started following me on twitter, so now I’m following you. I must admit, I’m terrible at tweeting and basically just tweet my blog posts, but I’ve got to start using it more. According to Christiane Lemieux of DwellStudio (I heard her speak at market), everyone should be on it as it’s a huge marketing tool and if you’re not, you’re missing out. So, I should really get better about it! Congrats on your spread, and yes, get it translated post haste!

  14. congrats!! tres jealy over here. me dreams of being in a glossy someday…

    glad to see you’ve joined the twitter. get ready…it’s sometimes as addicting as pinterest! ox

  15. Erin

    You crack me up!

    The spread looks divine — definitely a quality layout, and I love the script. So much prettier than dumpy old English.

    You’re well on the way to taking over the world. It may be time to hire an assistant, yes?

    ps: sorry I can’t help you with twitter. I hate it.

  16. Jessie

    I am new to Twitter as well. I started following Design Manifest thinking it was you this whole time. A-hole.

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