One Room Challenge, Week 5: Secondary Pieces

Well its the 5th week of my bedroom makeover.  I have to admit this project is becoming a pain in my behind  Having just moved into the cottage, I’m distracted by all of the other rooms.  I find myself wanting to do the finishing touches in the bathroom so I can show it off.  I am REALLY digging whats coming together in the kitchen and I want to talk about that too.  Then there’s the living room, lounge, dining area…. my head has serious design ADD.

Also, I’m questioning certain choices I made in the bedroom.  I don’t want to talk about it yet.  I just need to sit with it,  fill things in, edit away, and find that perfect design balance.  Which is hard to do when you only have 3 weeks left and you are sharing everything along the way.  Where’s my room for error?

So this challenge is a for real challenge.  But it’s good because its forcing me to finish a project.

Luckily, this week was easy.  I filled in the room with secondary pieces to make it more balanced and complete.

When I first discussed the furniture plan for the room I was going to put a small console table in the corner between my windows.  But even after I filled in with curtains, the corner felt a little empty.  A little weak, if you will.

orc week 2 other corner

I also found that I wanted more storage.  I don’t have any shelves downstairs to display my books and treasures.  So I took to craigslist to find myself a bookshelf.  I specifically wanted an etagere; something open on the sides and in the back so that my teal walls would show through.  As luck would have it, I found this piece for 60 bucks.

orc week 5 wood etagerePug Break- Bailey says Hi.  

I didn’t force him to pose here.  He just really loves this sheepskin.

Anywho, when I brought the etagere into the room I wasn’t sure if I would leave the wood stain or paint it.  Part of it felt heavy to me and I wanted to lighten it up.  But then I started styling it and realized it was perfect as is.


I like that the stained wood frame brings a natural element to the room- not just all lacquer and shine up in this joint!  Also it has glass shelves which helps it feel lighter.  I like that all of my pieces “float” on the glass.  Now this corner feels more complete.

orc week 5 bookshelf corner

In other news, I’ve been using these benches at the foot of the bed.  For those of you who aren’t in the know, I bought these back in the day from JC Penney.  They used to look like this and then I made them over.  Penney’s doesn’t sell these any more which is tragic because they were so cheap and oh so hackable.

orc week 5 red bamboo stools

Originally I thought I’d change the base and the fabric, but either I’m lazy, crazy or a genius cause I’m really digging them as is.  I love clashing with red.  I think it looks great against the teal walls.  I’m also obsessed with black based floral and think they work well with just about any other pattern.  I like that it’s not perfect and not matchy-matchy.

orc week 5 etagere and stools

Can’t just be preppy… I need my boho too.

Also, I splurged and bought Bailey a fancy bed.  He also gets a pop of red cause he’s got swagger and enjoys a good clash as well.  Who am I kidding, he just enjoys a good chin rest.  Find the dog bed here.

orc week 5 baileys bed

That’s it for me.  Wish me luck with finishing this room already.

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Coming Up Next Week:
Need to figure out lamp situation which unfortunately involves a DIY.
I also have to deal with the 4th empty wall.  To Tree or Not to Tree?
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  1. I super love that you are always frank about your process. I think that having the patience to let something ‘sit’ and trust that your instincts will steer you in the right direction is a learned skill that takes a lifetime to master. Given your amazing talent, it is refreshing to hear that you go through the same questioning and that it is ok to question decisions. The etagere is a killer score. Don’t change a thing about those benches. Prime time.

  2. Love the new etageres and adore how your benches look against the teal walls…they’re perfect in there.

  3. The etagere is fantastic. It was exactly what that space needed. And just $60? What a score! Looking so pretty!

  4. HA! I love how Bailey breaks it down with his Pug breaks.
    Looking gorgeous like I knew it would.

  5. Love the etagere! And as for the stools they are fabulous! As for your fourth wall, a tree for sure!

  6. Kim Macumber

    Okay … I love the color and the look you were going for. But bringing in the Clash … made me swoon. The etagere is perfection and the JCP stools make it fun. I am all about “grounding” and you grounded it!! xo

  7. I’m questioning myself up and down, I feel you sister. It is all looks smashing if that helps. 🙂 I’m thinking I need to start a letter writing campaign to JCP to bring back those stools – they are just too good! And a good clash is needed in a room I think – keeps it interesting. 🙂

  8. love love love the etagere! great choice – it brings texture and warmth to the room but still is light and airy with the glass shelves – Also it fits the proportions of that corner perfectly! well done!

  9. Could I love that CL score any more than I do…..not. Love the benches….and you are right it keeps the room from looking so matchy! Very curated. Work it.

  10. Julia

    WOW! Looks fabulous!

  11. Susan

    Just came across your blog and I LOVE IT! As a new blogger I’m so inspired!
    The room looks great and your dog is insanely cute!

  12. Aww, I’ve never met Bailey ~ too cute! Your new CL find is fabulous, I love the warm stained wood against your walls. And those benches…yes!!

  13. Love the stools and the dog bed. Great colors.

  14. it is looking straight sexy in there. what could you be doubting??!? i don’t envy this challenge. i would seriously have a stroke. the patio in 3 weeks will be hard enough.

    but YOU, my dear, are killing it! ox

  15. That shelf is a great score! Your corner is waaay better. good call. Nice stools too Chiquita!

  16. LindsB

    that bookcase TOTALLY makes a difference in that corner- I love how you styled it too, so perfect!

  17. René

    I can’t imagine that you are second guessing anything. It all looks great from where I sit. Love the pug break – what a cutie! Oh and JC Penny had a good thing going with those stools!

  18. You don’t need luck to finish that room… you got skillz.

    Super good job so far! I’m not even sure where there is to go from here? Looks almost done!

  19. It’s nice to read that you question your judgement at times with design. We are all struggling with it, so seeing your room evolve is a real learning lesson for me. I can’t figure out balance at all. Seeing that taller etagere in place looks perfectly at home. I am crazy for those benches…STILL. Wouldn’t you think that JCP would have put them back into circulation? We all know they need the money.

  20. Debbie

    The red is the perfect addition. It was feeling a bit too preppy and coordinated for your style. It’s going to be a great room!

  21. That etagere is perfection, and I like red in the room!!
    Great choices and I like that you aren’t afraid to decorate with colours !! Good job!!
    I bet you feel in heaven in that bedroom, right?!!

  22. Love the idea of “lazy, crazy, or a genius”–so often there is something in there when it comes to design alchemy!

    The room is coming along swimmingly.


  23. Kelli

    looking really good – and I can’t believe you got the etagere for $60. I have been on the look out for something like that for over a year.. good nab!

    • Naomi

      Kelli, I think I have good craigslist karma. I was pretty stoked to find it too.

  24. That picture of Bailey on the rug just kills me! What a cutie .-mwah mwah!!His bed is even more fabulous especially against the teal wall.What, was there anymore about your bedroom.. I didn’t notice, Bailey- addiction has completely taken over.Seriously, it’s looking lovely, Naomi!

    • Naomi

      Haha thanks, Bea! Yes, Bailey is a total scene-stealer.

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