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Holy moly, I am absolutely smitten with the organic, free-from, wooden coffee tables by Rotsen Furniture.  The rugged wood tops look like the were plucked and polished right from the forest floor.  And the plexiglass and metal bases really add a nice modern dimension to the tables.  Eco friendly too!


Just seeing these tables inspires me to design an organic chic space.  Start with a natural woody table, mix in some modern elements, metal accents, fabulous patterened rug and streamlined furniture… and wa-la… Insta-Room!

(Sources: Sutton Sofa by Hickory Chair, Mirror Drum Tables by Stray Dog, Goddess Lamps by Arteriors Home, coffee table by Rotsen, ottomans: 1st Dibs,  Kevin Cherry Bacall Lounge chair via Kara Mann, Blazane vintage rug by Mansour Modern, Pillows by Kevin O’brien)

I really appreciate modern spaces with natural elements mixed in.  They really add a little something special.

Let me indulge you in just a few more…

via emily henderson

Heiner-Orth via Desire to Inspire

rue magazine

…gadzooks that sofa!

  1. sherri

    loooooooooove the coffee tables. the top right and the bottom left especially.

  2. I loooove them too- especially the ones with the lucite bases. I have a live edge table in need of new legs so I just might have to search for something like this. Gorgeous inpsiration photos as well- love the one with the blue settee.

  3. The coffee tables are great, but what I am really in love with is the drum side tables! WHOA!

  4. Karly is going to DIE. These are exactly what she’s looking for, but I bet they’re just a *little* out of budget for her…

  5. LOVE this style of table. I keep hoping to run across one at a garage sale or in the forest.

  6. nkp

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I love me some hunky, chunky slab goodness. Really, putting those gorgeous slabs of wood atop a lucite base is inspired.

  7. I want one! Love your design board…that rug…yum!

  8. Becca

    is that my owl lamp i spy?! i see you are already plotting ways to use it in your space :)

  9. nonesense, Becca, those are Goddess Lamps. Much different than owls. But don’t worry, I’m going to put the owl to use!

  10. I have recently found a new appreciation for all these tree trunky things.
    Great round up!
    xo xo

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