One Room Challenge {The Lounge} Week 6

Congratulations, you have made it to the finale of the One Room Challenge!  I don’t know about you guys, but these six weeks have FLOWN by.  It seems like just couple of weeks ago I was staring at my third floor in total disgust.  And then I hatched an ambitious scheme  to completely transform my attic into the hippest lounge ever.  Today,  I enjoy the fruits of my labor as I recline on my new daybed to write this blog post.  I am totally in love with the space.  I never want to leave.

Naomi on her lounge day bed 2

Oh look at me… I completely made over my lounge in 6 weeks.

No big deal.

 I also tackle DIY projects in heels.



Have you caught up?

Week 1– Before Pictures and Plan

Week 2– Inspiration

Week 3– Furniture Pieces and Textiles

Week 4– chair makeover and barn wood wall

Week 5– Art selections and wallpaper options


If you’ve been following along week to week then you know this challenge has not been easy for me.  Rushed decisions led to mistakes.  Indecisiveness forced down-to-the-wire deadlines.  My To-Do list would have been steep for my whole Design Manifest team to do as a “real job”, but it was near impossible for my boyfriend and I to tackle on nights and weekends.  I had moments of sheer panic, stress and exhaustion where I was sure we would not pull this room off.  When I left you last Wednesday the lounge looked like this…

room messy 2

Later that same day I came home to discover my basement filled with sewage.  I’ll spare you the pics (they are on instagram) but it was gross, scary and dangerous to our health.  We lost our paint, our work space and a night’s worth of labor.  Certain people thought I ought to delay the room and deal with real life.   What’s was the big deal if I shared the room a few days late?


I was certain I wouldn’t let a pile of poisonous shit rain on my parade.

So we kept going, pulled in incredibly long hours and late nights. We cried, we laughed, we bled, we ached, we spilled wood stain on our Ugg boots.  (Insert expletive of choice here.)  George deserves some kind of metal of honor for endurance, craftsmanship and compassion towards me and my complete design mania.  I would not be standing here a triumphant decorating champion without him.  Thank you, Georgie- this room is yours too.

The point is, 7 days later, the same spot looked like this…

Design Manifest Lounge with barnwood daybed and chinoseirie wallpaper

Hey awesome room.  You so sexy.

The biggest architectural element / home run/ sentimental favorite would be the built-in daybed and barn wood wall.  As soon as I discovered these reclaimed planks in my father’s garage I knew I needed them in my life.  Then my parents told me the wood came from the barn they were married in and I knew it was destiny.  I love how the installed effect is modern and masculine yet also organic and really cozy.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Built In Day bed - Design Manifest

George expertly engineered and built me a daybed that has a ton of storage and is damn sexy.  We clad the drawers and end tables in the same barn wood for a clean and seamless effect.  We painted the end tabletops in flat black paint for a little calm moment amongst all the wood.  I still need to add pulls to the drawers but I totally love the whole wall.  I couldn’t have dreamed up a better result.

Design Manifest Daybed pillows and sconce

Brass Sconce on Reclaimed Wood Wall- Design Manifest

Brass tray coffee table


daybed wall before


Design Manifest reclaimed wood wall

Daybed end table with wallpaper

Hey there’s my secret wallpaper!  I absolutely love how it compliments my barn wood.   A little feminine mixed with the masculine.  The paper I chose is Eleonora by Zoffany and it was finally installed this Friday and Saturday.

Chinoserie Wallpaper with covered vent

I decided to go with a winding pattern of birds on branches to compliment my wood wall.  I love that it is neutral yet colorful, traditional yet organic.  It captured my original inspiration colors of green and coral (ok, pink) yet it wasn’t so colorful that I would tire of the palette.  I knew I would love it now and 5 years from now.  It’s my little treehouse… perfect for my work area.

Design Manifest Office nook with chinoserie wallpaper and mid century furniture

I love the dichotomy of the more traditional wallpaper against the modern table and chairs.

