ORC Faves Week 2

I realize I’m a little late with my faves from last week’s One Room Challenge, but things are nutso crazy around here.  So if you haven’t already caught these, I highly recommend you catch yourself up before Week 3’s big reveal tomorrow.

Weekly Fave:  Matters Of Style

I’m really excited about the direction Sarah’s son room is heading.  It’s a fabulous mix of textiles and colors (hello powder blue and red!)  It’s fun while being not too kiddo- definitely a room someone could grow into.  I particularly love her grandfather’s rug.  Peep her week 2 progress HERE.

matters of style rugRug via Matters of Style

Weekly Laugh:  Design Indulgence

Sherry didn’t get much (if anything) done last week, but she totally cracked me up.  And don’t we all need more of that in our lives?

See you back here tomorrow for Week 3 of my master bedroom makeover!

PS- RE Project Sofa.  I was a total dumb-dumb and linked to the wrong site for the giveaway.  I corrected the link at the end of the day, but if you tried it earlier and it didn’t work, here is the link again.  As a reminder, vote for your favorite design and you could win $150 to Society Social.

ProjectSofa Cover_SocietySocialVote Here

  1. Sarah

    Awwww thanks!!!! You made my day!!

  2. Aubrey

    She really is completely hilarious…and I can totally relate to the cable freak outs (c; I’m totally excited for tomorrow here!

  3. I love that rug myself, and all of the little details she’s using. It’s going to be a good one!

  4. LindsB

    Loved her post, the wine comment made me laugh because its so true!

  5. Dizang, I want that rug!

  6. Raiana

    woah, LOVE that rug! And your throw pillow picks on project sofa were great!

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