One Room Challenge {The Lounge} Week 4

** For subscribers and those of you who tried to view my Style Me Pretty Living House tour yesterday, I am so sorry that I posted the wrong link!!  You can see my full Chestnut Hill Project HERE.  I will also be sharing more details on the blog soon.  Thank you too all of those who checked out my reveal **


Welcome back to the One Room Challenge.  It is now week 4 of the 6 week makeover.  Week 1 I shared pictures and an initial plan for my third floor lounge conversion.   Week 2 I shared my design inspiration. Week 3 I revealed my furnishings and partial textile scheme.  In week 4 we got our renovation ON and the room is finally transforming. It’s very exciting yet also a bit daunting because nothing is actually complete.

The half-way point in a renovation can be a scary time.  The vision is only half actualized, you start doubting your decisions, freaking out about your deadlines, wondering if it will come together as perfectly as it did in your head.  Even though I’m a designer, I’m not immune to the mid-renovation stress.  And to say that I’m “stressed” would be the understatement of the year… try apocalyptic levels of anxiety and exhaustion.  I literally sobbed on my boyfriend’s shoulder yesterday morning over a botched chair makeover.  More on that below.

chair makeover trim struggles{Chair Fail}


When I agreed to take on the ORC and do my own home over a client project I knew the biggest challenge would be lack of man power.  While I benefit from owning a top-quality construction firm, both crews are currently tied up on major renovations right now.   As for myself, despite a DIY here and there, trust when I say I am not very handy.  I paint outside the lines, I’m a piss-poor sander, I leave dribbles when I stain.  I’m just not a Pro in this area.   Luckily I have an ace up my sleeve: my boyfriend, George.  On top of being sweet,  supportive, and dashingly handsome, my guy is also a  talented furniture maker and head designer at Coldren Design.  He agreed to take on this challenge with me and dedicate his nights and weekends to building me a half a dozen custom pieces.  Yep, I’m a lucky lady.  Trust when I say that without my guy this would be the No Room Challenge.

george making me a box{Mr Handsome building the components to my daybed}

Our goals for this week were to work on the barn wood wall, daybed and chair makeover.  We got extra support from my carpenter Angelo on Saturday which gave us a great push.  The plan was this:  Angelo – Barn Wood Wall, George – Daybed, Naomi -Chair makeover.  It ended up being this:  Angelo and George- Barnwood Wall, George- Daybed, George and sorta Naomi- Chair makeover.


Remember this?

4 Design Manifest Lounge- daybed week 1

The first step was to take off the trim around the windows

trim removed

Then we painted the wall brown to help camouflage any gaps in the wood .

I decided to cover both the wall and ceiling in the daybed section.

The rest of the ceiling sections will remain white.

wall primed

The window frames were distracting so we spray painted them hammered black.

windows painted

Then up went the wood in an irregular offset pattern.

barnwood wall mostly done

And I did a happy dance.  Hello, Lover.

The wood has so much age and character to it.

I love the knots, gouge marks, color variation and texture.

Design Manifest Barnwood wall detail

Call me crazy, but the imperfections make it all the more perfect.


We made good progress on the daybed, but there is not much to show yet other than a bunch of plywood boxes.  I’m hoping to get it installed this coming week and clad the outside of the daybed in the remaining barn wood.  On my end, I bought fabric for the daybed and had my slipcover guy come out to measure for a tailored cover for my twin mattress.


I attempted in vein to strip the gold leaf off my bergere chairs but it was a slow and painful task that left me frustrated and hopeless.  George came to the rescue and stripped like a champion.  (That sounds a little dirty, right?)  Then, being the pyro that he is (he can’t help it, he’s a welder) he started torching the chairs and rubbing in the burned effect.  At first I was just humoring him, but once I took a better look, I really liked the burned effect.

burnt chairs

Patina with a side of charring.  Maybe I’m nuts, but I dig it.

Note- this was done by a professional.  I do not recommend you try this one at home.


It was my job to sand and stain the chairs with polycrylic so that I could drop them off to my upholsterer on Tuedsday.

Welp, I didn’t do a good job with that and they will need to be redone.  Thus delaying upholstery.

I don’t have time for delays, People.

THEN, I tested out the fabric I bought for the chairs: A gorgeous, buttery off-white faux snakeskin.

chair frame and snakeskin fabric

And I realized the pieces I had were not big enough.  And there are no other pieces.

So I rushed, dropped big bucks and have no fabric for my chairs.

This was about when the shoulder sobbing commenced.


And that brings us to today.  2 weeks to go and a whole lot of marbles up in the air.

Let’s review the To DO list


nope.  Don’t even have all of the art or frames yet


nope.  But we have tracked down some dope wood.  Hoping to pick it up Saturday.


that would be a No


3/4 of the way there


Won’t arrive until this Friday.  


yea, barn wood!  One item mostly done.


I have it.  Just need to pin down my paper hanger.

He WILL be stalked until he gets it done.


nope.  decided I don’t like the light I was planning to re-use.  Don’t even know if I have time to get something else.


see debacle above.  Still need fabric, upholstery and to clean up frames.


scrapped this.  Not enough time 🙁


Woo Hoo!  This part is done.


