One Room Challenge {The Lounge} Week 5

8:23 PM


“The Lounge”

room messy 2


Well look at that, we are suddenly in the 5th week of the One Room Challenge.  It’s the home stretch, folks.  I’m taking a break from my window scraping duties to sip on a glass of wine and pull together this post.  As I stare at my construction-wrecked room I can’t fathom how we will photograph this space in 5 days.  Wallpaper has not been hung.  The daybed is not done.  None of the lighting has been hung.  The TV stand is still just a bunch of raw materials.  Don’t even start my on my gallery wall.  Lawd! If stress was a color, it would be Naomi.  But I just have to breathe and believe.  I thrive under pressure and fear of public embarrassment.


Let’s talk Design:

Since I have little control over the construction, I have been focused on my end; the design.  So far I’ve shared my design inspiration and the furnishings I plan to use, but I left out one big piece of the puzzle.  WALLPAPER, BABY.  The office nook, or the messy back end of the photo above, will be getting a delicious embellishment of wallpaper this Friday.  (Talk about cutting it to the last minute. Yikes.)

Choosing the paper was THE hardest design decision for me.  I wanted to make a statement but not detract from the other elements.  Since my overall theme was modern, light and organic I needed a paper that would compliment my vibe, but also add a little contrast.  I wanted a paper that swayed more traditional to help with the design balance.  I’m always after a mix that has a good dose of both modern and traditional, warm and cool..

So I ordered about 10,000 wallpaper samples and panicked as back orders, high prices and bad repeats foiled me.



I’m back from a 20 minute painting assignment.  


AND my other furniture and textiles…  {I tried not to let any one textile hold me back from picking a paper.  I could always move and rug or pillow.  When you own furnishings you love you can use them in any room of your house.}

design manifest lounge furniture

On Choosing a Wallpaper:

I needed to get my GREEN somehow, but I wasn’t dead set on having green in the paper.  I did feel pretty strongly that I wanted a botanical, floral or something natural.  It could be more modern, bold and painterly, but I was leaning towards something more traditional and soft.  Here were my top choices…design manifest lounge wallpaper

What did I choose?

Well it’s not up yet, so I’m not telling 😉

Sorry, but I need to keep some things to myself for my sanity.

I promise to post to instagram once it’s up.


10:15 PM

Back from a 45 minute break of more painting and pizza.

It should be the 5 Pound Challenge since I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in 5 weeks and pretty much subside on delivery and booze.


ART, ART, Baby

Once I made my wallpaper selection, I turned my attention to the last piece of the puzzle… ART.  I’m planning a gallery wall and they are  tough.  Especially since I like the collected, random types.  Not only do you have to select pieces that coordinate, but you have to mix sizes (not all big, not all small), orientation (ie horizontal and vertical art), and frame style.  I decided on mostly beat up gold frames (because that’s what I have) and a few wood frames mixed in.  Mats will be either black or off white.

art wall set up{Inspiration}

I found myself in a conundrum because most of the gallery walls I am drawn to are all black and white art, like above.  The problem with this is I love colorful art!  I want to be an all black and white person, but it’s just not me.  So I decided to attempt a mix.  A little bit of color paired with some black and whites.  I haven’t hung it yet, so I”m not sure if it will be a success or not.  My last piece arrives Thursday so I’m planning to rig up my scaffold and hang art like I mean business.  I expect there will be a lot of holes.

I selected a few pieces from our generous sponsors, Minted.  I absolutely love their butterfly print, which I framed in a custom gilded bamboo frame.  I also selected a black and white print, “Chalk Feathers” and used Minted’s framing service to get a barn wood frame.  I highly recommend their prints in the premium archival paper. They look awesome.

