One Room Challenge, Week 2: The Essentials

Here we are again, One Room Challenge!  If this past week didn’t break me, then there is a good chance I’ll make it through this whole process.   In the past 7 days I… flew back from Mexico, came home to a back-log of work, fought off a cold, painted my butt off and moved most of my belongings into the Cottage.  Beginning my bedroom makeover on top of all of this was extremely daunting, but I’m just trying to break it down piece by piece, week by week.

Last week I painted the walls and came up with a design scheme, so this week was all about setting up the essentials- bed, shades, and nightstands.  It feels so good to see the room to take shape!

Monday night we installed my new bed.  It’s the high Malm from Ikea.  I love the crisp white against my teal walls.

orc week 2 bed nighstand

For nightstands, I am re-using my Rast cabinets (also Ikea) that many of you may recognize from my loft.  Yes, these are $30 unfinished wood cabinets that I hacked to black and gold perfection.  These guys have been in storage for a year and I was so happy to see them again!!  Please check THIS POST if you want to know more about these cabinets.

orc week 2 ikea nightstand rast

It’s important to me to have a good balance in my bedroom between organic elements and colorful elements.  With my lacquer cabinets, teal walls, and white bed dominating one wall, I opted for natural woven wood shades on my windows.  I like how they tie into the floor well and filter just the slightest amount of light through them.  (No need for lining, which means they are prettier from the outside.)

orc week 2 woven wood shades bay window

The best part about the shades?  Tops down, Baby!  I love having light in the room while still having privacy.  I absolutely detest bedrooms that have the blinds shut 24/7, so I splurged on these for my master.  You can find them HERE.  I chose Franca Walnut and I’m really happy with them.

orc week 2 shade detail

Since I will be using the adjacent room as a dressing room,  (I know, I’m lucky!) I don’t plan to put a dresser in the bedroom.  Instead, I want the room to have very few furnishings.  I put my little carved wood console table near the slanted corner,  and I plan to add a tree in front of the 4th window.

orc week 2 other corner

I just love this table!  It’s another dash of boho to balance out the prep.  I plan to add a mirror and style the tabletop, of course.

orc week 2 console table

Here is a floor plan.  Benches at the end of the bed and a bed for Bailey will round out the furnishings for this room.


That’s it for me this week!  Check in with my friends below to see how everyone else is tackling week #2



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Coming Up Next Week:
Curtains will make a world of a difference and really frame my windows next Wednesday.
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  1. Jessi Biagi

    Great work! I LOVE the wall color – what is it called?!

  2. wall colors displayed so beautifully and gives the impression of a very calm, i love it

  3. Lindsay Newman

    Beautiful design, this certainly is a tough challenge! I love that you’re incorporating organic elements into your design to off-set the more visually dominating factors. I’m looking into a re-design and was actually thinking of going truly organic for a few pieces– I know I ultimately want a natural latex mattress because of the health benefits, and I’m thinking of adding organic wood shades like you did as well. This set is particularly appealing and I love that the light from the top of the window can stream in! Thanks for the post, keep up the good work.

  4. Alice

    Love the color! Also just wanted to tell you that I LOVE you blog redesign, it is fabulous!

  5. Adi

    Very nice room , look clean and mix modern with old style

  6. patty blaettler

    LOVE the room so far. My question to you: How did you come to the decision to paint the trim at the floor white? I think it’s a great decision, looks really good. But if I were painting all the other trim same as the walls, it wouldn’t occur to me to do that. So I’m wondering about your thought process.

    • Naomi

      Thanks Patty. I thought about what I wanted to POP and what I wanted to recede. I wanted a firm definition of walls to floor, so that’s why the base is white. I Hope to eventually add crown and that will be white too.

  7. Wow! I loooooove the wall color and the nightstands are fabulous! I can’t wait to see it pulled together.

  8. Kristie

    This looks amazing! I love checking out your blog to see what awesomeness you are up to. Did you paint the bed or did it come white? Online it looks like the high MALM only comes in black-brown. Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to answer my question! Can’t wait to see more…

    • Naomi

      Hi Kristie- The bed came white. It’s available in stores, just maybe not online.