Vintage chrome and leather chairs

One of my biggest complaints about this side of the room is that the right wall was broken up with unsightly HVAC components  There was a trap door to my heater, a large return duct and a vent.  It felt broken up and way more functional than pretty.

design manifest lounge pink desk white room

I knew wallpaper would mask these issues and really designate the office as a separate area from the other zones.  I love how my paper hanger Keith, was able to cover my vents and outlets.  Never have I enjoyed HVAC ducts as much as now.  Just put a bird on it.

Design Manifest bird wallpaper and vent cover


I had no proper lighting in my office area so I picked up this plug in fixture for some quickie lighting.  You can see the wire running down the wall by the ceiling.  That’s the ugly truth of plug-in features.  But you know what?  The piece is cute, it was cheap and the wire doesn’t bug me too much.

Office nook light

The TV Stand

The final big piece hanging from last week was the TV stand.  I mentioned how we scored this amazing live-edge cedar from my dad.  Our plan was to make this boxed live-edge cedar base that would be wrapped with inset metal legs.  It was going to be very gorgeous and complicated to create.   Alas, we ran out of time to finish it properly before the shoot.  Whoopsies.  I want to give a huge shout out to my dad who worked tirelessly for days on the piece.  We WILL finish it together and it will be awesome!

boxed cedar frame live edge wood- design manifest

Love you, Dad!

Around noon on Sunday it became apparent to me that we would not be able to finish the TV stand I’d planned on, so I turned to George and asked him to make me something really simple with wrapped metal legs.  He carried this upstairs to me on Monday morning just in time for our photo shoot.  Baller!

Design Manifest Lounge custom TV stand

Design Manifest Lounge custom TV stand (2)

Design Manifest Lounge TV stand and Art wall side

I love the simple, chic combination of white and brushed gold.

It balances out the warmer elements like the wall and this croc danish chair.

Design Manifest Lounge crocodile danish chair

This chair is so comfy and has such beautiful lines.

It was built by my furniture-maker beau, so it has a little sentimental value too.


And then there is my art wall.

It only took me three versions and several nail holes, but I really love the result.

I mixed personal pieces like a picture of my dog, a silhouette of my niece and  LOVE sign gift from a friend with modern and vintage prints, drawings and collages.  My inspiration started with the cactus print and was added upon by two prints from our generous sponsors, Minted.  It was a little scary to stand on the railing and hang the pieces, but I’m glad I went for it.

Design Manifest Lounge TV stand and Art wall

Design Manifest Lounge Gallery Art Wall

design manifest bench with mudcloth

I’m loving my bench from our sponsor, Lamps Plus.

It’s such a great multi-function piece.

Right now it greets you at the top of the stairs, but it will definitely be used as an ottoman for the daybed and seating for the table.

Design Manifest Lounge TV stand and Art wall with bench

I love how my meditation nook turned out.

I’d say there is 50% more chance I may meditate there some day.

Design Manifest Lounge Meditation nook

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Design Manifest burnt bergere chair

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The burnt bergere chairs turned out pretty snazzy.

We just used a basic white vinyl for the upholstery.

I’m super sad that buttery white snakeskin leather didn’t work out, but my wallet is not.

Design Manifest Lounge

Design Manifest Vintage gilded bamboo Bar Cart

Design Manifest wood planked wall with bar cart

I hope you enjoyed the tour and like the space.

I’m certainly glad it no longer looks like this…

1 Design Manifest Lounge- front and side wall before

Cause this is much more my thing…

horizontal shot of lounge by Design Manifest

Thanks so much to my family, my DM crew and most especially George Coldren for helping turn this little room from a fantasy to a reality.

And of course I need to thank Courtney Apple for the beautiful photography and coming out to shoot my space while suffering from bronchitis.

And lastly thank YOU for following along and supporting me.  It’s been an awesome ride.


Linda, thanks so much for including me again.  The One Room Challenge seems to get better and better every season.  Now I’m off to check out what this incredibly talented line up has created.  It’s sure to be a good show!!

