ORC Fave Week 4

Hey Hey!  Thanks so much for the feedback yesterday.  You guys are the absolute bestest.

Today I’m going to treat you with an awesome little makeover by Linda of My Crafty Home Life.  She has been making over her foyer for the One  room challenge and I’ve been itching to see her walls painted.  She designed the most fabulous millwork wall treatment.  I’m definitely going to have to steal this one!  I just love how it dresses up a room- particularly the foyer.

Finished wall my crafty home lifeImage via My Crafty Home Life

I really like how she did smaller panels on the bottom and larger on the top.  The chair rail is a great detail too.  To learn more about the whole process, check out this post.  She even gives us the specifications in today’s post.  Linda, you are too kind to share with us!

Tomorrow= One Room Challenge, Thursday= A new kitchen project reveal, Friday = Collapse.


  1. Linda should be everybody’s fave! I know she’s mine! Her foyer is shaping up to be a stunner! The One Room Challenge is so fun to do, and to watch. I’m loving watching your bedroom come together Naomi!

  2. Thanks, Naomi for featuring my wall treatment. I’m glad you like it. It took 19 people to push me into getting this done. I can’t wait to see your bedroom progress, tomorrow.

  3. I love Linda and her blog….headed over there as I hadn’t done so today! Can’t wait for tomorrow to see your updates!

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