  9. I love the walls!! Sometimes a little pressure just helps get more done! Ha!

  10. René

    How did you manage to do this with all you have going on? Love the balance – looks great so far. Had to pin the ikea hack – brilliant!

  11. Landi

    Naomi! It is looking FAB! LOOOVE the color you choose. It really makes everything stand out so well. Those shades were the PERFECT fit… and a $200 bed frame – can’t beat that! Can’t wait to see the curtains next week! xo

  12. So pretty already! What a week you had! I think you win in having the craziest one!

  13. I just can’t wait for that moment when you’re going to blow my mind with your decorating magic!

  14. This is beautiful…and a dressing room? That should be your next challenge…I’ve always wanted one of those. You did Amazing work with those night stands.

  15. Mary

    I was wondering if you will have a TV in your room. I love watching movies in bed when I’m sick.

    • Naomi

      Hi Mary, No I personally hate a television in the bedroom. I will have on in the living room and upstairs in the 3rd floor lounge.

  16. Kim Macumber

    You have a WholeHouseChallenge!! Way to go in the bedroom … looking beautiful!! xo

  17. I do not know how you got so much done with all you had going on….but you did. Loving your bedroom so far…that color is so rich.

  18. So great to see it coming together! I had that bed (in “birch”) back in college but it had been moved a few too many times 😉 It really is the perfect modern touch in this room. So excited for you!

  19. Stacey

    Naomi – that wall colour is ahmaazing. If it were me, I would just gaze at those walls all day. And the furniture is really making the colour pop. Great work Naomi – cannot wait to see the finished room!

  20. You really did a lot. I hate moving, so I feel for you on this one. Looks like you can sleep in there already. Love those Ikea hacks. Can’t wait to see how you finish off the room.

  21. Sarah

    Love the turquoise walls! And the shades- so

  22. My favorite thing is that Bailey gets her own bed! Love the color, the blinds, the Rasts – all so good!

  23. Kristen

    LOVE the nightstand! Can’t wait to to see it all together 🙂

  24. oooooo i love the way this is shaping up! amazing progress…can hardly wait to see the finished product!!

  25. LindsB

    I can not believe you got all of that done in one week- you are superwoman!

    • Naomi

      Linds- I’m definitely not. I benefit from owning a construction company and had help from my carpenter with both the shades and the bed.

  26. I’m glad to see your hacked night stands again too. They were a big inspiration to me! No joke! The teal, the bed. the table. I love everything.

  27. You had quite a week! The shades look gorgeous with your floors! It’s going to be so incredible — that teal paint is just beautiful!

  28. Jenny B

    Wow, it must be like you’re on the best free shopping spree ever, you have so much cool stuff to pull out of storage. Question – in the original post, the cabinets didn’t have that brass plate along the bottom. Is that an actual piece of brass (where do you get something like that?), or is it paint? and if it’s paint, what paint do you use that looks so brassy?? thanks, and congrats on moving!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Jenny!
      Yes going through the unit was awesome. I had pieces I forgot about it! Hoarder much?

      The toe kick is just gold spray paint! Metallic gold.

  29. Wow – you don’t have much left to do – love the teal walls.

    • Naomi

      Funny Beth, I feel like I have SOOO much left to do. You’ll see 😉

  30. Loving seeing all this progress- the teal walls and white bed look SO good together- match made in heaven. And of course, I’ll never tire of those hacks- delightful!

  31. Cathy

    Love the bold colors and direction this room is taking. It must feel great to be all moved into your new place even though there is still lots to do!

  32. Great progress. Love those blinds!! Your mix of furniture is going to look stunning.

  33. LOVE the wall color, and love the nightstands. It’s
    Going to be so lovely….

  34. Ashley

    It must have been so exciting to unearth your furnishings from storage!

    • Naomi

      Ashley- It was a little like Christmas 😉

  35. Ahhhh! I’ve never seen those Ikea hacks – stunning! I can only imagine the stylish space were in for!

  36. looks so great! I love that little table at the end!

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