We are all attracted to drama a little bit, aren’t we?  While I’m try my best to purge it from my own life, I don’t mind drama in the form of over sized accessories.  That huge lantern?  What an attention whore.   Those ginormous vases?  Who do they think they are showing off like that?  I say bring it on.  Sometimes our visual scales need to be rocked a little bit.

image: elle decoration uk, diversion project
  1. Erin

    Bigger is always better.

    Yeah, I said it.

  2. Oh yes…love a statement piece!!

  3. Ashley

    Ooh, big and brooding. Drama, indeed.

  4. Ha ha, love it. So size DOES matter with you? (j/k) I have always liked how KW uses scale often in her projects — it has such an impact!

  5. Hahah oh Erika and Naomi, you both have me cracking up. My biggest accessory in my home… also simultaneously the biggest attention whore accessory would be my 65 lb pup, but either of those accessories would be welcome if I had a bigger apartment!

  6. Bold accessories are where it’s at!

  7. These are awesome. I’ve had to train myself to buy bigger when it comes to decorating. So much more bang for the buck.

  8. Haha! you make me laugh…I like this idea, definitely adds serious interest and drama to a space.

  9. This is what I have an eye out for – large accessory pieces! I’m just not digging small bits in my house. Now, just gotta find some!

  10. Erika, you are right, I should have included a big Wearstler bust or two in this grouping! We will save that for over sized accessories, part 2 :)

  11. susieq

    I love oversized things somewhere in a room. Love.

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