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rugs- ebay * daybed- coldren design * sconces- schoolhouse electric

lumbar pillow- pottery barn (discontinued) * mudcloth pillow- design manifest

coffee table, bar cart, chrome and leather dining chairsvintage

table- Ikea * wallpaper- zoffany * light over table- Urban Outfitters

 danish chair –  coldren design * TV Stand – coldren design

Feather print, Butterfly Print- Minted * Cactus print- Sarah Eisenlohr * Mushroom and flower prints- vintage

pug, silhouette and Love sign- personal collection

bench- lamps plus * bergere chairs- design manifest/coldren design * lamp- arteriors

dress (on me) – Free People, designed by my incredibly talented sister, Megan

photography- courtney apple


PS- everything in this room is for sale or can be made for you.

Please email us to inquire about pieces. ([email protected])

  1. Brooke

    WOW – this is seriously amazing!!! I’m obsessing over this entire makeover! I want one! 😉 Would you mind sharing where the brass lamps are from? I neeeed those for my bathroom! Xx Great work!

  2. Letty

    You are one of my favorite blogger-designers– I love your style! This room is killer, but all of your pics on my Instagram feed are always stunning! I notice that the window frames/sashes in your lounge room were white and in the transformed room, they are black. This might be the silliest question, but is it just a matter of painting or is another process involved? Thanks! And congrats on the gorgeous room! xo-Letty

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Letty. Yes, we painted the window frames. We just used spray paint and taped off the glass.

  3. Looks fabulous! What a wonderful transformation. Well done!!!

  4. alice

    love this!! you are so talented & i wish i could hire you:)
    random, but i have a silhouette of my little niece, too, and i just love that little oval scalloped frame. do you remember where you found the frame?
    all looks fabulous!! so fun!

  5. ashley

    this is definitely one of the best ones !! i lloooovvveee it! the wood panels, the selective use of wall paper, the glam mixed with boho !! you got this girl fasho! that bamboo shelf thingy !! ccooommee onn !! 🙂 swooning !!

  6. Kodi

    What a dramatic turn around! You’ve mixed elements so well, it’s a gorgeous space.

  7. Vel

    Naomi, love this space so much just like your last ORC, that I featured it again as one of my favorites for this ORC! I’m also your newest stalker, check it out if you have the time! have a good evening!

  8. I’m catching up on actually commenting: this room is everything. You should be so proud. I’m sort of stunned you (plural) did all that in SIX weeks! Seriously, so, so good. I’m actually wordless (and for me, that’s saying something). The minute that we conquer our househunt (which right now seems like it will never happen) is the minute I call upon you and your fella for some custom thing.

    Thank you for doing all of that for all of us. Please have a really, really nice bottle of something. Really, just outstanding. Mwah! xoxo

    • Naomi

      You are so sweet! thanks, Kati.

  9. What an incredible transformation! I love all your vintage pieces, your art, the chairs you recovered and the wallpaper! Very classic and yet modern. Love it!

  10. Cassie

    This looks AMAZING.

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  17. Bettsi

    This space is so incredibly stunning! You and George have seriously MAD skills, but more than that you have the vision. I think that the rest of the world (me included) would look at a space like that with all those eaves and angles and throw their hands up. You made it seriously amazing. I’m pinning the hell out of this post! Well done!

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  23. Jenny

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love everything about this room and can’t wait to visit!!! Love you Nay!!!

    • Naomi

      Thanks, sweetie! Love you too.

  24. Naomi- I don’t even know where to start. Like this room makes my eyes well up with tears it’s so freakin gorgeous. I have been a fan of your work from way back, and you always blow me away, but this just knocked my socks off. Every thoughtful detail is perfection and totally you. I know I’ll be seeing this in a magazine spread soon. Congrats. You nailed it. xx

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  26. Leah

    congrats on a phenomenal space! the whole layout is crazy good and I know it takes talent to figure that out! the daybed wall is a show stopper and even my husband commented on it (a rare occurance)! your beau is insanely talented and did a wonderful job too! I would never want to leave this space.

    • Naomi

      woohoo I’m getting approval from the male contingent! Awesome 😉

  27. you totally knocked this out of the park, naomi! i LOVE the reclaimed wood daybed…probably my favorite feature(but it’s so hard to choose!). i actually like your drawers without the hardware on front–it seems so clean lined–but i can imagine that it probably makes the functionality a bit difficult! kudos to you girl..looks fabulous!


