photo shootin

Today is the Traditional Home shoot!  I’m gettin my makeup on and my hair did for my portrait.  Cameras in my general direction make me nervous so I’m just hoping not to look awkward.  Then I get to watch Mona’s project be styled and photographed.  Hello, Fun Day.  Maybe I can squeeze in a sneak peek or two on Twitter?  Not sure- don’t know the rules yet.  But you know I’ll try for you guys.

And since I can’t leave you picture-less, Bailey says hey.  Remember my blown up Bailey photography in my loft?  Well this pic is from that same photo shoot.  I do love Kinkos; $4 and you can supersize any image.

PS- Thank you so so much for all the sweet comments and compliments for GirlyGlam bathroom.  I’m so glad you guys liked it!

  1. Just finding out about your shoot and so excited for you! Definitely well deserved! Can’t wait to see the results and hopefully a sneak peak before then! xo

  2. Good luck for your shoot Naomi! Loving the pic of Bailey too, we have a boston terrior x pug that looks similar to Bailey so I just had to write a little comment and say hi!!!

  3. Hope it went well today!!!! I just realized that your pooch’s name is Bailey.. yet another thing we have in common!!! Happy Weekend.

  4. So jelly!! Seriously, though, I need to get my arse to Kinko’s with pictures of the monster immediately.

  5. Woo have fun at the shoot! And what a sweet pup!

  6. Inés

    Looks like tons of fun!

    Big hugs!

  7. Erin

    Good luck!!!

  8. anita

    Have fun today, Naomi!
    (Thanks for sending us some Bailey love!!)

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