One Room Challenge- Where are they Now? … My Master Bedroom

Hey Hey Hey!  Guess who’s not dead?  It’s me.  I’ve been consumed by a dozen or so amazing design projects and using my free time to enjoy my delicious little life.  I must say, I’m very happy right now with my personal situation and I think it has taken a toll on the blog.  Don’t be a jealous girlfriend quite yet though, I promise to be better to you in upcoming months.  March and April should be an exciting time for DM, the online version.

I’m coming out of blog winter hibernation to take part in the One Room Challenge NOW linking party.  Linda, creator of the ORC, has come up with a great idea for the past participants of the decorating challenge.  The idea is to share how our rooms have evolved since the 6 week makeover.  What worked, what didn’t, etc.  Some of you may remember that I decorated my Master Bedroom for my first challenge last February/March.  It was a manic, rushed, and overwhelming project as I attempted to finish my bedroom and move into my house while construction was happening all around me.  To say that I was thrilled with the result would be a big overstatement (LIE) and the room has continued to evolve over the past year.  It’s still not “right” or “done” in my mind, but at least it doesn’t keep me up at night any more.

So let’s quickly reminisce, shall we?

At the end of the ORC, I had my bed  on the long bare wall and I had whipped up a slip-covered, shapely headboard as the focal point…

orc week 7 block print paisley headboard bed straight on

BEFORE- Bed on Bare wall, Bay window Open.

bed against long wall

Well the curved headboard lasted about 10 months before I just couldn’t take it anymore.  As much as I am incredibly grateful to my father and sister for making it, it looked like a DIY and didn’t have the feeling or quality I desired in my bedroom.  So I took it off and went back to the standard Ikea Malm bed.  Then on a whim this past weekend, I moved the bed into the bay window.  It’s really opened up the space and I like the feel much better!


Design Manifest Teal Bedroom with Suzani bedspread and Danish Chest

Berry Border Bedding with vintage Suzani bedspread

I’ve mixed up the bedding a little bit, changing to plain white shams and adding a bedspread on top of my duvet.  I bought a vintage blue and green suzani for a client and I loved it so much I went on Ebay on a whim and snagged one for myself.   (Hehe- casualty of this biz)  Not sure if it will stay in the bedroom, but I’m loving it here right now.  My pug is loving it too, because now I let him up on the bed.

NOW-  The view as I walk in the door…

Design Manifest- Bed in Bay Window

The rug is also new to the room.  It’s another Ebay purchase from years ago.  I had it in my loft and it’s been in storage for the past 2 years.  I didn’t think I’d use it in the cottage because I’m kinda totally over Beni Ourains.  (Sorry, but Very overused int the bloggersphere.)  But it was “free” soft and warm and my floors feel rrreally cold underfoot, so I’m happy to have it back.

BEFORE-  Nightstands and Lamps

orc week 7 bed and nightstand

NOW- My old nightstands (THIS Ikea Hack) have moved to under the mirror.

Mirror Wall

NOW I have mismatched nightstands.

Design Manifest Pink Desk as Nightstand

Due to window placement, I had much more space on the right side of the bed then the left,  so I trying out a desk as a bedside table.

This desk (a used West Elm Parsons Desk painted Glidden’s “Very Berry”) has been floating around my house unable to find a home.

It REALLY needs to be repainted.  The desk chair is vintage.

I’m hoping to use it as a vanity, but I haven’t styled it up yet.  I also plan to hang the bamboo mirror.

Pink Desk top with bamboo mirror


corner before

and NOW… RIP Tree 🙁

Design Manifest Teal Bedroom- Suzani Bedrspread-  pink Desk

On the left side I shopped my own home and used a vintage rattan and glass coffee table.

I love round tables for nightstands!  So much room for all my stuff.

Since I moved the foo dog lamps downstairs, I needed a new light by my bed.

This one was cheap and cute- Nate Berkus for Target.  I don’t think its available anymore but this one is super sexy too.

Design Manifest Round Rattan Glass bedside table

The panton chair is a spare dining chair.   Since my first floor is so small, it’s nice to have it out of the way, but convenient to grab when I have a larger dinner party.

round rattan and glass nighstand

After living in the bedroom for a while, I realized I needed more storage.  So I hit up Mom for the spare Danish Dresser in her basement.  I like having wood in this super saturated space.  It’s warm and maintains a nice balance between the natural and the POP in this room.

Teal Bedroom with black and white dog photo on danish chest- Design Manifest

Pug art and the real deal, Mr Bailey Bartholomew…

bailey on bedroom rug

So to recap, in 11 months I have remodeled/dressed down my headboard, added to the bedding, changed the nightstands, added a dresser and rug.

I’d say things are a little different now.

This new design may last me 11 months.  Maybe.  I’m kinda itching to repaint the place, but I’m trying A) to not be crazy and B) to focus on other rooms for now.


I’m linking up to Linda’s ORC Now party.  To check out updates on all the ORC projects, please check out Calling It Home.