NEXT WEEK: I’ll dish on art, wallpaper and I’m hoping we will have some sort of Christmas Miracle with renovation progress.

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  2. Pamela

    What a gorgeous shoulder to cry on! You are amazeballs at whatever you do. It already looks great!

  3. I’m right there with you sister, this is so stressful, my to-do list looks like yours and my husband is less handy than you and doesn’t DIY! That statement wall has so much character it steals the show and makes up for anything you can’t cross off that list!

  4. Reichel

    God I love all of the texture going into this room already! Barnwood walls, burnt chairs with snakeskin seats? LOVE it. Sorry the fabric didn’t end up being big enough, can’t wait to see what you end up doing!

  5. Kim Macumber

    I don’t think any of us could truly have an ORC success without a husband/boyfriend/exceptional friend to make it complete!! LOVE the wall treatment with the wood … we all have doubts and you are rocking it successfully!

  6. ok….First things first. Your boyfriend is so handsome!! And how perfect that he is a furniture designer…meant to be! The wood looks just spectacular installed. WAO! And I love the contrast with the white. Not worried about the chairs or anything else….the room already looks amazing. So excited to check back next week.

  7. Now you know I will likely have my mister outside tomorrow torching something. Who knew?! That bohunk of a beau of yours is a keepa. I trust that all will fall into place. The wall alone is amazing.

  8. Alright, you have a really cute boyfriend who obviously loves you and takes on amazing projects….what’s your complaint? I know how much of a perfectionist you are, and that’s why I love you so much. Hang in there, I know it will be fine. Good luck.

  9. Yay for “fabulous helpful handsome boyfriend”…..wish I had one:) The reclaimed wall is absolute perfection….I dearly love all of the imperfections in it like you do! Hey….I have no art either and I am not sure I can make that decision so might go with the minimal look:)

  10. Mom

    Oh, sweetie – pie…..focus on what CAN be done and I will pitch in with sewing and a massage AFTER it’s done…or maybe before 🙂

  11. Carrie

    You may be stressed but I’m so confident this is going to be an amazing room! So glad your boyfriend can build things and be a comforting shoulder to cry on!

  12. What an amazing boyfriend, he is a keeper for sure!!! You are both so talented, and I know it will all work out! This room is going to be gorgeous!!

  13. Vel

    I still think you made a lot of progress dear, that barnwood wall is fantastic! As for the chair, I like the ‘burned’ look , very unique and super rustic, I’m sure you’ll pull up a fabric somewhere since it’s easy to switch it out later on when you get what you really like. 🙂

  14. Wow girl, that IS a lot happening. I’m so glad you can tackle this with your guy, it’s gonna be awesome!

  15. That wall is so fabulous, I could stare at it all day. And those chairs will be amazing. I’m right there with you with that end of the line panic! Hang in there!!

  16. I am more than a little jealous of that burnt finish. I want to try it! The barn wood is amazing too!

  17. Umm.. glad we can finally see your hot, furniture-building, stripping like a champ BF. 😉 Jealous just thinking of all the DIY projects in your future! The wood wall is INCREDIBLE. Jesus is happy that you built that beauty during Easter weekend.

  18. Lots of us are having full blown panic, I see. Not fun! I know you’ll get it figured out and it will be to die for!

  19. I don’t care if y’all have to sit on the floor, you can call it done right now b/c you have that awesome barn wood wall and cutie to stare at. What more do you need!? I had my panic attack last week so I’ve been there…but this space is seriously awesome!

  20. Your bohunk! Christine is awesome.

    Can you somehow use the snakeskin as trim to make it work? I loooooove the fabric.

    The barnwood wall is amaze and I am super jealous and also why did I not spray my window frames black?!?! I couldn’t figure that part out.

    As usual, you are a genius.

  21. How awesome is it that your bohunk is a furniture builder?!?!?! That barnwood is amaze and I know you’ll solve the chair sitch lickity split. Your space is going to be off the charts stunning- I can feel it.

  22. Dana

    Wow, I’m a little anxious just reading your post! I have no doubt you’ll pull it off though, you always do. The snakeskin fabric is killer! I hope you found something similar to replace it with…looking forward to next week’s post. Hang in there.

  23. Love the wood!! Sorry about the fabric on the chairs but I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Your photo of the chair laying on its side is priceless!

  24. First I am cracking up! My husband has a construction company and I’m always begging him to send over some of the crew to do some work- it’s like pulling teeth. Yay for this awesome boyfriend to the rescue and super drool over the wood on the walls! LOVE it so much cannot wait to see the results because I have plans to do this in our master, of course after ORC is over and I take a small break!

  25. Cathy

    First, how lucky to hav e a hunk of a beau who is ready, willing and able to help with a ORC! Second the barn wood wall is fabulous and I know that despite the chair setbacks, all will come together stunningly in your space!

  26. Nancy

    Wow, a huge undertaking and that wood wall is amazing! Your guy is too- lucky you1 I am sorry about the chair fabric, but the burnt element to the wood is very cool, never thought of that before and I love it. You know it will all work out, but not without alot of angst. Good luck this week- you have what it takes to pull off a few miracles! xo Nancy

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