    • Naomi

      Thanks so much, Dayka! I agree- I love the clean look, but I plan to store my blankets in there and it’s a little tough to pull those drawers open without pulls. They will be cute!

  28. Holy. Shit.
    Sorry for the language, but that’s what came flying out of my mouth when I saw the first full shot of the room!! Lol. incredible does not begin to describe it. This is mind blowing beautiful and should be published yesterday. You know what I love most, crazy as it sounds? Your perfect editing of the space. Hands down one of my top favorites. Bravo, bravo bravo.

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    • Naomi

      I know- I just couldn’t help adding her in here and there. LOVE that black and white photo of her and Asaf. She reminds me of myself there 🙂

  32. Karena

    Naomi, I am absolutely astounded by the beauty and ingenuity of this space. Every detail is amazing! The daybed, the TV stand, I mean I seriously need a guy like yours! Treasure him for sure!!

    Soiree by Danielle Rollins Giveaway!

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    Damn Naomi. That is one fine looking room. I am so jealous. You have truly outdone yourself. I’m so glad that you didn’t give up on the “stinky” situation! BRAVO!

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    Have a drink (or two). You’ve earned it!

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  38. Sabrina

    Love it! And I want many of the things in here. I wonder if I can get my boyfriend’s overworked contractor brother to make me a TV stand like that.

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  40. Kim Macumber

    Naomi … I cannot even begin to express how utterly perfect this is!! Your creativity and the elements you were able to bring into the room are absolutely gorgeous! Way to go and what a fabulous family and team you have!! Congrats all around!

  41. Steph

    wow, I am so impressed by the wallpaper workmanship. I’ve had supposedly “the best” hang paper for me and I have to say, I ain’t got no covered air returns! Bravo. Also love how you treated the multiple planes in this room. That would have thrown me completely but you do indeed keep it very whimsical yet elegant.

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Steph! The roof lines were definitely a challenge. It was hard to know what to accentuate and what to play down. I just sorta went with what felt right.

  42. Cathy

    Utterly fantastic and so original. What a lucky gal to have such a talented love for a boyfriend! A beautiful transformation!

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    I am just blown away Naomi – you are truly gifted and talented and this room is another successful and gorgeous project, congratulations! you look fabulous by the way! Love your outfit!

  47. Kelly

    Hope you and/or George will share the plans for building that daybed. I’d kill for that in our loft, which the previous owners added to the house. But they screwed up the roof truss designa nd so the door is only 25” wide, so i have two mattresses in there in lieu of sofas that i’d love, love LOVE
    to build in like your gorgeous one.

    • Naomi

      Hopefully George will put together a post on his whole process. We took a lot of photos along the way. I’ll be sure to share.

  48. Jenny Sanchez

    It’s perfect! Gorgeousness!

  49. Gillianne

    Once again, you’ve produced my favorite ORC result. I’m a neutrals and texture person, but your judicious use of color seems just right. What a comfortable, stylish, and versatile haven you, George, your dad, and your team have created at the top of your house. A place to work, dream, and chill. Classic and contemporary at the same time.

    • Naomi

      Wow thank you, Gilliane! I tried to go neutral but just HAD to add a little color in. I’m glad the space is still appealing to those who favor neutrals.

  50. the room is absolutely fabulous – the white everywhere then the wood.. the rugs! those chairs.. wow I seriously love it all.. Bravo!!!

  51. Carrie

    Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love this room more, I’d see another angle and fall head over heels some more. The wallpaper on the vent is sick! As is your mix of fabrics. I love the white on the Bergere chairs. You and George are quite a duo!!

  52. What a fabulous space! I love all of the different textures and patterns – especially the wood slats! And I love the mix of traditional and modern! Congrats on completing all of this in six short weeks!!

  53. First off, CONGRATS on the major accomplishment…and gosh in just 6 weeks? This is such an amazing transformation! The beautiful architecture of the space begged for a focal wall and what you’ve done with that reclaimed wood vignette is simply divine! A bit rustic, a bit modern and most importantly so YOU! One of my faves so far love! A total gem!

    xo- Julie
    Peace! Love! LOL!
    Haute Khuuture Blog

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    • Naomi

      Thank you , Linda!!! Oh man you make me get sappy. I’m so appreciative of you for creating this awesome avenue to create and share designs.

