ORC Fave Week 1

So tell me the truth, did you get to check out all 20 participants for the One Room Challenge?  I did and I’m pumped for all the various projects!  It’s always interesting for me to see how other people approach design- from budget, inspiration, color pallete, or the way they go about putting the room together.  My own spaces are never a straight line.  I have to go through a little design adventure to discover and create the finished room.  I’m off to work on the house now.  So much to do before Tuesday (move-in) and Wednesday (ORC week 2 post.)  Heaven help me.

Anywho I thought it would be fun to do a teeny recap each week on my favorite ORC makeovers.  Lot’s of bloggers caught my eye and a few totally cracked me up and I’d like to highlight other people’s great work.  Week 1 I’m really excited about Elizabeth‘s plan for her daughters’  room.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good mood board.  Especially one with a great mix of color, pattern and antiques.  Do you have a project (besides DM) you are really pumped to see transformed?

LittleBlackDoorGirlsRoomOne Room Challenge Mood Board by Little Black Door

  1. So excited to see what you all come up with!! SO much fun!! I’m sure you can’t wait to be living here already!

  2. LindsB

    I am so excited to see how this room comes out- her mood board was AMAZING!

  3. Tiffany

    Huge fan of Elizabeth and this colorful moodboard! Can’t lie, I’m jealous of her daughters! The room is going to be amazing.

  4. Love this!! It is totally amazing! So impressed with your ways Elizabeth!

  5. Nancy

    Welcome home from your trip! It sounded ( and looked) fabulous! Your cottage project is so exciting I love to check back and see what’s checked off your list. I love the teal walls and doors in your MBR. I love Elizabeth’s mood board, too. It is perfect for a girls room. Hope you didn’t get caught with the storm!
    xo Nancy

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