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First of all, thank you so much for all your compliments on my chandelier.  It’s not my dream light fixture for the space, but I had it, so I’m quite pleased it worked out so nicely.  Sometimes good design isn’t about whats perfect, but instead a mixture of what you already have, what you can find for a great deal, and a few element you are willing to splurge on.

For those of you who are asking to see more- I promise I will!  I’m not trying to tease you with these peeks, I’m just literally in the midst of putting the rest together.  Once something looks decently pretty, I’ll be sharing for sure.  And occasionally, I may lean on you guys for advice,

Actually, I could use some help today.  Do you guys remember my Eames Lounge Chair?

Well to refresh your memory, my mom found the chair and its ottoman next to a dumpster.  (It’s not an original, but still quite a score.)  It’s been cleaned up best as possible, but its really due for an upholstery job.

I toyed with the idea of going kinda crazy and reupholstering it in a linen or velvet, but at the end of the day I think this chair should be leather.  Or at least vinyl.  

Now my big debate is whether I want to upholster it in black or dark brown.  White has been ruled out, as I prefer the moody darker look.  But I don’t know if I want the classic look of black, or a warmer feel of dark brown.  Both go with everything, right?

I don’t have a lot of black in the apartment.  Then again, I don’t have a lot of brown either.  But I do have woody tones and an organic feel going on.  Which makes me feel dark brown is better.

this one is too light, but I do like the vibe of the room

But black is so classic.  It’s the design the Eames Husband and Wife design team intended.  And it’s chic.

One thing I am leaning towards is splurging on leather instead vinyl.  I really want it to feel warm to the touch.

 Opinions, Please??

PS- I found this image while searching the interwebs.  I don’t know if I’m totally frightened, or totally in love….

unlabeled sources: thehousehometumblr, elle decor via sketch 42,  via this is glamorous, Apartment Therapy,  Lonny, Decor Pad
  1. I would love for you to stop in at my vintage store called The Enchanted Fig Tree on Etsy. I will totally give you a discount since we have many things in common. I am addicted to redoing and designing every room in my house.

    Stephanie Fig

  2. I vote black. I have no good reason for this.

  3. Normally I’m the last one to chose black but I think in this case it’s the way to go. If you’re paying good money to have it upholstered go for black and you’ll never tire of it.

  4. It’s lookin’ like black, all the way.


  5. Kelly

    I may be in the minority…but I say BROWN! I loooooovvve brown leather…black is so bachelor-pad to me. Especially if you have an organic vibe going. Just my 2 cents!

  6. Just to be different…how about black 🙂

  7. Call me crazy, but I like the brown! The black and brown contrast is nice, but I agree with Jane…black can be harsh. I think the brown is soothing.

  8. Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback!

    OK, so I’m hearing NO to the dark brown. While I love the idea of dark blue, I have a lot of color (especially blue) in this place, so I want to keep the chair neutral.

    Tan intrigues me, but I fear I would tire of it, or change my decor and it would no longer go. So perhaps black is the winner… Must see what kind of leather I can find. 🙂

  9. My vote between the two is definitely black but I have to say I love Raina’s idea of an inky blue leather- delish!!

  10. Black. Black. Black!!!!!! Love the contrast with the wood…and I think it will go nicely with however you create your space 🙂 And how cute is that pug pup?? Might just have to get a chair built for my pugs now haha

  11. nkp

    I’ll make it easy.


  12. Tough decision! I like Chassity’s idea, but also love Things That Sparkle’s idea! Whatever you choose it will loom great. And sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  13. That picture at the bottom is too cute for words…love it!
    Not a huge leather chair fan except for an office but how about a camel color? I wouldnt’ go black, too heavy and office like and dark brown can appear the same…is a taupey creamy leather out of the question otherwise go with a neutral but rich camel then tie in all your colors of the room with a really great pillow on the chair!

  14. Nuha

    What if you did a navy blue? I’m always intrigued by that color 🙂 Oh and that pug? so freakin cute!

  15. SDR777

    Black…given the description of the apt. it will be a bit more striking.
    Leather… but not too highly polished/finished or stiff, its not a dress shoe.
    Black… its one of the original design intentions.

  16. rita

    why not do it in red naomi?

  17. Jen

    Aren’t these chairs just fantastic!! I’ve seen them in all colors… even dark green and red…. and I’d take ’em all!

    Happy Thursday Dear! xo

  18. I like the dark brown. I find black leather a little harsh even though I know that is the classic look for the chair…

  19. Now that you’ve settled on two choices, let me throw out a third – the deepest of inky blues.

    Oooooh yeah!

  20. I like the black leather because I love the contrast with the wood. And not to make things even more confusing, but I love the idea of doing velvet, totally girlies up a more masculine chair!

  21. If brown, then darker than the wood, or much lighter — like camel.

    I have also seen them in pink and lipstick red leather. Pretty striking.

    Generally, I think a large piece in black leather looks overly slick can be surprisingly hard to integrate into a room. That said, Karly would choose black in a heartbeat. I think it all depends on your space.

  22. Karena

    Naomi I really believe it should be black, it still has the wood tones underneath and will be a classic forever!

    Art by Karena

  23. Ashley

    I’m going to go ahead and assert my decisiveness. Black, all the way. I think the chair looks best when there is some distinction made between the color of the wood and the color of the leather. I second the idea of doing a little Photoshop mock-up.

    P.S. I want to see your place and I want you to see mine…I need YOUR help!

  24. Thank you Theresa… back in school I knew they were married. That’s what I get for writing posts late at night!

  25. I say a dark carmel would be perfect!

  26. theresa

    First and foremost–the Eames’ were not brothers–They were husband and wife!
    Second–even if it is a knock off, it’s iconic character makes it worthy of something special. Whatever color fabric you decide, I would make sure it’s quality. Also–because it’s a fake, I would probably choose a color that complements the room it will go in. Think color! Black/brown/camel have been done 100 times over. If it were me, I think I would vote something a little more interesting!

  27. Oh man, this is going to look fantastic no matter what
    color you chooses. Love them all. But i think a dark camel would be amazing, classic, and different at the same time.

  28. i would tend to vote black and leather- i like having some black in a neutral/tonal story, it gives depth and range. we should mock it up though 🙂 photoshop!!!

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