  56. So completely fabulous! I love the eclectic mix and the smart use of three zones. And the daybed wall transformation really kicks ass. Nice work!

  57. Naomi! Way to keep persevering through a seemingly impossible task (that’s a huge space you undertook in 6 weeks!) as well as some major set backs. The space is calming, yet exciting, and I think your aesthetic really shines though.
    Congrats. Now you can relax and enjoy your space!!!

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  59. Dee

    Mahvelous work!!! I loved every inch of it. You are truly gifted and fortunate to have your Dad and George to help and fabricate. Great photos, also!!!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Aunt Dee!!

  60. Jessie

    This room looks fabulous! What a great place for lounging and relaxation! The daybed and the barn wall are my favorite elements. You and your bf did a great job with this space!


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  62. Elyse

    Wait, I’m sorry, your boyfriend MADE that chair?? That may be the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard . . . Keeper. Also, this is probably your best work yet Naomi. Amazing. Simply amazing.

  63. This is amazing work – there’s so much here. But one thing stands out to me more than the rest. My loving husband (who really is a good guy) nearly moved out of our house from just the demolition debris from my project (I probably should not admit that I told him not to come back if he did so, but I was so exhausted and filthy and I was definitely not at my best). Your beau BUILT you FURNITURE. SO much furniture. And obviously did a lot of other work as well. He is a prince. MARRY HIM!!!

    • Naomi

      yes he went over and above for this challenge! he definitely took it on as if it were his own. not to say there weren’t some exhausted and filthy fights as well 😉

  64. there are so many styles mixed into a seamless, beautiful design. in love with the meditation corner in particular…that rug and those chairs…stunning! love your designs, dana

  65. Megan

    I’m sitting here grinning ear to ear and also a little teary. You guys rocked this space so hard and I feel so lucky I’m gonna get to hang out in this birdhouse loft heaven you’ve created! So proud and so impressed. Xoxoxo

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Meggy!! Mad Men on the big screen 🙂

  66. Truly amazing!!! I love that you did so much to the space, but you also let the room breathe and didn’t fill every inch. Simply beautiful!

  67. Nicole

    I absolutely love this room- honestly the best ORC room I’ve ever seen. Definitely better than the average room that you find on the internet and proof that you are a real interior designer with real talent! Everything George did turned out so beautifully that I am really inspired for the house that I am currently building. We just purchased 800 ft² of reclaimed pine boards for the ceiling which my husband is IN LOVE with and seeing this room has finally gotten me on board 100%. If it turns out half as good, we will be happy.
    The only thing that I would say is that I think the gallery wall needs a bit of work in terms of getting it balanced and maybe a greater mix of sizes. Of course, the best gallery walls evolve over time so I think that you need to count on changing it up no matter what!

    • Naomi

      Thank you Nicole! Good luck with the pine boards. I hope you love them too!

  68. First, that gorgeous shot needs to be your new profile pic!

    Girl, this is the ULTIMATE in how to mix styles ~ you have such a gift!! It’s so inviting, a little chic, charming, rustic and edgy all incorporated in a loungy, laid back way! Again, I’m floored by your talent!

    • Naomi

      Thank you, Pam! You definitely captured what I was going for 🙂

  69. Amazing! What a chic space from an attic. Bravo!

  70. Gaby

    Absolutely stunning! Love love love how you combined all these gorgeous elements,looks amazing Naomi!

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    Can’t handle all of the amazing details, you killed in Naomi!!

    XO Jana

  72. I have scrolled up and down about 50 times already…this is amazing…you are amazing. I’m always so inspired by how you make layering beautiful textiles and textures looks so effortless. You always create spaces that feel so well thought out but un-contrived…relaxed but still so infinitely elegant. This room is no exception…the barnwood = incredible…daybed = incredible…meditation nook = incredible…TV stand/gallery wall = incredible…wallpaper = incredible. All of it is perfect Naomi!!! xx

    • Naomi

      Thank you for the wonderful compliment, Christine! It is extra special coming from some one who admire as much as you. xoxo

  73. Absolutely in love with your lounge!!!
    Love it all! A crush on your brass vintage coffee table (I’m looking for a similar one for months…) and the wallpaper is perfect in this new room.