I picked my Minted pieces weeks ago, but once the paper was selected I really needed to fill in the collection.  When it comes to art, I tend to like one of a kinds, vintage and limited edition whenever possible.   This is most of what I expect to use…

design manifest art pieces for ORC

 Bison Constellation: I’ve had this 20×200 print by Alexander Beeching for awhile and thought it added a modern element

Butterflies (“Rhopalocera Two”) by Erin Deegan for Minted.  It will be one of the larger pieces

“Decor” (Cactus print) by Sarah Eisenlohr.  Seeing as though this piece served as initial inspiration for the whole room design, I had to reach out to the artist to get a print.  She was so accomodating.  Thanks, Sarah!

“Chalk Feathers” by Lindsay Hanson for Minted.

 “Naked Butt Guy”- artist unknown.  I have this thrift store drawing forever.  I like having something in pencil mixed in here.

Vintage Flower print from Peony and Thistle.

Vintage Mushroom print from Peony and Thistle.



George is still working on this daybed.

I’m getting super sleepy.


The Damn Daybed…

…has been quite the project.  George built me a base with three drawers below my mattress.  The side tables have additional storage accessed through the top.  All had to be framed,  painted and eventually clad with barn wood.  We carried them all upstairs on Sunday and assessed them in place.  A boxspring sat in for the mattress and the wood hadn’t been attached yet, but I felt like it was going to be good.

daybed frames in place{Hard times call for goofy behavior}

The TV Stand

As if wallpaper, a gallery wall and a daybed weren’t enough to complete in 5 days, I still don’t have a TV stand.  We trekked up to Berks County this past weekend to retrieve some amazing cedar from my dad.  My parents lost 22 trees on their property last year.  We were all pretty sad about it, but I’m so happy to be reclaiming some of it for my home.  Check out the amazing, jagged edge!  Dad will be building me a frame and George is handling the metal.  Fingers crossed my guys get it done.  Nobody likes a television on the ground.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset



The nail gun just stopped… I think we need to wrap it up for the night.


That’s it for me this week.  Thanks so much for following along and all of your support.  The comments and emails mean so much to me.  I hope to bring you something pretty next week.  Say a little prayer for me please?

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  1. I’m late with my cheerleading, but you know I’m out here, woot-wooting and believing in you (and by you, I mean your entire team of helpers and builders, and picture framers, and wallpaper hangers). Your little cottage is really shaping up to be quite a lovely home. You deserve it. Remember, this is for you, not us, so make YOU happy. We love it all just the same. xoxo

  2. Tricia

    Love, love it all! And way to go on making cedar lemonade out of that major lemon. I agree with Carrie – I’ve got to check to see if I’ve got you on IG because I MUST be in the know! And would love to hear if you only gain 5 lbs – I totally hear you on the booze, pizza and no gym for 5 weeks. Maybe we’ll need to start the post-ORC cleanse!

  3. duuuuuuuuude. how are you going to choose a paper??? those are all ridic. digging the art choices…the wood wall…the AMAZE built-ins…and alllllllll of the furniture and textiles you’ll be pulling in. probably don’t need to be the 3000th person to say it, but cannot WAIT to see the finish. get em, girl!

  4. Carrie

    I just had a minor panic attack wondering if I was indeed following you on IG so I could be sure to know asap what wallpaper you chose. 🙂

    • Naomi

      Hahaha, thanks Carrie. You better get on it! 😉

  5. Kim Macumber

    I love the real time updates and I believe it is Booze and Delivery in many challenge homes right now! Your Lounge is fabulous and the wood details are killing me!!

  6. Oh the suspense! So much going on! Good luck with all of your projects and CAN’T wait to see the finished room!

  7. I cannot wait to see which wallpaper you select! This room is going to be AMAZING!!

  8. You know I’m crazy over your style, and this eclectic goodness you’re creating is going to be crazy good – can’t wait!!

  9. the real time updates are genius. live edge cedar! how awesome is your dad? and your beau, for that matter?!

  10. I can’t wait to see what you picked for the wallpaper. I just love how your boyfriend is into this challenge. I know you will pull all of this off, and then….maybe two weeks later… will start to make changes to it….and then…manybe two weeks after that….you will make more changes. Just a guess. Good luck, Girl.

    • Naomi

      Noooo, Linda, I can’t. Hoping I design a winner this time and let it be. I’m ready to be outside in my garden.

