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Open spaces area all the rage.  I’d say about half of the kitchens we remodel involve removing a wall, or portions of wall between the kitchen and dining room (or living room.)  In lieu of a complete wall removal, would you consider an open cabinet wall between two spaces?  Double sides glass doors let light shine through, create a sense of openness and continuity yet also provide definition and separation of spaces.

Personally I love the floor to ceiling look….

We just hung double sided glass wall cabinets in a kitchen that looks out into a family room…
I prefer the built-in look, but this wasn’t an option on this wall, as this was a valuable prep zone and we needed the counter space.  It really opened up the room, though!
  1. Jenna

    This is exactly what we would like to do to CLOSE off our open floor plan. We have one room to house living room, kitchen, dining area, front entryway, and back entry way. Walk through our front door and can see the entire kitchen and its MESS, stove top, dishes, counters the whole nine yards. The double sided glass cabinets are what we hope to add to some areas and add a small amount of sheetrock to other areas making both more storage and a bit more privacy and sound barrier where needed!

  2. I LOVE this idea! And like a couple of the other commenters, this solution never crossed my mind. So brilliant! But I think having lots of natural light in both rooms is key to keeping the space bright and airy – particularly like the first picture.

  3. What a fabulous solution for opening up the room…those lucky home owners!

  4. I love that first picture! :-)I want floor to ceiling too

  5. Oh! I just realized you did the last one! It looks fantastic AND functional!! I love that you can face the living room this way.

  6. Ok I seriously love that.. I NEVER even thought about something like this being an option, I’m kinda scared of the open concept thing even though I know its modern and really popular but this is the perfect balance between the two options.

  7. I love the idea! The 4th picture is my favorite, but your job looks great too! You gotta work with what you got!

  8. Fantastic solution to the open-space-wants. Kudos!

  9. My mom’s kitchen has this type of setup and she considered doing double-sided glass cabinets, but it hasn’t materialized (yet) I’m going to send her these images – might be just the kick she needs!

  10. Actually love the concept and we are doing just huge wall with two large “hutch type cabinets with a wire grill” will be placed on the wall entering the family room..on paper it looks amazing so I am really really hoping it will look as great in person. My kitchen designer is super talented so I have faith in her… all the images above, great inspiration and really confirms to me what we are doing:) Thanks!

  11. Great post. I love these kitchens! Well done. And, the double sided glass cabinet is a great alternative solution to removing a wall.

  12. Christine- thank you, but this is actually not my kitchen, it is a client’s kitchen.

    Erin- I’ll be your free design bitch any day, because I need YOUR help on my own place!

  13. Funny I was just looking at (another!) house online, wondering how the kitchen could be opened up, and this looks like it may be a viable option…

    If you’re not careful (i.e., stop being so darn good at your job) you may end up as an overused, underpaid consultant on your good pal Erin’s kitchen renovation.

  14. I absolutely LOVE this idea and have never seen so many examples of it in one place- just fabulous! And I think the solution you came up with in your kitchen works perfectly- loved seeing another peak of your beautiful home!!

  15. Great topic for a post! I love the photos you show, and agree that this is a beautiful alternative to knocking out walls. Sometimes, respecting the integrity of an older home requires a design that isn’t completely blown open, and this concept offers a lovely alternative that still lets light and airiness into a new space. Love it!

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