  1. Cait

    Love the makeover! It looks so great. I am especially in love with your fabulous pug art! I am thinking of doing the same type of thing with my own dog. I would really like to know what size frame you used and what size the actual picture is? I hope you don’t mind me copying you 😉 it’s just too good of an idea not too!

  2. Love that You are constantly tweaking things! Love the suzani…what a pop of pattern! Also love the new bed placement, the vanity as a night stand and your new popart!!! Can’t wait to see what u have up your sleeve next!! (And so not a jealous girlfriend here…

  3. Naomi!! Bedroom rearrange is fabulous! Totally has the laid-back, cool Naomi vibe. looks effortless and chic. You are so adorable, and happy to hear life is good good good. just peeked over on your insta and i think i see why! 😉

  4. I am swooning over that vintage Lucite Chair at your vanity. Better that it’s more open… Stunning as always!


  5. Amber

    I liked the space before, but I absolutely love it now! I’m so glad you’re using that rattan side table again – and i love the mismatched bedside tables.

  6. I am huge fan of your design and styling.
    The room looks beautiful. Very stylish transformation indeed.
    I also love to mix different texture, colors and pattern.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely room with us.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. caitlin

    There are several out of the ordinary things that you have done that I particularly like. First, I like the way you painted out the doors and trim in the same color as the walls. Second, I like the mismatched side tables. It adds to the whole easy vibe in there. And third, I really like the color combos you have used. Nothing is too matchy matchy which keeps the eye moving but is still cohesive. Love it. -Caitlin

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Caitlin! I love hearing what sticks out to others.

  8. Steph

    Your brat tree… erm fig tree died?? Sigh. Mine did too. So temperamental. Has to be nature’s brattiest tree.

    • Naomi

      It was actually a ficus. It got really sticky and had bugs. Couldn’t take it!

  9. I like it much better this way too. The textiles you find are just fabulous.

  10. Anna

    WAYYYY better!! The new bed placement is spot on! And I think having the rug under the bed is much more grounding. All in all this new design feels much more your style. Love it!

  11. Erin

    Hi, I notice you hung up some sheers. Did you thread them next to your preexisting curtains or get a double rod? I would love to have sheers myself but so many of them look cheap–unlike yours in these photos! Any recommendations on quality yet inexpensive versions? Thanks!

    • Naomi

      Hi Erin,
      Yes I hung sheers, forgot to mention that. They are on the same rod as the panels. My sheers are by Martha Stewart for JC Penney. They are cheap and pinch pleat, so that is a plus, but he material is not very nice. I was a little disappointed. But you can’t beat the price!

  12. Katie

    So fun to see the changes you’ve made! As popular as they are, I am definitely not over Beni Ourains. They can’t be beat for a neutral option with character, depth and of course, coziness. I love them. Great job with everything here!

  13. Kim Macumber

    Naomi, that Suzani … love!! The bed tucked in the bay window is fun and cozy … I love seeing things evolve!

  14. I love your bed under the window. I really wish that I lived near you, because I would have loved that headboard. The Suzani on the bed is perfect, too. Your parents sound so easy and supportive of all your design ideas. It’s nice to read how happy you are. You deserve it. p.s. I can’t keep those trees alive, either.

    • Naomi

      Hi Linda,
      First of all, thank! Second, I saved the top curved frame and slipcover, so if you ever make your way through Philly, I’ll give it to you! xo

  15. I love it. I love how the pink on the bedding is more of a surprise now, and that the vanity color is such a perfect fit in that space. You are a clever one. And, overdone or not, that rug is a perfect relief to all that saturated color. Well done. xoxo

  16. [email protected]

    Much better! That old headboard was killing me – glad you figured that out. Much more sophisticated.

  17. Looks great! Love the new layout and that suzani is beautiful!!

  18. Love the new floorplan and that bedspread is to die for…And though I’m with you on the Beni blogsphere overuse, I just can’t turn my back on them because I truly love them more than any other type of rug…so versatile and cozy. Love, love yours!

    • Naomi

      They are totally cozy! I’m not sad to have it back!!

  19. Leah

    love the bed placement and all of your new choices. that vanity chair is so good!

  20. Fantastic as always… I love the new floorplan. It feels so spacious and lovely.

  21. Leslie

    I loved it before and I love it now! I enjoy seeing how you create an eclectic and happy mix of items!

  22. I didn’t think I could love it more, but I do. I love the bed turned so that you have a pretty view coming in..also, I like the addition of the warm wood tone. Yay!

  23. René

    I agree with the others – was great before & love it now! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to. Glad the personal part is fun :).

  24. Vel

    Looks even more fabulous !!!! I love that you placed the bed in front of the windows, I’m seriously considering that with mine someday! Love all the little details in the whole space as well!

  25. Yeah….I kinda love this room…even the way it was. But it’s fab now….of course….and I love the bed turned.

  26. Nancy

    Naomi, I love that Suzani spread, it is beautiful. I really love beds in front of windows lately and yours looks gorgeous. The dresser, the rug and the pug are perfect! xo Nancy

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