  11. “Annoyingly ahead” – yes, that would be very annoying :). (I feel like I’m participating this, even though I’m only a copycat and don’t even have to post until tomorrow.) I thought I was “annoyingly ahead” as of this weekend – and then spackling day came and I realized I am not so special after all. You, however, have some serious progress here. The “looks like chaos” stage is the immediate predecessor of the “I can’t believe the transformation” stage, for sure (unless the “looks like chaos” stage includes a “why won’t any of these pieces go together?” aspect, which does not seem to be the case for you).

    Also, I think you have to remind yourself that your project there could have been THREE one-room challenges if you had wanted to do it that way – you’ve taken on a lot!

    Can’t wait to see that gallery wall. (I’m a big fan of the vintage gold frames myself.)

  12. Jen

    This is so amazing! I cannot wait to see the results!

  13. ashlina

    come on!!!!!!! those wood walls. Naomi. that is just genius and that day bed is so good. I can’t wait to see how you style it up….and the art wall. MAJORLY good girl. XO

  14. Rachel

    I can’t wait to see which wallpaper you pick and how beautifully it all turns out! I especially love your inspiration print and am happy to hear you will be including it in the actual design. Good luck!

  15. I totally love that you have a plan….while I am flip flopping here like a fish on the end of a deck. The wallpaper choices are all that I have admired so no worries there…..I know you will rise to the “decorating occasion” Naomi and your room will wow us all!

  16. Holy swizzle sticks, I am exhausted just reading this!!!!

    I love love love the wood wall sitch and totes feeling the gallery wall goodness with your secret wallpaper.

    It’s going to be so GOOD!

  17. WAO! that was like a TV show…a day in the life! So hectic and crazy….I love all your considerations….I can’t wait to see what wallpaper you chose. The art is so good! I can’t wait to see it all next week. it will be amazing!

  18. This looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it all come together. Thanks so much for mentioning our Paper and Print shop!

  19. Liz Lindsey

    Your wallpaper choices are gorgeous!!! Hard decision!
    Would u mind sharing the sources?? Wish I lived closer to you or else I would be hiring u to help me

    • Naomi

      Yes, I will definitely add in sources once the challenge is over. I just got a little tired last night… sorry!

  20. I can’t wait to see what wallpaper your choose – so many good options. But then again, who am I kidding? I can’t wait for the whole room! Hang in there, almost done!

  21. i love that wallpaper on the very top right! it’s amaze! everything is looking really good!! cant wait to see the finished product.

    • Naomi

      Bethany- that paper was my first choice from the beginning!! It’s Magnolia by Vivienne Westwood for Cole and Sons (I think.) The repeat is really weird … It’s just a big flower over and over again. It’s so pretty, I almost framed it. Not right for my nook, though.

  22. Rosie

    Um, you’ve got a hot man building you furniture…you’re not doing so bad!

    Wallpaper options look really pretty.

    It’s going to be fabulous!

  23. Wow! You have me on the edge of my seat! The plans are awesome, now get back to work! 🙂

  24. I can’t wait to see which paper you chose so will be following Insta VERY closely- I love how amazing you are at mixing patterns and textures…the wood on the wall in combo with the paper and all that fabulous art is just going to be so so good.

  25. First, that’s one of the most creative ORC posts I’ve ever read. Love the “real-time” updates! Can’t wait to see what wallpaper you chose.

  26. This is going to be the ultimate lounge. Can’t wait to see the wallpaper, stand, and well- everything!! Good luck (not that you need it)!

  27. Summer

    I can’t wait to see your final reveal! I feel the same way but hang in there 🙂 I love all your possible selections and I can’t wait to see the daybed and the live edge in action!

  28. Nancy

    I am crazy about your plans and what youre doing with this space. It will be spectacular. Love the live edge wood piece and all your custom additions. Best of luck with all of it, and hope you steal a moment for yourself, like get a pedicure, so you can take a minute to BREATHE!!! xo Nancy

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