I came, I styled, I collapsed.  The photo shoot of my loft took place yesterday.  After a whirlwind decorate-my-ass off weekend, it was a delightful day and I cannot wait to see the photos!  I worked with Courtney Apple, who is so fantastic.  My sister, Megan, helped style the shoot and the three of us noshed on cupcakes and Prosecco while we worked.  Not a bad day, right?  Of course by the end of it I felt like I had run a marathon  and slightly regretted that last glass of sparkling wine.  (I needed it to get through the headshot portions of the shoot.  Sober Naomi = awkward, cheeky, deer-in-headlights photos)

I’d like to give 4 big thank yous to: My Mama, for arriving hours early to help me sweep, mop and dust my neglected areas; My Man, for hanging, drilling, spraying and encouraging me to get it done; my Sister, Meg, for being the best assisternt ever and always being my design sounding board; and Courtney for shooting the space with ease and being so very patient with me.

It’s back to the paying design jobs now.  While I catch up on work, I’d like you guys to enjoy some of Courtney’s photos

(for the Society Social shoot)

And speaking of Caitlin Wilson- I insist that every one of you go check out her website that launched yesterday.  Pure pillow and fabric bliss, I tell you!  

(Hint, her pillows will make an appearance in my loft!)

Pattern mixing made easy, stylish and affordable.  Go shop now!

  1. nkp

    Um, “My Man?”



    You been holdin’ out! First the loft, now this.

    Tsk, tsk.

  2. Ohhh love her work and can’t wait to see your photos now. Oh and those pillows??!! Need to add those to my home, totally checking out her website. OK, the sanfords need decor help! Come help me persuade your old pal to decor renovation!!

  3. Lindsey

    Congrats! The pictures you’ve put on your blog have always been so inspiring and I love the way you style the cool, vintage accessories you have. I really can’t wait to see your whole place from these pictures.

  4. Tease!

  5. can’t wait to see! Sounds like an exciting, exhausting, adventure. Always amazing the flaws we don’t usually notice coming out of the woodwork when the camera’s turned on.


  6. Can’t wait! I’m sure they’re gonna be pretty badass. assisternt – I love a good play on words.

  7. Wowza…she has got quite the portfolio going…I’m pretty positive that the shots of your place are going to be another jewel in her proverbial crown! I can’t wait to see it!! And Caitlin’s new line is AMAZING! I’m pretty sure I’m desperate to re-do my bedroom in to an exact replica of hers…(C:

  8. CAn’t wait to see your amazingness! and I totally agree with you, alcohol does help with headshots 😉

  9. Erin

    I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! I’m sure it all looks 100% amazing!

  10. DYING to see it! I’m sure it’s amazing!

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