One Room Challenge, Week 3: The Curtains

Dayum, Guys, I’m not going to lie: I impressed myself this week.  With some serious  help from my amazing mother, I took some simple white Ikea curtains, fuschia Greek key trim and made myself some custom window treatments for my bay window.  I just love love love the way they frame the windows and soften the room.  The white is the perfect crisp pop against the teal walls and the little bit of pink is both girly and tailored.

orc week 2 curtains

There are three windows in the bay and 4 curtains.

Yes, they are functional, but I may just use the shades.

orc week 3 curtains closed

The curtains have Greek Trim on both long sides, but not on the bottom.

(I felt that would be too busy.)

My mom sewed the trim.  She is so awesome!

orc week 2 greek key curtain detail

Speaking of the trim, I’m OBSESSED!

I told you the room would be a little preppy and a little bohemian.  This is one of my preppy touches.

orc pink trim detail

First of all, I need to say that I was totally inspired by this blog post by Emily A Clark.  She also has bay windows and her curtains look fabulous.  Armed with the information she shared, I headed to Ikea to buy curtain rods and bendable corner units to go in between windows.  I went with the thinner rods in black.  In my opinion curtain rods should always be thin and always be black.  Finials at the end should be petite as well.  I actually don’t have any ball finials yet, but I’ll probably add some to keep the ends of my curtains in place.

window components

Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the rods I used (it was the thinnest one) but above are the other components- brackets, rings and Racka corner units.  The rings come with clips and hooks and I opted to use the hooks for a cleaner finish.


We used 4 brackets and then attached the three rods and two corner units.

windows with hardware up

For the middle curtains, I put half the rings on one side of the bracket and half on the other.  This way I can open and close the curtains.  Also, I used 7 rings per panel.  I could have used 10, but I would have run out!

For curtains, I used Ikea Ritva.  I absolutely love these curtains.  They are 100% cotton and $25/pair.  You really can’t beat that.  Since this curtain comes in 98″ length, we also had to cut them and add a new hem.   We used Stitch Witchery which is an easy no-sew option to shorten the hem.  I won’t bore you with the details on that- I’m sure a million other crafty blogs have given that DIY.

curtain trim detail

I ordered 30 yards of THIS trim in deep pink from M&J Trimmings.  (PS- for 6 panels I had JUST enough.  I would recommend getting yourself an extra yard or two.)  I ironed the panels and cut the trim into curtain length sections (plus 2″ to fold over edges) while my wonderful Mama did the heavy sewing.  Had I done this alone it would have taken me days and been a crooked ugly mess.  I’m very fortunate to have a helpful family.  I could never do my DIYs without them!

orc week 3 curtains and nightstand

I did steam the curtain after I hung them, though I may go back again and hit the edges.  See how they don’t lay totally flat?  It bugs me, but its not too bad for a DIY.

I haven’t finished the set for the 4th window yet because I’m not super human and my mom had to watch Downton Abbey.   I’ll share it if we finish it up.  Or maybe I’ll just never share that wall again.  I kid, I kid.

And that, my friends, was a busy week!  Be sure to check in with my friends below.


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Coming Up Next Week:
Honestly I have no clue.  I be tired.  But I promise to pull something together
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  1. Trim makes the curtains different it looks very different really i like it too much. white and lite pink awesome combination on the wall color you show.

  2. René

    Looking good! Greek key trim makes it!

  3. Shannin

    Looking Good in the Neighborhood! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Loving the trim. Can’t stress ordering extra – I’m about six inches short on a fabulous tassel fringe I bought on a whim and doing quick calculations in my head at the store (dumb! Would never do that for a client!). Oh well, saving it for another apartment one day. Also wish I’d known about the bendable extenders when we were at our last place with a sadly bare bay window and no money. They look great!

    • Naomi

      I feel ya, Maggie. I definitely cut corners and rush things for myself when I never would for a client! Bummer about the trim

  5. The curtains, the walls, the trim, the shades – it’s all so very good!

  6. I love Ikea and Greek key – fabulous!

  7. They look amazing. Try drapery weights to weight down the drapes so they hang right!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Barbara! I think I definitely need to look into those.