  74. no words, nay. i literally got chills while scrolling. WHAT an amazing space!!!! kudos, girlfriend. you are doing EXACTLY what you were meant to do.

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Tobes xoxo. Need to hop over to check out our magic!

  75. Words escape me!! And you know so well that you would include the maker of the dress….cause I was going to ask anyway….your sister designed it? OMG you are one talented family!! You lovely by the way! Ok now to the room! You can tell the hardwork that you put into it. It is fabulously amazing…I love how it all works together so well. I love different designed spaces and how functional the entire room is. Multipurpose indeed!! The art, the wallpaper, the rugs…I adore it all. Congratulations Naomi!! I will be pinning away!

    • Naomi

      Thank you so much, Albertina! I AM lucky to have an incredibly talented and supportive fam and bf.

  76. Laura

    LOVE it!!!!! You did an amazing job!

  77. Just beautiful, Naomi!! Every single element looks perfect. You should be so proud!! Congratulations!! Oh, and if you have any leftover wallpaper, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands! 😉

    • Naomi

      Hah! Just scraps really. We used a bunch on the vents, but it was worth it!

      • Kendra

        The room looks great, but I kept noticing those wallpapered vents! It’s those little details that make your room look amazing! How in the world did you wallpaper the vents?? Lay the wallpaper on the vent in a whole piece, then cut slits from the back?? Please divulge. Thanks

      • Naomi

        that is exactly how it was done. Only I didn’t do it- a professional wallpaper hanger did it and it took him forever! Well worth it.


  79. Amber

    You. Killed. It! I LOVE it!

  80. Leslie

    You always knock it out of the park! Amazing! Love it!

  81. INCREDIBLE!!! you never cease to AMAZE me!!
    girl you so fine!!!
    the whole loft is thoughtfully chic, cozy, modern, GORGEOUS.
    and the daybed nook just might be my fave part of whole room!! that georgie is a keeper!!!
    you two together make some good lookin’ magic.

  82. Amy

    What a transformation! I love every element by itself, and together the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. There aren’t enough superlatives. Wow.

  83. Nancy

    Seriously the best room of the challenge! I adore all the hand made elements and can’t believe that Danish chair! You are surrounded by so much talent including your beautiful self! Great job and fabulous design. Enjoy your getaway space. xo Nancy

    • Naomi

      Awe, thank you, Nancy!!

  84. YESSSSSSSS! This is amazing! Warm and delicious, just like you. I love it.

    When can I come over???

    • Naomi

      Any time, my dear, any time!! Thank you for all the support xoxo.

  85. The barn wood, what a stroke of genius. I can’t tell you how much I love, love, love it! Your room is beyond stylish. Great job!

  86. Doreen

    WOW… you amaze me. Everything is just beautiful!!

  87. Kim Paige

    oh, i forgot to ask you: where did you get those cute black shoes?

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Kim! The shoes are from Shoe Mint and actually quite comfy.

  88. It looks fabulous!! I know that was hard work, but it certainly paid off! It looks warm, cozy, functional and stylish. Love it. Great job!

  89. Kim Paige

    this is really beautiful. i have been reading your blog for awhile, and i think this is one of your best projects. nice job!

  90. Rosie

    I’m floored. Everything is perfect. Is the (gorgeous) daybed actually comfortable? If so…I would never leave. Well done!

    • Naomi

      The single mattress is pretty firm, but the pillows are all down feather and very sink-into-able. I may add an egg crate under my matress cover.

  91. Rebecca

    It’s so amazing! You should be very proud!

  92. I am so glad I am not the only person who talks to my rooms. This turned out gorgeous and since I follow you on IG I have to say I am shocked you pulled it off with all the crap (literally) that came up 🙂

    • Naomi

      I’m shocked too! Pure adrenaline.

  93. Holly

    Oh my goodness….I’m not even sure what to say. It’s unbelieveably gorgeous, relaxed, organic, modern. You will enjoy this room for a very long time. Great work.

  94. Jen

    My favorite ORC by far. You are so talented!

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