  8. Kim Macumber

    I love the greek key trim … way to freshen up the Ikea curtains. They are perfect against your walls and I do love the shades underneath!! I like LAYERS!! I wish I could borrow your Mom!!! xo

  9. Boy….you are way ahead of the game. I have used those Ikea curtains so many times! This room is going to be great…am loving the colors. I think adding the pink was the perfect touch.

  10. Lenya

    Oooo love the idea Naomi of the greek trim, Its super easy to do and makes a really big difference. You should submit this to IKEA hackers!!!!

  11. Sarah

    Love the pink and teal combo! This room is looking so pretty! I just used these same Ikea panels in my home office recently and also added some pink trim (ball fringe, not your fab greek key!) as well. Ya gotta love a little touch of pink!

  12. Sarah

    Love the trim!! And love the organic feel of the bamboo shades!

  13. LindsB

    They look so perfect! The trim totally makes them and lucky you to have your Mom help, so sweet!

  14. I am digging all of the sharp contrasting colors!! I wish I could sew!! Why did I have to take wood shop!!

    • Naomi

      Haha Kathleen, too funny. Wood shop is helpful too. I wish saws didn’t make me so nervous.

  15. LOVE all the white on that amazing paint color! I bet you are tired after that. It’s a huge job!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Albertina! My mom is the cutest thing ever. Next up I’ll be recruiting my sister for help. Hehe.

  16. Melissa

    I love how your mom and dad are both so crafty! No wonder you are as creative as you are 🙂 It’s the best to improve on ikea products, it’s like a blank canvas with so many options. Can’t wait to see more!
    xx Melissa

  17. Cathy

    Lucky you to have a family that loves helping with DIY’s, I do too and it sure is great. Love the crisp white curtain customized with the pink trim, jus the right touch for your room.

  18. Nice Job this week!! They look fantastic against those walls. Bam!

  19. WOW…great vision. Give your mom a big kiss and neck rub. I love the crisp white and the Greek Key looks so custom.

  20. Looks awesome! I too am a fan of the transformed ritvas, but mine also don’t lay flat at the bottom and it drives me nuts.

    Also, I had no idea you could use hooks with those!!!

    • Naomi

      Yup there are little loops in the back. Go check it.

  21. Katie

    Your curtains look great! I absolutely love the white against your wall color! A couple years ago, I did the very same thing… ikea curtains + greek key trim. You mentioned something about yours not laying flat and I wonder if you had the same problem I did… after I sewed on the trim, the sides of the curtains did not hang straight. They still don’t and it bugs me sometimes. I have to force myself to accept imperfection as part of the DIY process. Several people suggested drapery weights to solve the problem, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it.

    The room has evolved quite a bit since then, but here are some pictures:

  22. Go, Mom! Looks fantastic, and I know your Serena & Lily bedding will tie the whole picture together. So exciting! Nice work, Team Manifest!

  23. Hannah

    Naomi it’s looking amazing! I think great minds think alike — my bedroom is a very similar color! ( just a tad darker ) I just did a DIY accent wall post on my blog today and would loooove if you checked it out if you have the time! xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  24. Fantastic curtains, and fantastic mom. Love that detail Greek key. I need to check out those curtains. I am guessing that your room will be your favorite this week?

    • Naomi

      Haha Linda, no way! The point of the favorite is to highlight the fabulous work of someone else. I highlight myself all the time 😉

    • Naomi

      Thanks Tobes!! Did you notice the wall color changes in every shot? Haha. It’s the frickin hardest room to photograph evvvver. Luckily it looks fab in real life.

  25. Nikki W

    Ikea has the best budget friendly curtains! Adding that trim was so genius. Can your mom sew for us all? How lucky are you lady.

  26. I have those very same curtains as well and LOVE them. One of the best IKEA items I think. And the trim makes it girlfriend! Looks fab!!

  27. I’ve never met a Greek key trim I didn’t love ~ great way to take Ikea panels up a notch! Kudos to your awesome mama, too!

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